How To Remove Blood From Hunting Clothes

How To Remove Blood From Hunting Clothes

Being a hunter is great, how many rounds do you take hunting? There’s nothing like getting a little blood on your clothes. Solving this problem is not going to require using any particular products or doing anything complicated. Usually, the best solution for this is to get your clothes professionally cleaned. However, it’s sometimes inconvenient or not an option. In these cases, you can use a few methods of cleaning your clothes yourself without ruining them. The key is to treat the spots right away.

Does Deer Blood Come Out Of Hunting Clothes

Red deer blood will stain clothing red, but it will not permanently dye or disintegrate the material. Some think that blood may discolor wool, although it has never been proven, and there is no scientific literature on this subject. Spilled blood from other game animals may also stain wood, plastics, or other materials.

Remove Deer Blood & Gore Using The Best Method

Assume you own a gun that has been used for deer hunting. Let’s also say that the clothing of this particular weapon has seen some use in the past. It may even have been wet at one time or another. You’ll be glad to know that there are ways and means to clean this particular piece of clothing. First, of course, you can get a professional cleaning service or even go to a local cleaner.

Warm Water & Detergent

If you wish to get the job done independently, you need to use warm water and detergent. The same method applies to clothing that has been used for elk hunting. This method is safe for all types of fabric.

Stain Scrubbing

If you are trying to get practical, you will need to use fabric stain remover. Cleaning stains from clothing using this method is a common practice in many households.

Soak For A Few Minutes

You can place the clothing in a bucket of warm water and detergent at this stage. You can then soak it for a few minutes. It is best to leave the clothing in the bucket until all blood has dissolved into the water.

Rinse If Needed

You can repeat this method every few hours to ensure that your clothing is spotless. The final step would be to rinse the clothes in cool water.

Hang Dry

Please do not put the article of clothing in a dryer, or else it might shrink. Instead, hang the clothing up to dry after properly rinsing it in cool water.

Cleaning Materials

  • Vinegar

If you have a severe stain, you can also try letting the vinegar sit on the spot. The vinegar is known to move stains around. It will even soften the material and make it much easier to remove.

  • Non-abrasive, Non-bleach Detergent

Another alternative that you can use is non-abrasive, non-bleach detergent. The method is simple: place the clothing in water filled with this detergent. Then, after it has sat overnight, wash it as usual in the morning.

  • Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergents are known for their capability to take away blood stains from clothing. In addition to removing blood stains, these solutions also clean deer stains.

  • Deodorizer – Detergent Additive

If you have a fabric that is already yellow and you have put it through the wash, then you can try using a deodorizer. This additive can make the clothing smell fresh again. It can also prevent the material from getting stained quickly.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide solution is yet another alternative for blood removal. Using hydrogen peroxide-soaked cotton balls, these can be used to rub on stained clothing.

  • Oxyclean

The last and final method that you can use is Oxyclean. It is a powder that is known to remove blood spots from clothing. Apply the powder to the area and leave it for a few hours. Then, wash the clothing as usual.

  • Bleach

It is also possible to use bleach to take away blood stains from your clothing. But please keep in mind that the same bleach can also make your clothes yellow. Therefore, it is best to use unscented bleach and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

  • Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is yet another powerful ingredient that you can use to take away blood stains from clothing. If you have a mild stain, then you can put the clothing into a container filled with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

  • Scrab Table Salt

If you have a tiny bloodstain that you can’t get rid of, then you can try scrubbing it off using table salt. First, apply the salt to the affected area and then scrub it off with a toothbrush.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

The final method that you can use is rubbing alcohol. Let the rubbing alcohol sit on the stained area for about a few minutes. Then, use warm water to rinse off the product.

Washing Hunting Clothes With Baking Soda

The blood could become embedded in the material and never come out. I have also found that washing clothes with laundry soap, which contains ‘soap powder,’ does not always dissolve the blood. The color of the clothes will also change the longer they sit in the wash. Instead, add baking soda to any washing machine filled with your hunting clothes or sheets being washed and run them through a hot cycle. Instead, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into your washer and run cold water through the clothing until the stain dries.

Different Types Of Cleaners For Hunting Clothes To Get The Stains Out

There are several different types of cleaners that you can use for your hunting clothes. The most significant difference is the price, as well as the way they work. Another thing to consider is their longevity and how well they will take care of your garments.

  • Sportsman’s Friend Stain Remover: This product is designed for athletes, especially those who hunt. It is beneficial for cleaning your outdoor clothing, as well as your sleeping bags. It is also effective on leather items. The product is made in the United States and contains no harsh chemicals. It should be used as directed, so use it responsibly.
  • Armor All: ArmorAll is a liquid cleaner you can use on hunting clothes, both cotton and synthetic materials. It is also an automotive product that is used for cleaning cloth car seats. In addition, you can use ArmorAll on tents, awnings, and other outdoor fabrics. It effectively removes blood that has dried on your clothing after you have hunted and killed an animal.
  • Blum Non-Detergent Laundry Soap: Your hunting clothes can be cleaned with this laundry detergent. Chemicals are not used in manufacturing this product. Cleaning your hunting clothing with it is not difficult if you follow the directions.
  • Nature’s Miracle Stain Remover: Another excellent product you can apply to your hunting clothes is this one. It is a non-toxic, natural solution for cleaning your garments. However, it will not remove the color from your clothing. Use it as directed to get the best results.
  • Gojo Original: You can also use Gojo Original to clean your hunting clothes. It is another laundry detergent that will remove stains from your clothing. It is made in the United States and contains no harsh chemicals.

Taking Care of Your Hunting Gear

Among the most important things you should do for your hunting gear is to protect it. Whether you are hunting in town or the forest, there are many different ways that you can protect your camo from harm.

Keep Your Gear Clean:

After you have killed an animal with your hunting gear, make sure that it is appropriately cleaned. Clean off all the blood and dirt before you put it back into your sheath. If you don’t, the blood that has dried on your hunting gear will grow mold. You don’t want that on your equipment when you are out in the woods.

Keep Your Camo Dry:

If you are wearing a camo soaked in the rain, you can continue wearing it until it dries. Once your camouflage has dried sufficiently, wrap it up and put it back into your hunting gear.

Protect Your Camo From Damage:

Out in the woods, you always need to take care of your hunting gear. You need to protect it from damage and safe storage. This way, you will get the most use out of your gear and will be able to use it for years.


Deer blood can stain your hunting clothes after a hunt. The stains are easily removed, but you must take the proper precautions to avoid staining the rest of your clothes. Deer blood is a widespread problem for hunters. The blood is also another reason that you need to be careful when cleaning your hunting equipment. Simple precautions can help prevent your clothing from becoming stained with deer blood.