Utah VS Colorado Hiking Trip

Utah VS Colorado Hiking Trip

Tour the Rockies on your next vacation. One of the best ways to do so is by hiking in Utah or Colorado. From the desert landscapes of southern Utah to the glacial peaks and valleys in Colorado, you will be surprised at the beauty of both states. A quick overview of their differences and similarities should help you decide which mountain region is best for you.

Utah is home to some of the most iconic peaks in America, including Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Timpanogos. It also boasts hundreds of hiking trails that take hikers through dramatic terrain such as slot canyons with walls rising over a thousand feet high in some places, or across bridges that span deep gullies and know nothing but silence for miles around them. The sky in Utah is always clear, and it is a well-known fact that the air in this area is healthy and clean.

On the other hand, Colorado has many stunning mountain peaks, with high elevations ranging from 6,000 to 13,000 feet (1,800 to 4.0 miles). Colorado also boasts hundreds of miles of hiking trails through scenic valleys, steep ridges, and alpine meadows that lead hikers deep into the wilderness. The air here is clean and light compared to Utah’s but still healthy as far as its composition. Unlike Utah’s high-altitude areas, Colorado sees snow in most winters. Snow means you will have fresh water nearby at almost all times so you will not need to bring hiking water bottle or bladder much.

Which State Is Better For Outdoor Enthusiasts? Utah Or Colorado?

If you are planning an outdoor adventure, you might want to know if Colorado or Utah has better hiking trails. Both states have mountains with challenging terrain, and they offer a spectacular view of the open sky. The people who live in these areas are proud of their state’s natural beauty and take great care to maintain the pristine environment in their region. While both states offer wonderful mountain scenery, there is no doubt that Utah has some stunning uninterrupted views of the desert country, including Mount Olympus rising above the Salt Lake Valley as well as sandstone cliffs rising from the earth like mammoth pillars holding up heaven itself.

If you enjoy breathtaking views of the sky, the Rocky Mountain National Park is the best place to go in all of Colorado. Besides, if you want to experience warmer weather and blue skies, then Utah would be the perfect destination for your adventure vacation. If snow is more your thing, then ready your hiking sticks, snow boots and backpack, a visit to Colorado would be more beneficial to you.

What Are The Top Ten Hikes In Utah Or Colorado?

If you are planning a trip or have already made plans for an outdoor vacation in either state, then be sure and take some time to learn about their hiking trails. Utah offers more outdoor recreation than any other state in the country, and a vacation in the area can keep you busy for days on end, so keep your hiking pants or hiking shorts ready for adventure. The following are five of Utah’s best hiking trails:

Antelope Island

The island is home to a herd of bison and is located just off the shore of Utah Lake. Visitors can camp on the island or enjoy a picnic along its shores. A moderate hike will bring you to an overlook that has views of both Utah Lake and Antelope Island State Park. This trail is rich with flora and fauna and a history that dates back hundreds of years.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

This is an ideal place for bird watching and is home to over 130 species of birds. The hikes are moderate and offer breathtaking views of the vermillion cliffs.

Bryce Canyon National Park

A 6-mile hike will lead you to Rainbow Point, which features stunning views of the canyon with its unique rock formations and sculpted slopes. This trail is a beautiful location for a picnic or taking photos.

San Rafael Swell National Monument

This region offers some of the best hiking trails in Utah, including ones that Native Americans have used for hundreds of years. This monument is known for its colorful and scenic canyons, cliffs, domes, pinnacles, and mesas.

Horseshoe Canyon

This canyon is rich with natural history and has been the subject of many studies related to anthropology. The hikes are short but offer breathtaking views that will captivate you. The trail leads through a riparian environment that offers beautiful scenery all year round.

Milford Landscape Arch

This natural arch is located at the mouth of the Green River in Canyonlands National Park and can be reached only by boat, canoe, or kayak. It’s a great place to spot wildlife and is home to many rare plant species or haven’t been discovered in their natural environment.

Hermit’s Peak

Hikers who reach the top of this trail will have unparalleled views in their beauty. The trail climbs through a wide variety of terrain, including sandstone domes, hanging gardens, alcoves, and arches.

La Sal Mountain Loop

This trail is located at the foot of Mount Peale in Colorado’s La Sal Mountains and is an ideal hike for bird watchers or anyone interested in nature. The trail offers breathtaking views along the way and takes you through many scenic areas such as alpine forests and meadows with wildflowers.

Salt Lake City to Park City

A perfect hike for those who are looking for a leisure hike or hiking with the family. You may not be able to see everything in one day, but you can easily complete your journey in one to three days. Starting at Lake Bonneville just outside of Cedar Breaks National Monument, the trail offers views of the Great Salt Lake’s wetlands and wildlife. Along the way, you will have views of Mount Olympus and can rest in Park City at night.

Hikes In Rocky Mountain National Park

Hikers will enjoy a walk through some beautiful scenery that features wildflowers, wild berries, high-alpine meadows, and aspen trees.

What Are The Top Ten Hikes In Colorado?

Maroon Bells

This area is part of the Elk Mountain Range in the Southern Rocky Mountains and sits at over 12,300 feet above sea level at its highest point. The Maroon Bells was named after a color combination that perfectly matches the snow-capped mountains and glowing sky.

Mount Evans

This is the highest paved road in North America, and it tops out at over 14,000 feet above sea level. The highest point is marked with a sign that reads “Top of America.” While it is possible to make this drive in a regular passenger vehicle, most people opt for a 4X4 vehicle to get them up the steep incline known as Bergen Hill.

