Powered VS Unpowered Camping Site

Powered VS Unpowered Camping Site

Camping is among the most popular activities with families and groups of friends. But to enjoy the camping experience, you need to understand how your campsite will affect your night. Will you have electricity at your campsite? Do you want a water source or septic hookups? Do you want to use camping stove butane or propane for your cooking? Do you want to be close to a store for supplies? You need to know all this and more before you go camping.

Two types of campgrounds are the most popular regarding the powered site: hookups and non-hookup sites. Hookup sites include water and electricity at each campsite, so other amenities are only available if you stay at another hookup site. Non-hookup sites do not have electricity or water but have amenities such as flush toilets, showers, a small store or restaurant, and many other services like firewood for sale and RV dump stations.

When deciding where to camp next, there are many debates about how to do it best, powered or unpowered. Some sites benefit from the power you can get, while others thrive without it. Ask the manager or owner of the campground whether or not it has electric hookups. And if so, what type and how many outlets they have at each site. Different states have different regulations regarding campsites that aren’t connected to electric power sources. Although, each state has its own set of rules which can be found online or in your local phone book.

There are many factors to weigh the decision of where to camp. Check out these pros and cons so you know which one may be the right for you.

Powered Campsite

If you’re looking for some amenities with your camping site, electricity is worth considering. Powered campsites usually come with water hookups and septic hookups which allow for some modern conveniences like running water. Depending on the campsite, you may even have access to cable television and even bring camping fridge or bar fridge. However, a powered campsite can be quite expensive and depending on your location, and it may not be worth the extra expense.

Powered Camp Site Using Solar Panels

In the past, a great way to earn some extra cash while you were on vacation was to install solar panels on the roof. Although making some money this way is still an enjoyable way to pass the time, many complain about the lack of sunlight during the winter. That makes for a less than clear picture of how your investment is doing.

Unpowered Campsite

An unpowered campsite is usually free and doesn’t require electricity or water hookups. Water can be found from reliable sources like lakes or streams but keep in mind that some unpowered campsites won’t have running water, so plan accordingly. It enables those looking to get more in touch with nature and truly appreciate the outdoors to use an unpowered site. You can also use camping lantern gas or battery to light up your campsite.


Modern Conveniences

Modern conveniences such as showers and hookups for your electricity could be the deciding factor between a good camp trip and a great one. People who like modern camping conveniences may want to look into powered campsites.


You don’t have to suffer through porta-potty on vacation; powered campsites have bathrooms that are relatively clean and can be used regularly.


Being a part of the modern world carries a sense of security. Many people like the idea of having electricity and running water at their campsites because they feel more confident if there is security at their campsite.

Free Water

This one may sound like a disadvantage, but in reality, it isn’t. Be sure to plan for any water you may need without electricity; unpowered campsites are great for this reason as there will be plenty of water sources available without hookups. If you plan on bringing along pets, unpowered campsites are great because they will typically have pet-friendly areas to allow your pets to roam free and not worry about being chained up all day.


If you need a shower, a flush toilet, or even a place to buy some groceries, an unpowered campsite might not be right for you.


Expensive Travel Fee

There is an extra cost to having electricity and water hookups at your campsite. These hookups generally come with a fee and are only available at powered campsites. Although this can be a little costly for those who have been both experienced camping and hotel amenities, it might be a worthwhile investment for some. If you have never used these amenities before, I suggest checking out a few powered campsites in your area and go with what you prefer. If you decide to go with a powered site, make sure that it is worth the price by finding out which amenities are included with your fee.

Modern Life

If you were raised in a world of electricity, running water, and modern conveniences going without these things while camping may be challenging. You may find that you aren’t comfortable without showers and comfortable beds. It is important to remember that you can do whatever you would like to make your vacation enjoyable when it comes to camping!

No Pets Allowed

An unpowered campsite may not be pet-friendly. Some areas don’t allow pets because they are wild and dangerous. It would be in your pet’s best interest to be informed of the campground rules before arriving so that you can ensure they are allowed to stay at the campground.

What does a powered campsite mean?

If you plan to go on a camping trip this summer and want to have modern conveniences, then a powered campsite is for you. These campsites will have amenities such as electricity and water hookups to enjoy modern conveniences like running water and showers. Although a powered campsite may not be the cheapest option, it will be something that you remember long after your trip is over.

What does an unpowered campsite mean?

If you are trying to save some money on your next camping trip, then an unpowered site might be for you. An unpowered campsite allows guests to camp in the natural environment without any modern conveniences associated with other kinds of sites. Unpowered sites are generally free and are perfect for nature lovers who want to be completely disconnected from the modern world to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee while camping is the best option.

What is a power-generating campsite?

Power-generating campsites are very similar to a powered site, except that they do not have hookups for electricity or water. The campers will still have access to running water and showers, which allow them to enjoy the great outdoors without requiring electricity or water hookups. Motorized vehicles cannot begin operating until after sunrise, so this type of camping does not work well if you want to go on an extended trip.

How do powered camping sites work?

The powered sites will allow campers to have running water and electricity at their campsites. To access these amenities, you must make sure that you bring a solar panels or genarator. Once the solar panels or genarator is started, you can access its power by using a prong that you will typically plug into something like a lamp or fan. The campsite may also have electricity hookups where you can plug in your electric devices directly into the wall so that they don’t need to use any additional power from your solar panels or genarator.