Telescopic Fishing Rod VS 2 Piece

Telescopic Fishing Rod VS 2 Piece

Fishing is among the most beloved outdoor sports in the United States and abroad. Almost every state in the country has fishing areas stocked with fish such as trout, bass, catfish, or salmon. There are also numerous lakes and ponds throughout the country that individuals can fish at any time.

If you’re a beginner angler or just starting to fish more seriously, you will have likely noticed that there are two types of fishing rod: the telescopic and the 2-piece. The good news is that both are easy to use and can be broken down for storage in a small space.

The thing is, they each offer different advantages for different situations. So what are the differences between telescopic and 2-piece fishing rods? Which is best? Hopefully, you’ll find the answers to these questions in this article.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

The telescopic fishing rod is easy to use and does not need any tools besides a reel. It’s mainly a tool to launch the bait, but it can also catch fish by holding the rod above the water’s surface. Modern telescopic fishing rods are a single-piece design, making them very secure as they won’t break on you when you accidentally drop the rod in the water. Telescopic fishing rods are also relatively compact and can be stowed away after use in a small space such as a tackle box. Telescopic fishing rods are available in different lengths and may have a feature called a “power-tip,” which will help you maintain control over the rod.

There are also telescopic fishing rods explicitly designed for ice fishing, making them very efficient at catching fish in shallow areas where you could not reach with traditional fishing rods.

2-Piece Fishing Rod

The 2-piece fishing rod is also easy to use but needs help from fishing equipment such as a reel and tackle box. There are two main types of this type of fishing rod: the fixed-tip and the spinning rod.

Fixed-tip fishing rods

Fixed-tip fishing rods are designed for catching fish in shallow water, especially if you are using a bait reel because they come with a long handle that makes it easier for you to control your line. In addition, fixed-tip rods have a long rod that extends down to the fishing rod’s tip. That means you can fish from longer distances and can cover more water when fishing for big fish over a long period. Fixed-tip rods also come with a reeled-in tip, which makes them exceptionally durable and comes in handy when you have a large fish on your line.

Spinning fishing rods

Spinning fishing rods are ideal if you have a fishing reel that does not come with a power tip. For example, if you are using a spinning reel made for freshwater fishing, you will need a fishing rod with a spinning tip to use it. The spinning tip on these fishing rods helps maintain control of the line from the rod’s tip to where your hand grips it.

Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good?

The telescopic rod is ideal for fishing in small ponds or lakes. These rods are long enough to cover the distance necessary to cast your line out as far as possible. They are also compact enough to fit inside any small tackle box. In addition, telescopic fishing rods are suitable for beginners because they are easy to use and do not need any tools.

2-piece fishing rods are better for fishing in larger bodies of water because they can shoot out your line further. Also, the telescopic rod is designed for bait fishing, while the 2-piece rod is designed to catch fish on a spinning reel. However, there are telescopic fishing rods made for spinning reels as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment

For fishing equipment, don’t just choose gadgets with a high price tag over something more budget-friendly. Instead, be sure to choose equipment that matches your fishing situation. For example, if you are a beginner angler, the telescopic rod will suit your needs because it is easy to use. A 2-piece rod, however, can go further than a telescopic rod, so it’s better for an experienced angler.

Location and Time

Besides choosing equipment based on your skill level and the kind of fish, you plan to catch, also consider where and when you will be fishing and the kind of water in that location. For example, you would need a telescopic rod if you are fishing in a small pond or lake, while a 2-piece rod would be better suited to deep water fishing because it can shoot your fishing line further and is designed for larger bodies of water.

If you plan to fish in the open ocean with large fish such as sharks and tuna, look for telescopic fishing rods with an adjustable length feature. The length should be adjustable to suit different conditions.

Fishing Types

Telescopic fishing rods will be great for fishing in a pond or lake, but they might not be suitable for open water. A 2-piece spinning rod is designed for fishing in open water. A 2-piece rod is also better for catching tuna, sharks, and other large fish. However, if you plan to catch garfish, the telescopic rod will be more suitable.


The material used to manufacture a fishing rod is also important. For example, if you are an experienced angler and plan to catch big catches in open water, then a composite rod would suit your needs better than a graphite rod because it will be more durable.

Some fishing rods are constructed from graphite or fiberglass, while others use carbon fiber. Graphite rods are excellent for saltwater fishing because they are resistant to corrosion. Fiberglass rods are also great for saltwater fishing, and they are also usually the cheapest rods available.

If you choose a graphite rod, make sure you select an 8- to 12-foot rod for spinning reels and a 6- to 10-foot rod for bait reels. Carbon fiber rods are lighter than other fishing rods and are great if you plan on fishing in shallow water or from a boat. Experienced anglers also prefer them because they can extend out farther.


Fishing equipment will generally cost around $30 to $300 and more, depending on the kind of fishing rod you want. If you are a beginner angler, then a telescopic fishing rod would be your best bet because they are easier to use than 2-piece spinning rods. A telescopic rod will also fit in any small tackle box. However, if you plan to fish from a boat or go deep-sea fishing, then a 2-piece spinning rod is your best option.

