Why Is Fishing Called Angling

Why Is Fishing Called Angling

Angling can be a very interesting hobby that many people enjoy. That is because there is always something new to learn or try, but it also helps them to connect with nature and the animals that inhabit the rivers, lakes, and ponds where they are found. Many anglers would say that they are better at fishing than just about anything else in their lives.

The word “angling” is derived from the literal meaning of “to catch or get something with a hook.” In old English, the word “hanging” meant to fish with a hook or lure. Angling was a more technical word for fishing because it used a hook and line and bait.

In Old English, “hanging” referred to bringing something from afar or elsewhere to catch it. It can also mean bringing something closer than the place it is in at present. For example, one can “hang” something up in their home or office, but they can also “hang” it out to dry. Angling is a close derivative of the words “to hang” because that is what an angler does to fish with a hook and line.

Anglers, Angling

The prior meaning is the same as in speaking English today for some time. However, there was a different word that had the same meaning. That word is angling. Angling is a fishing term, and Folks used it to describe the act of fishing with a hook and a line. However, in old English, angling now refers to the actual person that is fishing.

The word angler can be used as a noun or an adjective today. However, it is most commonly used as a noun attribute for fishes with bait or lures. That is just one example of how an old word can change over time and mean something entirely different than the original meaning.

Evolution of Angling

The word angling is very old, but it is also used as many other English words. However, the word has a history that dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. It is thought to be from Middle English, and it is derived from an Old English word meaning to angle for or sell fish or detect fish using a hook.

Another Work Related Definition of Angling

The early use of angling as a verb was also used in work when referring to something related to taking care of fish or catching them. They were also used as workers who caught and cleaned fish for sale.

The Angling Word in the Modern World

People can find angling as a verb in many modern contexts as well. Among its uses are in sports such as fishing and hunting as well as leisure activities. Outside of work, angling also refers to the act of fishing and how it is done.

Types of Angling

There is more than one way to fish, but four distinct types can be related to angling. They include fly fishing, spinning, casting, and trolling.

Ways to Fish

There are four basic ways anglers fish, but they often overlap. The different types all have different goals in mind, and it is possible to find one that works best for a particular situation.

  • Fly fishing is about catching and eating fish with natural bait, for example.
  • Casting looks for fish as well, but it uses baits such as artificial lures or flies to attract them.
  • Spinning is where the line is wrapped around something to move in a circle and be flipped underwater.
  • Trolling allows a boat to be used for fishing, and anglers can do it from a shoreline or a floating platform.

How to Fish

A professional angler can choose how they fish, but they also have different types of experience that help them choose better. The type of fishing that they are doing is very important as well. It can be how they want to catch the fish or how they want to eat them.

Angling Equipment

People can purchase fishing rods, fishing reels, and fish hooks separately. There are also different types of tackle, including line and line holders. They will need fishing poles for spinning, so they will need to pick the right one in whatever type of fishing they choose. The angler will also need several types of lures depending on what type of fish is being caught. Finally, they can choose from different types of flies depending on the type of fly needed for the particular fish.

Angling Tournaments

Many anglers compete in various fishing competitions. The competitions can be local or regional, but they are often national or international as well. They are usually held at lures that attract different kinds of fish. The areas of fishing can vary as well. Most angling tourism centers and tournaments will have guides to help people learn how to do it properly and teach anglers how to handle the day-to-day operations on the water. The tournaments can be important for people looking for an entire style of fishing, or they may want to learn more about it. These types of fishing contests are generally put on by those who know how to fish the best, and they do well in attracting angler tourism.

Angling Places

There are many different places where people could try and catch fish, such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. Various types of fishing are available as well. The angler must pick the location carefully, and they must have the right equipment for it as well.

Angling and Food

The caught fish is usually eaten after being cleaned, but there are other ways to use it. For example, it is popular to eat fish and chips in Great Britain, and they may be elsewhere. There will also be sushi available at some Asian restaurants, and there could even be some varieties of fish tacos. In addition, many anglers around the world use what they catch to make meals for their families.

Angling and Conservation

Many charities work towards conserving the fish species in river systems and lakes around the world. Many of these charities will also be involved in raising funds for research, awareness, and education. Local laws may also protect the fish and wildlife in most places. Anglers must follow these laws or face fines or other penalties if they do not comply.

Angling and the Environment

Worldwide, wildlife is prevalent, but human activity has also affected a large number of animals. In addition, the environmental damage from fishing and water pollution affects many aspects of nature. That can make it difficult for people to live in an area where they cannot fish or hunt animals. It can also cause health issues for residents due to poor air quality or other problems related to it.


Angling has been around for centuries, even before the word was invented. People used it to describe the act of fishing and the act of working on the land. It is among the most ancient methods of fishing that humans have ever used to catch food. Many different kinds of fish and aquatic animals have been caught for food with angling. It is also a form of recreation and sport for many people.

The word itself was coined in England, where many people did many angling with their families. Fortunately, today’s tradition is still alive, and there are more than enough volunteers who enjoy spending their time on the waters to help preserve them for future generations.