Best State To Move To For Hunting

Best State To Move To For Hunting

Suppose you’re considering a move; the best state to move to for hunting in Utah. This list ranks the top 10 states based on the number of birds in the area, and on this website, Utah topped out at just over 6 million birds. Utah also has 1st place for most ducks per person in all 50 states, with over 53 duck-days per person each year.

What Is The Best State For A Big Game Hunter To Retire?

There are many places where a Big Game Hunter can retire or even live. The best state and the right one for you vary depending on what you need.

  • Utah: 

Utah is not the first place people would think of when hunting, but one should not dismiss it due to some of the stereotypes in place about the area. It might be surprising that Utah has a hunting heritage dating back to the mid-1800s.

  • California: 

The forests and mountains of California are home to many species of birds and animals. However, there are some that people might not know. For example, the Uinta chub is found in the forested areas of Utah and is an ‘extraordinary’ fish that grows to a length of three feet. There is also a healthy population of bruins in the area.

  • West Virginia: 

The state of West Virginia may be famous for its coal production and the Appalachian Mountains, but there are plenty of species of ducks, mule deer, and other animals to enjoy. There is also a healthy population of bears in the state.

  • Indiana: 

Indiana is home to over 500 species of animals, many of which are found in open spaces. Additionally, the state has over 9 million acres of pasture and 25 hunting clubs, making it one of the most expansive hunting states.

  • Kansas: 

Kansas is 1 of the top 10 states for waterfowl hunting, with over 600,000 acres for hunters to roam. In addition, the state has over 33 fish and wildlife areas and two hunting preserves that make it a great place to hunt. 

  • Montana: 

The state has a large population of elk and moose, making it a great place to hunt. Hunting is also more regulated in Montana than in other states, with over 3 million acres of land for hunters to roam.

  • North Carolina:

North Carolina is home to over 140 different species of birds, many of which are found in the eastern and southern regions. The state has over 200,000 acres of public ground for hunters to roam and is also a great hunting state. 

  • South Carolina: 

Over 70 species of birds are located in South Carolina, making it an excellent place for bird hunting. It also has plenty of deer to hunt and 2,800 acres of public land, and two game management areas. 

  • Texas: 

It isn’t easy to find a state with more public land for hunting than Texas. The state has over 16 million acres of land and over 6,000 hunting clubs.

What Time Of Year Is The Best Time To Hunt Coyotes?

Regardless of the time of year, coyote hunting requires a lot of patience. For beginners, it’s best to stick to small game animals hunting and stalking before going after them with a gun. In the East, the coyote mating season takes place in late February and early March. Therefore, if you plan to do any hunting this fall, it is a great time to have a gun in hand. However, be extremely careful. These animals are always on the move, and you must be careful not to spook them. A good time to look for their dens is in March and April. You can find their den by locating a fresh mound of dirt with a stone or stick on top. 

Best States For Elk Hunting

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Texas
  • Colorado
  • Wisconsin
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Minnesota
  • California
  • Wyoming
  • Idaho

Like other game opportunities hunts, the best time to buy hunting gear and to go hunting for elk is during the mating season. The hunting season for elk hunting in Montana is between September and January. However, in some states where it may be open as late as May or later. Because of the length of time, there are two elk hunting seasons. The general season runs from September to December, while the late season runs from January to May. Therefore, the best time to go during the mating season is to start in October and end in mid-January.

The Top 10 Places To Go Deer Hunting In America

  • Wildlife Management Areas
  • State Forest
  • State Parks
  • Private Land
  • County Land And Municipalities
  • National Park
  • National Preserve Or Monument
  • Corporation Of Public Hunting Areas Or Clubs 
  • Indian Reservations
  • Reclaimed Land

Hunting is becoming very popular in North America due to social media and TV shows such as the Discovery Channel’s hit show “Hunter Street” and NBC’s Travel Channel show “Trophy Sports.” However, humans were hunting and gathering for thousands of years long before the invention of TV. One of humankind’s first hunting tools was a bone weapon. Early man developed methods to hunt animals by stalking them in the woods or luring them through animal traps.

Guidelines For Transporting Guns And Ammunition Across States

While traveling across states with your guns and ammo, the most important thing to do is make sure that you follow the rules and guidelines. It is best to abide by these rules and guidelines to avoid any issues at border crossings.

