Star Drag VS Lever Drag For Bottom Fishing

Star Drag VS Lever Drag For Bottom Fishing

Bass fishing gear is something experienced anglers should have in their arsenal. However, if you are starting, then choosing the right baitcasting reel for your needs is easier than you think. Here’s a quick look at star drag vs. lever drag and what to look for when selecting the right gear.

Star Drag VS Lever Drag – What’s The Difference?

Both star drag and lever drag are significant for the angler looking to fish various baits on the bottom. They both look similar to the untrained eye, but their similarities end there. There are huge differences between them, and someone without experience fishing for bass will not be able to tell the difference.


The most significant difference between these two gear styles is that lever drags are based on a scale, whereas star drag has a series of ball bearings and friction discs that allow the line to flow through the reel freely.

Reels with star drags allow the line to flow freely, meaning it is easier to deploy more lines and run out a heavy leader. It is crucial because it enables you to cover more water, which means that you will most likely hit more fish. That’s why star drags are used by professional fishermen and guides who want the best chance of catching a giant bass on a light line.

Impact Force

A lever drag absorbs the impact force created when a bass hits the lure. It is a great feature, but it can also lead to a lot of pressure on the reel. That means the reel has to be much more robust in terms of construction. The big problem with this kind of reel is that you will not have as many drag settings, which means you may have problems keeping your line tight and right near the bedding zone.

Fish-Holding Power

The most significant difference between star drag reels and lever drag reels is the fish-holding power. A lever drag reel holds a lot of weight, so People cannot use it for spinning lures or baits with intense movements like jigs or crankbaits. That’s why it’s best to use them on light and slow baits that sit on the bottom.

Another reason to choose lever drag over star drag reels is to create an imbalance with the fish. When the fishing line is tight and you are fighting a fish, both reels will impact the line. However, when you are reeling in, there is nothing to impact the line with a star drag reel. Therefore, the lever drag reel continues to pull back on the line, making it more likely for you to pull out of a snaggy bottom and avoid tearing up your leader or catching yourself in it.

Level wind lever drag???

You must have heard of level wind before. It is a feature that allows you to adjust the drag pressure or let out line while your reel is still in motion, even when it is at rest. These reels are best for light baits, and they are simple to use. However, they are less versatile and more sensitive than other styles of baitcasting reels. That’s why they are used mainly by anglers who like to fish on small lakes or ponds where the lightest touch can be the most effective.

What To Look For When Choosing Fishing Reels

Speed Control

Gear ratios of 10:1 or less is an excellent place to start when looking for a reel. You don’t want to spend time getting the reel set up only to have it start spinning before you can get your bait down.

Max Drag

The maximum drag is a critical aspect of any reel. Without the proper amount of drag, a lure will fall off the surface. Conversely, it will spool up and move too fast. Remember, you’ll have to fight against the fish, so you’ll want to put the proper amount of drag on for it to be set up correctly.


The main thing to look for when it comes to durability is the side plate material. Carbon fiber is an excellent material that won’t corrode or rust over time. If it’s too costly, then at least look for high-grade aluminum. Like magnesium or plastic, other materials can break more manageable and make the reels useless in no time.

Centrifugal Brake

This design is designed to decrease the time it takes to “set the brakes” on a reel. It functions by spinning the spool so that it tightens a whole lot faster. It’s an excellent feature, but you will sacrifice some of the braking power in exchange.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is a fancy way of saying how many times your reel can spin in one full rotation. However, it is essential to consider, as they vary from 5.5:1, 6.0:1, and even up to 7.0:1.

There are many things to consider when looking for the best bass gear available on the market today. First, of course, you can’t go wrong with reels that have a decent amount of strength and durability, along with excellent drag control and performance.

How To Adjust Your Star Drag Or Lever Drag Reels

Once you get a feel for the mechanics of your reel, then it’s time to hit the water and fish. However, there are two ways to adjust this tension by using a star-shaped knob or using the power handle, typically located on your reel’s front side.

Power Handle

If you are using a power handle, then turn counter-clockwise to adjust the tension.

Star Drag knob

If you are using a star drag knob, then you will need to perform the same adjustment with your line. Try turning your reel counter-clockwise to back off-line tension. Be sure that this adjustment is very slight. Turning it too much might cause your reel to glitch and start jerking spastically.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing Your Bass Fishing Reel

Of course, you will also want to consider your line size. Of course, the larger your line size, the more money you will have to spend on a reel. After that, consider your backing and whether or not you’ll need a separate aluminum spool for this type of backing. Finally, if you are fishing for bass in saltwater, choose a corrosion-resistant reel built with saltwater grade materials.

You can then fish all day without worrying about your reel breaking. Plus, you don’t want to have to worry about your line getting tangled during a fishing situation. However, if you are fishing in freshwater, then you probably don’t need a corrosion-resistant reel.

Star Drag VS Lever Drag – The Verdict

Bass is one of the most popular types of fish in the world. Approximately one-third of all people who catch bass in the world are American citizens. Consequently, you have every right to filleting your catch if you catch this heavy fish. And although both star drag and lever drag reels are great options for bottom fishing, there are some things you will want to consider when purchasing a reel. That will allow you to enjoy a great day fishing without worrying about your gear.

Be sure to choose reels of the same manufacturer.

That ensures you’ll have the same performance from each reel.

Be sure that your reels have washers on both their front and backside.

These plastic pieces help reduce wear on your bearings, which might cause them to malfunction while you are fishing.

Please consider your line size or backing size.

The larger the line or backing, the more money you will have to spend on a reel.

Be sure that this reel is built with higher quality materials.

In addition to the bearings, be sure that your reel is made with salt-water-grade materials because it will last longer.

Please consider what type of fishing you plan to do with your bass reels.

If you plan to fish from a boat, then you will want to find a reel with a higher gear ratio, and that is lightweight. This lower weight will allow for better handling while casting your line.

Side by Side Compare Star Drag VS Lever Drag


Both of these reels are pretty safe to use, but be sure that you know the proper way to reel in and reel outline. The star drag is safe because they hold a lot more gear capacity and can hold more weight. However, you want to be very careful of the star drag when reeling in the fish. The lever drag is easier to use but can cause problems on your trip.

More Fishing

The lever drag is a lot more versatile than the star drag. The star drag can only be one thing, and that adjusts your line.

Gear Capacity and Weight

The star drag holds a lot more gear, but the lever drag is very safe to use. However, the lever drag needs to be a lot more careful because of fish accidents.


That will vary depending on the type you choose to buy.

Weight Capacity

The lever drag can hold a lot of weight, but the star drag holds a lot more gear capacity.

Gear Capacity

The lever drag only has one thing on its side, and that’s adjusting your line, but the star drag has some other features like washers to keep the gears from overloading.


The Star Drag VS Lever Drag for Bottom Fishing is a helpful way to recognize the difference between star drag and lever drag reels. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right fishing reel for you. However, you will also need to consider your line size and whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

The result is that there are many great choices for bass reels, no matter what your fishing situation. However, you want to be sure that you consider your line size and the type of fish you are fishing. If you choose the right reel, then you will enjoy a successful day fishing in no time. But then, it’s time to pick up your gear and get out on the water!