Enclosed Hunting Trailer Ideas

Enclosed Hunting Trailer Ideas

Many hunters want to get as close to nature and the outdoors as possible while hunting, but this can be difficult in public areas where hunting is prohibited. The best option for these people might be to purchase an enclosed hunting trailer and use it for their hunts.

For many hunters, the trailer they hunt out of is an integral part of their hunting experience. Enclosed hunting trailers have grown in popularity over the last decade, and for a good reason. These trailers have several incredible advantages for hunters.

Advantages of Having An Enclosed Hunting Trailer

There are several advantages to purchasing an enclosed hunting trailer for your next hunt. These are:


An enclosed hunting trailer will give you a place to hunt while maintaining total privacy.

Less Exposure

When you’re in a public area, you are always at risk of being seen by someone if they happen to be paying attention. That is especially true with deer hunting, where the animals have been known to flee from hunters at all times of day or night.


Enclosed hunting trailers are more affordable than purchasing a tent, and you don’t have to worry about things like keeping the trailer clean or buying replacement windows for it.

Weather Protection

Many hunters prefer not to hunt in inclement weather, especially deer hunting, where they can find the animals at various hours of the day and night. The shielding that an enclosed hunting trailer gives you will make it perfect for deer hunting in any season.


If you hunt with other people, then having an enclosed hunting trailer is the perfect way to have everyone together in one place. There are no private areas, and everyone is exposed to each other.


Many hunters prefer to have their trailers decorated for aesthetic purposes. For some people, a simple theme such as camouflage or camouflage and rustic decorations can make the trailer stand out among the rest of the crowd.


Of course, there are disadvantages to owning and using an enclosed hunting trailer. These are:


The most significant disadvantage is the cost. These trailers can run several thousand dollars, depending on what options you choose to add and the brand of trailer that you purchase.


Usually, people who need a large amount of space stay away from enclosed hunting trailers. However, since you are forced to remain close to everyone at all times during a hunt, you may find it difficult to leave them.


These can get hot inside during the summer, especially with several people for long periods.

Extreme Weather Conditions

They can make hunting in extreme weather conditions difficult. In addition, you are much more limited inside an enclosed trailer as opposed to outside in the open air.

Interior Cleanup

Once you are done hunting, you will have to clean up after yourself. In an open trailer, you can leave everything as it is and return it to the same condition it was in before the hunt began. However, when you have an enclosed trailer, there is no escaping the mess you created inside it during your hunt.


Not all areas inside an enclosed trailer are created equal, which means that they don’t always match up well with each other. Unfortunately, that means that some people will find themselves having to deal with strange and awkward places to sleep or stay while you are inside the trailer.

As you can see, there are both positive and negative aspects to owning an enclosed hunting trailer. It would help if you considered it depending on several factors, including your budget, the area you plan to hunt, and your relationship with other people who will be going along with you.

Enclosed Hunting Trailer Plans and Setup

There are two primary types of setups that you can use. The first is a traditional setup where you pile everything together with the bed elevated on the sides to create a platform for sitting or sleeping. The second is a slide-in setup, where the sleeping platform is built into the bed.

Traditional Enclosed Hunting Trailer Setup

It is pretty much the most traditional setup you can have, but it has the most significant drawbacks. If you try to perform your hunt in this type of trailer, you will not cook much because there isn’t any space for a stove. You won’t be able to keep food safe from bugs or animals either. It also isn’t going to be comfortable for your friends and family members either, so they might want to plan on crashing at a hotel instead.

Slide-in Enclosed Hunting Trailer Setup

The slide-in enclosure has a similar setup to the traditional trailer, but with one crucial difference: there are no windows. This setup has the downside that you won’t see what’s happening outside your house. It also doesn’t give you much space for your hunter and camping gear. If the slide-in enclosure is too small, you will also have a problem with noise from others. However, if the slide-in enclosure is too big, you will not get enough space to put all of your hunting gear.

Custom Hunting Trailers Setup Ideas

Hunting trailers can sometimes be converted into something that can be used as a field trailer. You might find these ideas helpful:

Indoor Setup

This type of enclosure includes all of the basic amenities that you will need for a successful hunt, including comfortable seating, lots of storage space where you can store your hunting rifles, and plenty of room to move around. Your custom hunting trailer can even come equipped with a cooking area and sleeping area. As a result, it will look much like a mobile home instead of an enclosed trailer.

Outdoor Setup

Many hunters prefer to use an enclosed trailer only when they are going on an extended hunting trip. They like the convenience of the enclosed trailer, and they also like knowing that they are safe from critters and drink beer while they hunt. They also like the extra privacy that comes with using one. As such, many hunters end up using mobile homes to sleep in and cook in when they go on extended hunts.

All that said, enclosed trailers can be used for a much longer time than a mobile home. They are typically more considerable, and they can be parked inside a barn or warehouse if the weather is terrible. That makes them ideal for those who keep their gear and ammo in their trailer all year round. It also makes it much easier to store the trailer when you are not using it since it is not affected by the weather.

Generator Setup For Enclosed Hunting Trailer

Since these trailers are closed in, you will have to provide your electricity. That means that you will have to run a generator inside the trailer. You must protect the generator from outside elements by keeping water, dust, and debris away from it at all times. The following are some things you need to remember when setting up a generator inside your trailer:

  • The generator must be in a level and secure location.
  • The generator must be capable of putting out at least ten amps of power to operate safely with your equipment.
  • You will need a transfer switch and a circuit breaker designed explicitly for an enclosed trailer to ensure that the trailer can be safely electrified during use.
  • You will also require at least a 30-amp receptacle to allow you to plug in things such as cooking appliances, lights, and various other pieces of equipment.
  • The generator must be well insulated to not heat up inside the trailer during operation. Insulation also helps to reduce the noise that you will hear from inside your trailer.
  • It would be best if you protect yourself against lightning strikes and other electrical hazards by installing a lightning rod on your trailer.
  • You can increase your electrical safety by using a circuit breaker box with circuit breakers designed explicitly for enclosed trailers.
  • Several companies make generators that are specifically designed for use in hunting trailers. These generators are significantly more compact than standard generators, and many of them are more powerful.

All of the critical components of a hunting trailer, including the trailer itself and accessories, should be made from fire-resistant materials to help protect you from injury or death during an accident. It is also vital that you use products designed for facilities, such as rubber flooring, to help keep your trailer clean and prevent damage from slipping or moving around while it is in storage.

As you can see, using an enclosed trailer for hunting is not all about living in luxury. It’s all about your safety and the safety of your equipment and other pieces of hunting gear. The last thing that most people want to do is use a trailer that is going to get them or their friends injured or killed because it was built with cheap materials and substandard quality.


Enclosed hunting trailers can be an excellent option for hunters who want to have a place where they can sleep and cook safely. However, it will take a bit of work and planning to make it happen, and make sure that you end up with a suitable trailer for the type of hunting you plan on doing.

On the other hand, well-constructed enclosures will provide you with many years of service so long as you take care of them properly. If you take the time to do all of your research, you will find an excellent hunting trailer for yourself. It just might take a bit of work to figure out what it is that you need and how much it is going to cost you.

Before you make a final decision on a hunting trailer, you must do your research. Check out the different types of enclosed trailers available on the market today, and get familiar with all of the critical components. When you have done this, you will be able to find a suitable trailer for your needs and also it is important to research what are the best state to move to for hunting.