1. Ensure you have the proper license to carry guns and ammunition.

2. Only transport guns that are in your possession during your journey.

3. Do not carry any guns if you are a passenger on a commercial airplane.

4. Never transport guns and ammunition together.

5. If you are a concealed carrier, then you must declare the gun to law enforcement as soon as possible and may not carry the gun if you are under indictment or on parole.

6. If you are a non-resident traveling with a weapon to your home state, do not take it across state borders unless: 

a) You have a legal reason to bring it back into another state

b) You are going hunting in another state and have proper licenses for hunting there

c) Your spouse and your immediate family live there

d) Or you plan to use it for vacation or business in that state.

7. Always be sure to check with your local police department if you have further questions.

8. State borders are sensitive areas, so be very careful and obey all of the rules and regulations for crossing state lines.

Top 10 Hunting Tips for Beginners

Today’s world is a fast-paced one, where video games and high-speed internet rule the lives of many children and adults alike. In addition, people live in urban areas making learning techniques in the wild a challenging task.

  1.  Always remember to pack a survival kit.
  2. Always wear bright-colored clothing during hunting trips and stay on the trails.
  3. Never shoot when there are people around you.
  4. Carry a compass and know how to use it before you leave for a journey outdoors.
  5. Learn about the area you plan to hunt in by checking out maps and reading up on local authorities such as wildlife officials or park rangers.
  6. Learn how to use the weapon you choose before leaving home, especially if your weapon is antique or one that you haven’t used for some time to avoid any accidents when hunting with it outdoors.
  7. Be sure to pack a good pair of binoculars.
  8. Be sure to wear equipment that fits you properly and makes you comfortable enjoying your outdoor experience and enjoying the nature around you.
  9. Always remember to bring plenty of water with you when hunting outdoors because you never know how long your journey may take or in case of an emergency such as mild weather to severe weather.
  10. Hunting is an activity that requires patience and is never rushed. However, you need to be in tune with your body, mind, and soul to be successful at hunting whatever it is that you desire to kill, whether it’s a small game species or a large game such as deer, Elk, or black bear populations.

DIY Deer Hunters

You could leave the woods and go into a vast area of public hunting ground in the past. Deer hunters should instead consider building their backyard deer stands.

This way, they can learn more about nature without spending any money and still have plenty of fun. Here are some helpful DIY deer stands that people should use:

Low Posters: 

Low posts such as this one are suitable for placing in deep forests and thick underbrush in which bow hunter could hide their position without being seen by the prey. Also, this is a good choice for people looking for a deer stand that would be inexpensive to make.

The Ladder Tree Stand: 

There is nothing complicated about ladder tree stands; a tree stands built on a ladder in the woods. It allows fellow hunters to climb up and down with minimal effort and get them out of tall grass that would otherwise be hard to navigate. This type of DIY deer stand can also provide excellent cover for hunters who want to remain hidden from their prey.   

Broomstick Deer Stand: 

The broomstick deer stand consists of a pole or stick supported by two trees. These are good DIY deer stands for small-sized yards and those who can’t get a ladder to accommodate their deer stand.

Deer Blinds: 

Deer blinds are DIY deer stands consisting of a 4-foot board resting on the ground with an opening at the back. These can be particularly useful if you don’t want to pay for hunting leases and similar things. The drawback is that it would require special knowledge and experience to avoid detection by predators.

Tree Stump Deer Stand: 

The tree stump deer stand is made by taking a log and cutting off a portion of it to be placed in the ground. The best part about this DIY deer stand is that it can be made for free. However, it should only be used by people who know what they are doing.

T-Post Deer Stand: 

A T-post deer stand consists of an A-frame structure formed using a T-post, also known as a field post, driven into the ground at an angle. These DIY deer stands can be made for very little money, although they require a great deal of time and labor to make. People should only attempt to make these if they know that the deer stand will not be close to their home.

Tree Lean-to Deer Stand: 

Perhaps the most inexpensive DIY deer stand would be the tree lean-to deer stand, consisting of a horizontal pole on top with a lean-to on its side supported by trees or stakes in the ground. Considering that this can be made out of everyday household items, it is an excellent choice for learning about deer hunting without spending too much money on it. 


Outdoor enthusiasts who want to move to a new place to hunt should consider the best state in which they can do it. However, people should also remember that the best place for hunting will depend in part on how they will hunt. Hunter success has many options: bow hunting, rifle hunting, crossbow hunting, and shotgun hunting. Most people enjoy bow and crossbow hunting more than rifle and shotgun methods because they are less intense than other types of deer hunting.