The Difference Between Camping VS Glamping

Camping VS Glamping

Not everyone can enjoy the rugged outdoors. Some of us are claustrophobic and some of us are scared of getting eaten by bears. If you’re one of these people or just not feeling particularly adventurous, then glamping may be for you! Glamping is a thriving industry that caters to people who would rather pay for a vacation in which they never have to sleep on the ground (or worry about bugs and snakes). For the people not familiar with it, glamping is glamorous camping.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of these giant tepees which resemble a luxury tent. In reality, these are just normal cabins with better materials, but they still look like large tents. The first glamping site on Earth was built in the UK back in 2004 and now there are many more worldwide. Glampers aren’t afraid to spend their money on extra creature comforts either. Even the most basic ‘glampsite’ will cost you upwards of a couple of hundred pounds for a two-night stay. You can even have your glamping site customized, with special features such as hot tubs, fire pits, and individual outdoor kitchens.

What Is Camping?

Camping in my opinion is less of a vacation and more like an extended weekend trip. Compared to glamping, it usually involves more sleepovers (at least one night), rough camping for a few days, and possibly even sleeping in tents as well. The less glamorous side of camping is the fact that you can’t just drop your bags off at your campsite and leave to explore the area; you have to do a lot of hiking or backpacking.

The main reason why camping is often considered to be more fun than glamping is that it’s more about the adventure and there’s a sense of freedom that isn’t always present in glamping.

What Exactly Is Glamping

Glamping is a luxurious way of being outdoors. It comes with artificial comforts like air conditioning, electricity, access to clean water, and even Wi-Fi access for some glamps! More conveniences are included in a growing number of glamping sites these days to provide the famished traveler with elaborate indoor and outdoor spaces to relax in before retiring for the evening in an extravagant tent full of plush bedding and modern amenities.

  • Camping Cabins: A camping cabin is the closest thing to a regular hotel room. They are usually large and have electricity, running water, and rudimentary cooking facilities. Depending on the glamping site you choose, you might have a bathroom with a toilet and shower, or you might have to use the shared facilities.
  • Camping Tents: A glamping tent is usually large, comfortable, and even luxurious than a regular camping tent. Sometimes they come with a deck or porch and an outdoor stove, but usually, the camping tent has a space to hang your clothes, extra bedding, and some embers for a fire. Your tent will also have an indoor living area that you can use to cook meals, make coffee or relax in.
  • Tree Houses: Treehouses are a perfect example of what you can do with a glamping tent. A treehouse is usually perched up in a tree, with no running water, but with electricity and your own private outdoor living space.
  • Safari Tents: A safari tent is another type of glamping that you’d have to be an adventurer to enjoy. A safari tent usually has a small area for cooking, a bed and if it’s really nice a toilet. Just like regular camping, you’re pretty much just roughing it.
  • Yurts: In the glamping world, it’s around a high structure that is covered in fabric. It’s like an oversized tent with windows and electricity and a kitchen (usually gas) but no running water. Yurts are not common in the states yet, but they’re pretty popular in many other countries.

Essential Camping Vs. Glamping: Which is Right for You?

Glamping is like being at a five-star resort in the mountains. It’s about escaping from normal life and leaving all your worries behind. Glamping is a great way to relax and have fun with friends or family in a beautiful place. However, it can be a little pricey for some people and it’s not very easy to find glamping near cities. However, if you’re looking for an upscale experience, glamping can give you everything you need to have the time of your life.


It may be hard to get to glamping sites, but once you do, you’re sure to feel some peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about bugs and snakes or having to travel far. Glamping is just outside of the city limits, allowing you to have an easy time finding it.

It’s fun!

Glamping is all about having fun. You’ll get to sleep in a roomy tent with furniture, electricity, and even warm water to take care of your every need. It’s a fun vacation no matter what because you get to be all the way in the wilderness.

Style Factor:

While glamping is great for fun, it’s not all about that. Think about the Hunger Games. It’s all about being fashionable and you’re sure to find a quality tent to fit your needs.


Normally, glamping is only one facility. However, you can find glamps that come with a shared shower and bathroom. This can be great for friends or a large family because it allows everyone to have some privacy.


Some glamps have some of the amenities you would expect from a hotel. Some of these amenities include bathrooms, fire pits, and kitchens. They are usually very close by and a great place to meet up with friends or family.

