Can You Use Gun Oil On Fishing Reels

Can You Use Gun Oil On Fishing Reels

Every angler knows the importance of keeping your fishing reel well-oiled to prevent rust from creeping in and ruining the experience. You can find various types of reel oil available for purchase, and some are much better suited to certain reels than others. So to ensure that your fishing reel stays in pristine condition for all of the years to come, you must use the right kind of oil on your reeling device.

What Is The Best Reel Oil For Fishing? 

Each kind of reel oil has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it’s must use the right variety of oil to get the absolute best results. For example, if you’re fishing for bass or any other kind of fish which are particularly heavy at the time of fighting, then you should go for a high-strength reel oil that will provide maximum protection to your gears and bearings.

Solvent/Synthetic Reel Oil

Solvent-based reel oils are the most common, and they’re probably the least expensive kind of oil on the market today for fishing. As you might expect, they comprise various solvent-based chemicals that can be easily purchased at a local hardware store, paint store, or household needs shop. In addition, they offer great protection and make it easy to apply their oils to your reel’s gearing without having to strain much.

Synthetic Reel Oil

Synthetic reel oil is made up of various synthetic oils that are commonly found in household products. These synthetics have been specifically designed to be used with this type of reel oil, so they are more likely to produce the best results if used together.

Petroleum-Based Reel Oil

Petroleum-based reel oil is a traditional fishing reel oil usually comprised of petroleum distillates and bio-based materials. In some cases, they also include plant-derived additives like soybean oil, making it more environmentally friendly than most other petroleum-based oils. Petroleum-based oils are great for lighter and smaller spinning reels, making them some of the most commonly used types of reel oil in fishing.

Non-Detergent Synthetic Reel Oil

In a similar vein to petroleum-based reel oil, non-detergent synthetics are made up mainly of various synthetic molecules that have been specifically designed to work with this type of oil. This type is also very common in the fishing industry because it offers great protection for your gear.

Traditional Non-Detergent Petroleum-Based Oils

Traditional petroleum-based oils are made up primarily of various petroleum distillates and bio-based materials. These are the most common reel oil varieties on the market today. They offer some of the best environmental benefits to fishing enthusiasts because they’re derived from renewable resources like soybean oil.

Is WD 40 Fishing Reel Oil Good Or Bad?

It’s common for anglers to be wary of WD 40 Reel Oil because it has become popular in the fishing community. On the one hand, WD 40 is a very inexpensive and readily available petroleum-based oil found in any hardware store or department store. On the other hand, it does, however, contain ethyl alcohol as its solvent component, which may pose some risks if used improperly.

Alternatives To WD 40

When it comes to substituting WD40 on your fishing reel, then there are numerous alternatives available that are much better suited for this purpose than the first one on the market.

Pedal 5 Fishing Reel Oil

Pedal 5 reel oil is a solvent-based product that has been specially formulated for use with freshwater fishing reels. It’s made up of a solvent mixture similar to what you’d find in WD 40, but it also comes in more environmentally friendly packaging.

Olive Oil

Oil from olives is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum oils for lubricating fishing reels. However, it is important to remember that olive oil may stain some of your fishing gear. Therefore, you should put down some newspaper or plastic before pouring it onto your reel if you want to avoid staining the surface of your fishing pole.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another option for lubricating fishing reels. While it’s derived from plant materials, this oil is very inexpensive and readily available. Alternatively, you can buy it locally from any castor seed removal company, or you can buy it in a bottle from your local grocery store.

Lubricating Grease

Lubricating grease is another petroleum-based oil commonly used for other devices and mechanisms like motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles. Even though you can use it to lubricate your spinning and casting reel, it’s not as effective as traditional fishing reel oil. Because of this, it’s best to look into using a different variety of reel oil instead of using this one on your equipment.

Are Gun Oil And Lithium Grease Suitable For Salt Water Reels And Fresh Water Reels?

Gun products oil and lithium grease for saltwater reels have very similar properties. But, unfortunately, they’re both high-strength oils commonly used to lubricate firearms, which means that they’re not suitable for use with fishing reels. The reason is that gun oil lubricants could eat away at the seals of fishing reel components. One last consideration is that some lubricants contain corrosive chemicals which can short out tackle box electrical components or harm fishing reels. However, the following considerations can help you find a great fishing reel oil when you are out shopping. Moreover, in case you have any other inquiries, please do not forget to ask us! We can help you pick the right grease for your fishing reels.

So, What Is The Candidate Product For Fishing Reels?

The best alternative to gun oil is a synthetic lubricant. These higher-tech oils are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures produced by the underwater world. In addition, a synthetic lubricant will protect your reeling components from damage and bolster their durability relative to if they were regularly exposed to gun oil. The all-purpose lubricating oil is a viable option, although it may not last as long as synthetic lubricants.

12 Best Fishing Reel Oil And Grease

Corrosion-X Fishing Reel Oil

Lucas Product 10690 Fishing Reel Oil

Penn 2-Pack Fishing Reel Grease And Oil

Ardent Fishing Reel Grease And Oil

Yamalube Fishing Reel Grease

Abu Garcia Fishing Reel Grease And Oil

Penn Fishing Reel Grease

Shimano Dura-Ace Fishing Reel Grease

Liberty Fishing Reel Oil

Interflon Fin Super Fishing Reel Oil

80W-140 Gear Oil

2-cycle Land & Sea Oil TC-W3 (Automotive Products)

Oil Velocities For Fishing Reel

Graphite or stainless steel reel bearings, needle bearings, or ball bearings, any materials or shapes run faster with super-low viscosity oil. It is low viscosity while providing adequate protection is suitable for ball bearings, metal reel bearings, shafts, etc. Spool bearings, knob ball bearings, shafts, and many other types are also suitable. 


If you’re interested in making your fishing reel last longer, then you’ll want to try either a synthetic-based product or a petroleum-based variety. Each of these lubricants will provide your reel with the protection it needs so that it will continue to work properly for as long as you own it. Look into applying a lubricant once each year to your reel’s oil holes and fishing pole rings for maximum performance. Remember that regular maintenance will help your fishing reel perform better, last longer, and be less likely to break down.