Timney VS Jewell For Hunting

Timney VS Jewell For Hunting

You may be thinking about getting a new custom rifle for hunting, but have you considered better between the Timney and Jewell models? Unfortunately, many people are not aware of all the differences, and they end up with a rifle that doesn’t perform well or costs more to maintain and isn’t worth the money.

The Jewell Trigger VS Timney Difference

Jewell Trigger Model:

The Jewell trigger model was designed for ammunition of 70 grains. It has a great trigger pull, and it offers an adjustable dual-purpose trigger design. The centerfire rifles can be used with this model, but it’s recommended to use smaller cartridges in them (e.g., deer or varmint hunting). In addition, this model is equipped with a hardened cross-bolt safety, which ensures safety when aiming or firing your weapon at targets.

Timney Trigger Model:

The Timney trigger model has a heavy trigger pull, making it ideal for hunting and casual shooting in harsh conditions. It’s also designed with a safety mechanism that you can easily use when aiming at your target. This model is ideal for big game (e.g., deer and elk) and small game hunting in areas with plenty of foliage. Furthermore, it’s the best option for people who want to go after the hard-to-get creatures in their area. The safety mechanism on this model is solid and durable. They are protecting the firing pin from accidentally being moved out of its place when you’re aiming.

What Is The Best Trigger For Hunting?

The Jewel triggers model is the best option for hunting because it has an adjustable two-stage trigger design. This feature ensures that you can take your time aiming and then fire away at your target when the time is right. However, it’s not recommended for use in a competition or a shooting match where speed matters, as its trigger pull is heavy. So there are limited options for choosing the correct ammunition, versatility, and usefulness for shooters who need to use other ammo sizes in their customized rifle.

What Triggers Do The Pros Use

Many professional shooters use the Timney trigger model. This model is a solid choice for hunters, as it’s durable and very reliable. However, it’s recommended to use the same ammo as your weapon in your rifle because it needs to be upgraded for use with the two-stage precise trigger. For both hunting and self-defense, it’s essential to keep track of your cartridges.

When Choosing A Trigger Upgrade

When you’re choosing a trigger model, there are several things you need to keep in mind, including:


It’s essential to consider your competitive shooting position. If you’re using a field rifle with a bulky barrel, make sure your competitive shooting position is comfortable. If you’re using a handgun, make sure that the trigger is not too hard for you to pull. 


It’s essential to consider the accuracy of your weapon before choosing a trigger type and model. If the weapon is accurate, there’s no need for a significant upgrade unless you have other specific reasons for changing it. 


It’s essential to consider the correct ammunition first before choosing a suitable trigger for your needs. For example, if you’re hunting large animals, you’ll need the right trigger to shoot them quickly.


A trigger’s safety is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a trigger. Make sure the trigger you’re going to buy is dependable and safe. It’s essential to consider the type of safety mechanism the trigger has. There are different types of safety mechanisms, including:

Trigger pull:

Trigger pull is a very significant aspect to consider when choosing a trigger. A well-designed and the well-placed trigger will help you improve your accuracy. 

Carrying Case:

It’s essential to consider the proper carrying case to make your gun easily accessible when needed. For example, if you’re hunting in a remote area, having a case that doesn’t cause a fuss is essential and comfortable.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Trigger 

The suitable model will give you maximum comfort and ease while shooting your weapon.

Width: Generally, a 13/16 inch trigger width is the best fit for most guns. It provides a genuine feel while shooting and helps you have improved performance.

Adjustable Pull weight: An adjustable trigger will reduce the pull weight automatically. It also enhances accuracy and prevents misfire.

Texture: The trigger’s texture is essential. It helps keep your gun’s action smooth and secure, resulting in a more reliable firearm.

Durability: A bad trigger doesn’t last long because it is made from inferior quality metal or plastic. It also causes serious injury through an accidental discharge.

Weight: A heavy trigger will help you take your time while aiming and firing. In addition, it prevents accidental discharge or misfire.

Depth: A trigger that is deep in the handle is easy to use and fire. It’s also easier to pull for people with arthritis or a weak grip.

Shape: It’s essential to consider a trigger with a convex shape. It’s also helpful for people with arthritis.

Surface Finish: A smooth surface finish will help you use the trigger smoothly. It also helps you maintain your gun quickly.

Price: It’s essential to consider a trigger with good value for money. A good trigger will last a long time, and it’s also very reliable.

Jewell Versus Timney For Remington 700

  • The Timney trigger is adjustable from 1 1/2 to 7 lbs. The Jewell trigger is not adjustable.
  • The Timney trigger takes about 35 lbs. force to pull backward. The Jewell trigger tapers down into a lighter pull.
  • The Timney trigger is a one-piece design. The Jewell trigger is a two-piece design.
  • The Jewell trigger requires that the action be disassembled entirely to install it. The Timney trigger makes no such requirement.
  • The Jewell trigger is a little longer and will not fit older Remington 700s with somewhat shorter actions.

Best Remington 700 Triggers: Accuracy at its Finest

  • Timney Triggers – They’re adjustable, smooth, and very dependable.
  • Jewell Timer – The Jewell trigger is a very light pull and is the standard for hunting rifles.
  • Jewell Competition – This is the latest Jewell trigger. Everything else being equal, most shooters will prefer the competition trigger over the user-adjustable Jewell trigger.
  • C. Sharps – This is an excellent trigger for any Remington 700, but again, most shooters will prefer the Jewell Competition over the C. Sharps trigger when everything else is equal.

Jewell VS Rifle Basix VS Timney


This trigger is the most adjustable of all three. It’s a little heavier and more expensive but a quality trigger that will not disappoint. Installation is a little more complex, and it’s not as easy to find parts to work. The Timney is a good choice if you are looking for an adjustable trigger.


The Jewell trigger is made of Titanium with adjustable screws. This trigger is a little lighter than the Timney. It’s smoother and has less creep than the Timney, resulting in a very nice feel.

Rifle Basix

The trigger is the cheapest on the market. It’s a little lighter than the Jewell and has less creep and pull weight than the Jewell or Timney. The Rifle Basix is a good choice for someone who wants an inexpensive trigger that won’t break the budget.


No matter what’s your personal preference, you’re choosing between Timney vs. Jewell trigger. The differences are minor, especially if you’re in the aftermarket triggers for something adjustable. The Timney has a little more creep than the competition and the Jewell Competition. The Timney trigger has a heavier pull force. If you shoot an adjustable light trigger, you’ll probably prefer the Jewell trigger. Everything is depends on how many rounds do you take hunting, how long and often you use you them.