Fishing Monkfish VS Sharks

Fishing Monkfish VS Sharks

Many fishing enthusiasts like to describe their hobby to test their skills, earn money, and enjoy the outdoors with friends. But when you are faced with hungry sharks or a big catch, it isn’t easy to enjoy yourself.

Let’s take a look at how to catch monkfish and what makes these fish so desirable. We will also discuss how to catch sharks and what makes these predators so formidable.

Sharks: Should we know more?

Few animals are more feared than sharks. They are found in almost every ocean around the globe, and their reputation for being scary is well-deserved. Sharks are usually bigger than most fish and can grow up to 8 meters in length. They look scary because of their razor-sharp teeth and long tail. However, because they spend most of their time underwater, they can stay hidden from people. Therefore, even though these amazing predators are pretty big, it’s not easy for a person to see them in the wild.

Sharks are mostly found in warm and tropical waters, where they hunt for other sea creatures that they like to eat. Some of the most famous sharks include hammerheads, tiger sharks, and great white sharks. These animals are usually on the top of the food chain because they are so aggressive and strong.

What is a Monkfish?

Monkfish is a deepwater fish that resembles an eel but has larger eyes and is more streamlined. It can reach lengths of 3 to 5 meters. Most of the time, these fish are caught in the ocean and are called sleeper sharks. The name comes from their protruding lower jaw, which resembles that of a walrus.

Their lower jaw is called the tusk, which they use for defense when threatened by predators. Monkfish are also popular in some cultures as food. One can also use the fat and skin of this fish for cosmetic surgery and meat.

Monkfish also live in deep water and prefer to eat larger prey. These fish mostly swim at night, so it’s hard for anglers to catch them during the day. In addition, their mouths are very sharp because they’re used to eat things like eels and crabs.

The monkfish is a very rare fish and is mostly found in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s been reported that the best places to catch one are near Iceland and Spain. However, people also catch them off Maine, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Catching Monkfish vs. Sharks

When it comes to deep water fishing, there are a lot of options for catching fish. The Monkfish vs. Sharks option is pretty exciting, but people also have trouble deciding if they should catch these creatures. So let’s see what makes them so unique and why anglers like to hunt them.


One of the main reasons why people catch a monkfish is because it’s very rare. The fish has been reported to grow up to 8 meters in length, but most of them are around 2.5 meters long. Fishing enthusiasts are usually excited to see these types of fish because they’re not usually easy to find. They also know that catching one could earn them a lot of money.


Sharks are also a popular fishing option because they’re highly sought after and are usually the biggest fish in their food chain. They’re big, strong, and aggressive. These sharks have a lot of strength and can easily take down a person. Despite this, the sharks are slow to move when they’re younger. But, as they grow older, their speed increases because they work harder to survive. It means that anglers can get close enough to catch them without being eaten by them immediately.

If you’re planning to catch either one of these fish, these tips will give you a good idea of what to do. This way, you can spend your time on the water doing the things that you love and catching fish at the same time.

Tips for Monkfish and Sharks

To catch a Monkfish:

Listen to the sound of the ocean.

Monkfish are usually very easy to hear because their large mouths produce a lot of noise. But if you can’t hear them, other sharks might notice your presence and attack you.

Be careful when you’re walking on the ocean floor.

Many recreational anglers have experienced what it’s like to cross paths with a shark while they were on the ocean floor trying to fish for monkfish or other types of fish. The sharks feel the vibrations that you make while you move, and these movements can attract them. So be careful when you’re on the ocean floor because this is where they might be hiding.

Fishing in a way that water flows over your hand.

An actual monkfish spend most of their time at the bottom of the water, and it’s easy to catch them there. But if you want to catch these fish, you should try fishing for them around heave storms.

To catch a shark:

Try to put the bait off the bottom of the ocean.

Sharks prefer to eat from the top of a school of fish, so you should try to put bait above them. This way, you can catch them much easier because they’ll be attracted to the smell and come close to it.

Set up a shark cage for safe fishing

Most recreational anglers who want to catch sharks usually use a shark cage because it’s safer than being in the water with them. However, sometimes, sharks can bite through your fishing gear or your fishing boat. Wearing a shark cage can protect you from these attacks.

Reduce the noise that you make on the ocean floor.

If you want to catch a mature shark, it’s important to be as silent as possible while you’re on the ocean floor because they have an acute sense of hearing and can hear every move that you make. If they notice that there are people around, they’ll attack immediately.

Aim for bigger sharks at swimming depths that are deeper than 30 meters.

If you want to catch a shark, it’s a good idea to use bait in the areas where there are more sharks. These areas can be found in the deep ocean, especially in the area between 30 to 1000 meters of depth. Try fishing for them around islands because these places usually have more sharks.

Catch sharks when they’re asleep.

Sharks usually sleep at depths of around 50 to 150 meters. Therefore, if you want to catch them when they sleep, it’s a good idea to get there when the sun is out, and the water is dark. That will help you sneak up on them without being noticed.

How often do people catch these fish?

Most of the time, people are caught by fishing nets to catch monkfish or other fish in deep water. However, fishermen have reported that they sometimes see sharks near the nets but cannot catch them all of the time.

Monkfish vs. Shark: The Verdict

When it comes to deep water fishing, it’s not an easy choice to make if you want to go after sharks or monkfish. If you decide to go after sharks, you might feel as though they’re intimidating and don’t know how to attack you. However, if you decide to go after monkfish, it’s a good idea not to pass up the opportunity altogether because of fear.

You can learn how to fish for monkfish or how to catch sharks by watching fishing videos. You’ll see what you need to do and understand the fear that you should feel when deep water fishing for these creatures. It’s important not to get too nervous in the water, but it’s also important that you take precautions to avoid being attacked by these creatures.

Wrap up

Fish predators, like a shark, will always hunt for fish, and anglers will always try to catch their prey, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying this type of fishing activity because it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

People who like fishing can enjoy any fishing activity that they want, as long as they abide by the rules imposed by the government. But, of course, it would help if you never caught the wrong fish species because that is against the law. Same with fishing in the wrong place or at the wrong time.

While fishing, you must always be careful. If you’re planning to go deep water fishing, it’s important to go after large and powerful fish like sharks and monkfish. It would be best to use a cage and your attention to detail to avoid getting hurt by these types of fish. Enjoy fishing and be safe! If you are using eye protection like sun glasses while fishing try some oakley lenses. Check out! Which Oakley Lenses Are Best For Fishing to learn more.