Many people enjoy fishing, as it allows them to be out in the open air and does not require any experience with how to fish. However, you should always consider the weather conditions, the area, and the type of fish you plan on catching before you go out. That will prevent your gear from getting wet or lost. In addition, you will need to bring extra lures and lines if you are not sure how deep the water is or have a plan B in case you do not catch anything.

What Determines Fishing Rod Length?

Fishing rods usually come in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths. However, some come in 6-, 9-, and 12-foot lengths. Fishing rod length will vary depending on what kind of fish you are targeting and the body of water you are fishing in. Longer fishing rods are used to shoot a line further; for example, 30 feet is ideal for catching fish that live more than 50 feet below the water’s surface.

In general, a 10- to 12-foot fishing rod is more suitable for fishing from a boat or if you fish in deep water because it can shoot your line further. If you are a beginner angler, then a 6- to 10-foot rod would be fine. A 12-foot fishing rod, however, is the best option if you intend to catch big fish in deep water. That is because a telescopic fishing rod can shoot your line further and also extends out farther, so you do not have to cast the bait too far out into the water.

The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods in the Market

Propel Spinning Rod – People’s Choice

Propel’s spinning rod is a composite telescopic fishing rod and has a 3-piece design. It is ideal for casting and even features an “adjustable” handle that you can lengthen or shorten depending on the length of the line you need to cast. It is also made from metal, making it lightweight and durable. In addition, this fishing rod is corrosion-resistant, so it will not corrode in saltwater or freshwater environments for extended periods.

It also features a machined aluminum reel seat to fit your split ring or spool. So, of course, this is where your spool goes. It also has a roller bearing and an easy-open design for quick retrieval of your line if you are using bait. Casual anglers can also remove the reel seat for more accessible storage.

Shakespeare Telescopic Spinning Rod

This 6-foot telescopic fishing rod is ideal for kids and beginners who are just starting in the world of tackle box fishing. It features a soft-touch EVA grip that is very comfortable.

The built-in bait holder will hold your worm harness, and its lightweight design makes it easy for kids to use. There are also convenient finger grooves for easy reeling. It even has an anti-reverse system, which prevents your line from being twisted when you reel in your catch.

Cardinal 4-Piece Spinning Fishing Rod

This tri-spinner comes in three different lengths: 8-, 10-, and 12-foot rod lengths. These are fiberglass rods with a comfortable EVA grip handle that will make them easy for beginners to use. It has an adjustable handle, so you can easily lengthen or shorten the length depending on the size of your line. In addition, this rod has a stainless steel bail wire and tip-top for corrosion-resistant fishing.

It also features a graphite reel seat with an aluminum winding check for more convenient storage. It even comes with four spooling guides to prevent your line from tangling while you reel in your catch. It will also prevent the spool from slipping off the fishing pole.

The Best 2 Piece Fishing Rods in the Market

Abu Garcia Vista Spinning Rod – Best Premium Choice

Abu Garcia is notable for making some of the best fishing equipment on the market. Its premium 2-piece spinning rod is no different and features a 6-foot graphite rod made from composite graphite and epoxy resin. In addition, it features an ergonomic design with a handle that has double-tapered ends for increased casting distance and better control when shooting your line out into the water.

It also has cork handles that are comfortable to hold and are also very lightweight, which means you can use it for a long time without tiring. The handles also have a textured finish for increased grip and comfort when holding it. Another convenient feature of this spinning rod is that its reel seat is matched with a graphite spool with stainless steel bearings.

Shimano Bantam Spinning Rod – Best Choice for Beginners

Among the best choices for beginners is Shimano’s Bantam 2-piece spinning rod. It is a 6-foot spinning rod made from graphite and features an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold. It is also equipped with EVA handles, which are ergonomically designed and have a wide grip with a textured finish to increase comfort when holding it. This model also has a reel seat and an EVA spool matched with stainless steel bearings. It is double-footed for extra strength and also features a hard knob and a protective cap. In addition, this spinning rod’s handle is adjustable so that you can extend or shorten it depending on the size of your bait.

Zebco Omega Spinning Rod – Best Budget Option

Zebco’s Omega 2-piece spinning rod is also a great budget option if you are just getting started with fishing. This model is made from graphite and features an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold and use. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use knob and a protective cap to cover the handgrip, making it easy to handle while you are fishing. Another great feature of this spinning rod is that its reel seat is mirrored polished stainless steel.

It also features EVA handles, which provide increased comfort when holding it. In addition, the dual epoxy resin material of this spinning rod allows for increased durability and lower weight. Another great feature of this spinning rod is the handle, which can be extended or shortened according to your preference.


A fishing rod you choose should complement your skills and what you plan to catch. For example, if you are a beginner, then a telescopic fishing rod is your best choice. On the other hand, if you are an experienced angler and plan to catch large fish from open water, then a 2-piece spinning rod is the best choice for you. It would also help to consider the cost of the fishing equipment before making a purchase. Fishing equipment can be expensive, but it will last a long time and give you great use if you choose wisely. The best fishing equipment will provide you with all the benefits that you need and will last for many years to come.

It is essential to choose the perfect fishing pole for your needs and know how to use it properly to provide you with excellent results. In addition, it will also provide you with better results and a greater chance of making money while you are fishing. So, remember to choose the perfect fishing rod that not break easily and give it a try today. It may just be the best purchase you’ve ever made.