6 Signs You’ve Gone From Camping To ‘Glamping’

1. Glamp-mobile: When you have to bring your own tent, you’ve gone way beyond glamping. It’s more like a traditional camping trip. Which is still fun, but not quite as fun as glamping in the trees with an RV.

2. Cooking: With glamping comes a need for a kitchen to cook in. But this is fine as you’ll be able to cook all the things you want is a big perk from camping. All you do is bring food camping. As long as you have a fire, you’re good.

3. Bathing: Bathing like a princess or prince at glamping sites is very common. You’re sure to find a place to take a bath or shower at most glamping sites.

4. Bathroom: A hot tub or a jacuzzi is another great perk about glamping. It can help get rid of all the stress in your body. This is great because it’s just what everyone needs after a long day of hiking.

5. Bedding: The bedding is probably the best thing about glamping. Your queen bed will be extremely comfortable and you’ll wake up feeling like you were sitting on a cloud.

6. Shelter: When you’re glamping, you will find airy tents with air mattresses and sheets. These tents are perfect because they keep people safe from the sun and the rain. Places usually come with lights and a fan to make sleeping very comfortable.

Essential Glamping Style

Fur rugs, portable fireplaces, and lanterns, plus a few other luxuries that upgrade your campground experience to the next level.

  • Tent Glamping: These tents are the best thing about glamping. The whole family can enjoy this camping experience together without having to worry about the tent. When you go tent camping, you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably and safely.
  • RV Glamping: This is awesome because you can go wherever you want. Most RVs come with a kitchen, bathroom, and seats for everyone. This makes camping trips perfect for glamping because it’s going to be very comfortable and safe.
  • Cabin Glamping: This is a very simple type of glamping because you just need a place to sleep. It’s also very affordable and the experience you get at a cabin can’t be matched.
  • Glamping Resorts: These have some of the most luxury and elegance when it comes to glamping. These resorts are very upscale and they’re made for people who want to go above and beyond when they go glamping.

Different Types Of Glamping Structures

This is one of the most important things to consider. There are different kinds of structures that you can stay in when you go glamping. There are also different types of materials that these structures are made with. These materials can range from metal, wood, or even canvas fabric.

Glamping Tents: These tents are so popular because they are sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable. They are perfect for camping but can be used in many other ways as well.

Teepees: These are also very popular because of their cute and simple look. This structure is great for a glamping experience because it’s very durable and has an open design in the center.

RVs: These are the most popular type of glamping because they come with all the amenities you need. You can sleep in a bed, cook in a kitchen, and even have a bathroom to take care of your every need.

Campers: These are a low-cost way to go camping. They come with bedding, tenting, and cooking equipment. You can use this to go camping but you can also use it anytime you want to go outside and have some fun.

Yurts: These structures are made to be like a tent with a wooden frame. They can be made from metal, wood, or canvas fabric. They allow you to sleep in comfort, have a fire, and many other benefits.

Cubes: These structures are made with metal and effortless to put up. They feature an open interior, which makes them perfect for glamping.

Domes: These are very popular because of how luxurious they are. They come with beds, a kitchen, and even a bathroom. This is one of the most popular types of structure that you can stay in during your glamping experience.

Pods: These structures are made from a foam material. This makes them very light and portable. They also come with a bed, tenting, and cooking equipment.

Gazebos: These structures are made of canvas material and they come with everything you need to have a fun glamping experience.

Surroundings and Activities

There are many different surroundings that you can go to when you go glamping, such as the woods, streams, mountains, and even the ocean. The activities that you can do while glamping includes.

  • Stargazing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Paddling
  • Fishing


The difference between camping and glamping is nothing when it comes to getting outside and going on adventures. Glamping is a sophisticated version of camping. There are many different types of glamping that you can go to. You can choose to go RVs, caravans, yurts, teepees, or even visit a resort and get a place to stay in a tent. The structures that you stay in will depend on your budget, your family’s preferences, and how extensive your glamping trip needs to be. If you want to go glamping with friends or family, it’s safe to say that you should consider buying an RV because it’s very affordable. However, if you’re looking for something more upscale, then yurts may be a better choice. Cars camping is also a great option because it can come with everything you need. You can even find glamping sites near the city which are perfect for people who want to have fun and get away from the stress of everyday life.