Longs Peak

This trail has it all when it comes to breathtaking views and steep terrain with loose rock. Some of the trails are difficult to walk up, but they will reward you with fantastic views of the mountains. Besides, this trail has sections that have been mapped as requiring a 4X4 vehicle to complete the route safely.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This park has numerous hikes that are suitable for beginners and thrill-seekers alike. Hikes can take anywhere from half an hour to over a day, depending on how much time you have available and how long you feel like sticking around after your hike is finished.

Colorado National Monument

This is a very popular monument for hikers, especially those who want to get out and enjoy nature while getting an adrenaline rush from experiencing nature in its truest form. The trails here are very well-maintained and offer breathtaking views of the high desert.

Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells are only a short trip from the town of Aspen, but that doesn’t mean  it is a walk in the park. You must reach the summit of the Maroon Bells before sunrise to get the best view, but it is also a great place to just hang out and try to catch a glimpse of one of Colorado’s many wildlife species.


The town of Vail is a place to visit for hiking in Colorado. This town offers numerous trails that range from very easy to challenging. Some hikes can take you anywhere from a few hours to the whole day, so you will have a great time no matter how much time you spend in this area.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

This reserve is a great place for hiking in Orange County. You can hike any of the trails around the area, but if you want to have a tough hike, you can try to find one that will take you through a canyon. Getting lost in this area is not possible, because there are signs all over the trails so that hikers do not get lost.

Crystal Cave State Park

This is a great place for hiking in Pueblo. You will be able to enjoy an awesome view of the mountains while hiking near this area.

Pikes Peak in Colorado

There are some great parks and destinations to visit in Pueblo. For those that wish to take hikes in the mountains, there is a nice trail located at Pikes Peak. The views from the top are beautiful and there is an awesome lookout tower that visitors can enjoy when they get up the mountain. There are also various other hiking areas located near this area such as Bear Creek Canyon and Homestead Park.

Which State Has Better Snow?

Utah is home to more than a dozen ski resorts, but most of them have limited snowfall, with only two or three receiving enough to operate year-round. Colorado has 53 ski resorts and many more designated snow-play areas.

Which State Has Better Snowsports?

Colorado has over 60 world-class ski resorts, while Utah has fewer than ten. Besides, Colorado is home to Vail and Breckenridge—the two most popular ski destinations in North America. Winter sports in the state also include snowmobiling (one of the largest in the US) as well as dog sledding and snowshoeing. Ice climbing and ice fishing are also popular year-round activities in Colorado’s mountain communities.

Which State Has Better Road Trips?

Colorado’s highway system offers a network of scenic byways that includes the Million Dollar Highway, north of Ouray; US 550, south of Pagosa Springs; the Spanish Trappers’ Trail, in southwest Colorado; US 50 in southern Colorado; and Colorado 9, through Glenwood Canyon. These roads are known for their spectacular views and challenging terrain. Utah’s scenic byways include the Highway 12 Scenic Byway, between La Sal National Forest and Bryce Canyon National Park (along which you can see the hoodoos); and Route 15, over which you’ll see the spectacular Paunsaugunt Plateau.

Which State Has Better Year-Round Activities?

Utah has a plethora of year-round activities, including skiing at Snowbird, during its winter season; tubing on the Virgin River; rock climbing in Zion National Park; hiking in Arches National Park; snowshoeing in Grand County and Moab (the latter is especially popular with families); exploring Arches National Park during its winter season, and exploring Canyonlands National Park during its four-month closure period. Colorado has a variety of year-round activities in Rocky Mountain National Park, including hiking, boating on Lake Dillon and the Colorado River, fishing for trout and blue-ribbon trout, hunting/trapping elk for the table, and camping. In addition to the above, Colorado has wide-open skies (no smog), a diverse population of outdoor enthusiasts (including many who partake in some form of winter sports), and access to four national parks. Utah also has wide-open skies; however, it is notorious for its seasonal haze – something that can’t be seen from anywhere else in the United States – which has caused some people to derisively refer to it as “the Smog State.

List of The Best Outdoor Activity in Utah

  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing 
  • Guided Tours
  • Ziplining
  • Ice Skating 
  • Snowboarding 
  • Speed Skating 
  • Snowshoe 
  • Slopestyle 
  • Alpine Skiing 
  • Paralympic Ice Sledge Hockey

List of The Best Outdoor Activity in Colorado

  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing 
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Ice Skating 
  • Alpine Skiing 
  • Snowboarding 
  • Speed Skating
  • Slopestyle 
  • Paralympic Ice Sledge Hockey 
  • Winter Sports 
  • Rock Climbing 

Utah and Colorado are located west of the Continental Divide, which separates both states from the Atlantic Ocean, hence Utah and Colorado has typically much warmer summer weather than many other mountainous areas at a similar altitude but with oceanic climates. The high altitudes in both states cause cooler summers and milder winters than many parts of the United States, though temperatures can vary greatly between different locations. In addition to this, there is also a great deal of difference in temperature between daytime highs and night-time lows due to high altitude which affects the local climate significantly in both states.


Utah has a vast amount of natural beauty and can be explored for a variety of day-to-day activities. Colorado is best visited with your hiking poles during the winter months to take advantage of its amazing skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling opportunities. Hiking and rock climbing are popular outdoor activities in both states, though if you are looking for a more strenuous activity there are many opportunities to enjoy these in Utah as well. Despite their differences, both states are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure.