How Much Do Hunting Arrows Cost

How Much Do Hunting Arrows Cost

Hunting arrows can be a daunting purchase. Nowadays, hunting arrows come in a wide range of prices, so finding the best deal can be difficult. Here we will discuss what types of arrows there are, how to choose hunting arrows that are right for your needs, and what you can expect to pay.

The Different Tiers Of Hunting Arrows

Let’s start with the different tiers of hunting arrows. Arrows are categorized by the price but even more important is how they are constructed. You can find a quality hunting arrow that will not break the bank, but it is crucial to understand how they are made.

If you are a beginner, many options will be adequate. However, if you plan on hunting regularly or just taking your archery game to the next level, the right arrows can make all of the difference.

Budget Hunting Arrows (Under $100)

If you are getting into hunting or archery, I would suggest starting with cheaper arrows. There are even some decent-quality arrows that cost $20-$30. But, unfortunately, when it comes to rifle targets, most people start with a box.

If you start with a box, know that these arrows will do the job for what you need. The downside is that the shaft can be brittle or break, and being able to tell that your target has been hit can be difficult to determine.

Quality Hunting Arrows (Under $200)

What if you want a better quality hunting arrow? Well, there are some decent options out there for a little over $100. Some quality arrows between $100 and $200 are just as durable and reliable as hunting arrows that cost much more.

Starting with a Benton brand is the best place to start. If you are seeking a good quality arrow for quality shooting, make sure to check them out. Hunters like these arrows because they are affordable, but they also have their finger on the pulse of what people want.

Reasonably Priced Hunting Arrows ($200-$500)

If you’re looking for the best hunting arrows, you may need to spend a little more. The price range is going to be between $300 and $500. However, that will depend on your needs as well as the manufacturer

Among the more premium options out there are Carbon Express arrows. These are among the best hunting arrows you can buy, though they come at a premium cost. But, again, if you can afford it, these arrows will provide you with some of the best quality arrow shafts on the market today.

Expensive Hunting Arrows ($600-$1000)

For those who spent a little more than $500, there are even options that may suit your needs. For example, the Hunter 300 Field Point arrows are made from premium materials and assembled using precision. While they are not available at an affordable cost, they come with all the bells and whistles to better your hunting experience.

Type of Arrows

Now that we have covered the different tiers of arrows, let’s dive into some of the different arrows.

Wood Arrows

These types of arrows are usually going to be your cheapest option. They are just as much fun as using a more expensive hunting arrow but cost a lot less money. They do eventually break and need replacing, though. When you compare wood arrows versus aluminum arrows, the only real difference is the weight of the two types of shooting shafts.

Aluminum Arrows

The advantage of using aluminum arrows is the weight. These arrows are strong and lightweight, which makes them ideal for target shooting. They’re also more durable and will not break or become “untrue” as they age. Aluminum arrows will cost more than wood or carbon-fiber shafts, but they’re still an excellent option for hunting.

Carbon Fiber Arrows (CF)

These arrow shafts are becoming one of the most popular options. They are different from aluminum arrows because they are one-piece, meaning they are not rigid or hollow. They also weigh considerably less than aluminum arrows but are just as durable and long-lasting. Some hunters even claim that carbon fiber performs better than aluminum, but this is debatable.

Which Is More Important?

The type of arrow depends on your needs. For example, some people prefer aluminum arrows for target practice, while others that hunt will benefit from carbon fiber arrows. Therefore, it is essential to understand how arrows work to determine which is right for you.

Factors to consider in buying hunting arrows

You will need to consider a variety of factors when purchasing an arrow. Thankfully, the factors indicate how the arrow is built and what you can expect regarding durability and performance.

Length – The length of your arrows determines what type of bow you need. If your arrows are too long, they will not fit in or be used with your bow. Longer arrows are also not preferred for target practice because the point may bend upon impact with a target board.

Spine – The measurement of stiffness for an arrow is indicated by spine weight as well as the spine rating. You can find more information about this metric online, but it is essential to know that a higher number denotes stiffer shafts while lower numbers indicate less stiffness.

Spine weight – It is a measurement of how much kinetic energy the arrow transfers to the target. As such, it determines how fast an arrow will move before impact. Thus, you’ll want to purchase arrows that have more spine weight if you have a bow that can handle stiffer arrows.

Thanks to their heavier weights, it’s easy to spot the difference in performance between stiff and flexible arrows. However, there is no real correlation between spine weight and accuracy. An arrow with a lightweight spine can also be accurate.

Spine Rating – This is an estimation of how stiff or flexible an arrow is. It includes the range of weight and stiffness, but it does not give you a lot of information. You will want to purchase arrows that are appropriate for the bow you have, as well as the type of hunting you plan to do.

Weight – The weight of the arrow is also an essential factor to consider. Heavier arrows are more effective at target practice, but one cannot use them on smaller bows. Lightweight arrows are best for target practice because they allow for greater accuracy and faster speeds. Longer arrows are preferable because they usually have less weight than shorter ones.

Broadhead or point – The type of arrow tip you choose will depend on what you plan to hunt. Broadheads are used for hunting elk, hunting deer, and hogs, while field points are ideal for target practice. You should choose broadheads if you are hunting game, but field points will work fine for target practice.

Longer arrows will also be able to withstand the impact of the bow’s string. As such, they’re suitable for hunting much larger animals because they can penetrate through thicker skin and muscle as well as bone.

Carbon Fiber or wood – Carbon fiber arrows are the most popular variety of hunting arrows. They are so popular partly because they’re not only lighter than aluminum arrows but also more robust. However, they are more expensive and break more easily.

Wooden arrows are usually less expensive and last a lot longer. In addition, the arrows are durable and can be used for a long time, and will never break or become unstraight if they are well-made and crafted with quality in mind. However, there’s no denying the attractiveness of carbon fiber hunting arrows that look sleek with their black coatings.

Self-adhesive or mechanical – The difference between these two types of arrows is quite apparent. Mechanical arrows are stickier and tend to adhere better to the target, while self-adhesive arrows allow for more excellent range due to less friction. They also hold onto the target longer without breaking.

Machining – You should consider which arrow type is better for hunting. Arrows that have been machined will be more accurate than those not because they will pierce through denser materials with less resistance.

Price – Finally, Arrows can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the arrow type. You’ll want to buy high-quality arrows that are durable and will last a long time. Great deals are available on hunting arrows, but you have to know where to look for them.

The best deals are often found on sale; you can find discount codes online that will provide you with a range of different deals. In addition, some websites provide free shipping with every purchase. However, you should not buy the most expensive products just because they’re the most popular. Instead, consider your budget and what type of arrow you need to shoot your desired game.

An Arrow’s Flight Path Explained

Consider the flight path of an arrow because it might influence your choice more than you think. For example, an arrow doesn’t have to travel through the air for very long before it hits its target when using a bow and arrow. That is why the arrow’s weight is more important than its length.

A Sharp Tip Is Important

The sharp tip of the arrow is one of the most critical parts. The tip won’t be sharp when you buy it, but you can sharpen it using a unique tool available at most hunting stores. The tip needs to be sharp enough to pierce through your target, which means the heavier it is, the better. Also, the sharper the point, the more likely it will be to pierce your target.

Choose The Right Weight For Your Needs

The weight of your arrows is a critical aspect that can affect your hunting results. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right weight for you. Generally, lighter arrows can penetrate deeper into a game than heavier ones, so more practice and time invested with lighter arrows will help you increase your accuracy and save money in the process.

A Brief Note About Arrow Length

In general, you should choose an arrow that is the same length as your hunting bow. Of course, that depends on the type of bow and arrows you use, but following a set of rules, make sure you use them consistently. Otherwise, the length of your arrow could affect how it flies and where it ends up landing.

The Type of Bow You are Using

Finally, you want to choose the right arrow type depending on the type of bow you have. For example, a draw weight bow is a bow where you pull back on the string to fire an arrow. If the draw weight of your bow is too heavy for your arrows, you’ll end up burning out your fingers and shoulder muscles before even knowing it. While this won’t happen if your arrows are lightweight, most composite bows are designed for heavier arrows.

What Do Hunting Arrows Cost?

The price of an arrow depends on the type. For example, you can buy a set of carbon-fiber arrows for $100 – $180, but wood and aluminum arrows will cost you about half that much or less. But, of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend more on arrows if you have the money.

The average price is $15 – $25 (or less), while high-quality carbon-fiber ones can cost upwards of $50 – $300, depending on the type and amount of carbon present in the shaft. As you can see, many factors will affect the price of an arrow, but weight and carbon shaft contents are among the most important.

How To Shaft Your Arrow

Arrow shafts are available in many sizes and styles for archers of all skill levels. They can either be hollow or solid, which makes them heavier or less dense. All you need to do is find the type of arrow shaft you prefer and head over to any local sporting goods store or archery shop.

If you prefer to make your arrows rather than purchase a new set, many tutorials are available online to teach you how to do so. However, it is much easier to practice by making a few arrows instead of making many at once. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a set if you are still learning how to do this correctly because it will allow you more leeway in making mistakes. Then, you can practice shooting with the same type of arrow, so your performance doesn’t diminish.


Arrows are critical components of any effective bowhunting setup, so choosing the right kind can determine whether it is successful. But, then, there are numerous other factors that you should consider when trying to decide which arrow to buy. In this guide, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about selecting the right kind of arrow for your bow and arrow setup. Remember that you’re going to need a certain amount of arrows, depending on your bow and the amount of hunting you do it does not matter how many rounds do you take hunting. Nevertheless, it would help to keep in mind how many arrows you can afford to use because it will determine how much ammo you will buy in the future. After all, there’s no point in buying more arrows when you can use fewer.