Are Converse Good for Rock Climbing

Are Converse Good for Rock Climbing

Purchasing a new pair of shoes, finding the right ones for your specialized activity can be challenging. There are so many styles and brands, but what is the perfect shoe for rock climbing?

This article will provide insight into what types of shoes are best for different climbs and which brands have the most success in their line. Hopefully, this article will help you make a more educated decision when choosing your next pair of shoes!

Can you wear Converse for rock climbing?

Most Converse is not equipped with the proper grip on the soles of their shoes. Converse are ideal for recreational climbing and use in indoor rock climbing gyms. Some models have better tread, but they tend to be more expensive. You should also consider how frequently you climb – if you often climb on different surfaces (boulders, slabs, walls), you should get a pair of shoes with better traction on their soles.

Is it wrong to hike in Converse?

Yes, hiking in your shoes is not safe! The soles of your shoes are less grippy, are they are not going to protect you from slipping or injuring yourself. More importantly, walking in a pair of shoes can break the insoles easily and ruin the shoes. Not to mention, you will be walking around in the same sneakers all week!

The grip can be an issue with Converse because they have thinner soles. Climbing in thin-soled shoes is not ideal because you might not be able to feel when a rock is in front of you, but it’s also less likely that your shoes will slip and hurt you.

Some shoes, such as Scarpa, La Sportiva, and Five Ten, are made with rubber soles specifically designed for rock climbing.

To find the right pair for your type of climbing, you should do some research on the Surgeon’s office. The Internet and local climbing gyms are great places to find information about shoes. You can read reviews by customers and professionals alike to help make your decision.

Good Rock Climbing Shoes Key Features

  • Good Traction– You will spend most of your time on the rock, so shoe traction is significant. That is why barefoot shoes and ‘first ascensionist’ shoes are also popular among climbers for the same reason.
  • Support– To correct a problem or prevent an injury, support of the foot is needed when there would otherwise be pain or discomfort while climbing. The best shoes for rock climbing will have a snug, comfortable fit that brings stability and support to your foot.
  • Good Heel Hook– A strong heel hook is needed when you need to hang or make progress on the climb. The shoe should have an appropriate fit around the heel with an excellent edging system. Loop or lace-up closures work best for this climbing instead of Velcro closures that are not so supportive.
  • Fit– The fit of your shoes is essential when you are climbing. Your hands and arms need to be able to move as freely as possible. A snug, close-toed shoe with a heel that extends to the ankle is ideal for this activity.

Types of Climbing Shoes

The purpose of a shoe is to protect the foot in the event of an injury. Shoes with good ankle support and thick toe caps are essential. However, some shoes have been geared towards those who climb with specialized toe hooks. That has resulted in many unique types, such as looped-toe shoes, aero shoes, and even barefoot shoes. Styles range from everyday footwear to total barefoot climbing shoes. You do not need to wear the entire shoe out for it to be effective in this sport.

Lace-Up Shoes

You can use lace-up shoes on virtually any climb. However, a close fit is essential to prevent slipping and sliding on the rock face. A mid-cut shoe with a snug fit is necessary to prevent slippage on steep climbs. It is impossible to have the perfect shoe for all climbs, so you need to find the perfect fit for the climb that you are doing.


The advantages of loop-toes shoes are they allow you to put your foot in the shoe and have it pull down right away. That is especially important when held knocked out or other small footholds near where you will be climbing. The loop-toe design is ideal for climbing on small edges.

Loop-toes shoes may be more appropriate for climbing on small edges, but they can also be dangerous. Because the shoe pulls down when you put your foot in, it can catch and hold you if you fall. That type of shoe is not recommended for top-rope climbing because there is little control over how the shoe will tighten around the foot or ankle.

Aero Shoe

Another climbing shoe is the ‘Aero’ shoe, which is ideal for lead climbing and bouldering. The narrow toe box and curved sole make this style perfect for smearing on small edges.

Barefoot Shoe

The final type of shoe that is good for rock climbing is called ‘Barefoot Shoes.’ These shoes are open-toed with a thin sole to allow you to feel the rock beneath you. That allows you to get traction on steep surfaces.

There are several good brands of shoes for rock climbing. However, in my opinion, the most popular brands are Vibram Five-Finger shoes and La Sportiva Miura. Many climbers have chosen them as the best pair of shoes for rock climbing.

Vibram Five Fingers are a tremendous barefoot shoe. They have five separate toe pockets that allow extreme sensitivity for foot placement and balance. The rubber sole is flexible, which helps give the best grip on uneven surfaces.

They have been called the best climbing shoe for all types of climbing. The Vibram FiveFingers shoe provides traction on ledges, cracks, and steep faces, and they are particularly well-suited for bouldering.

Vibram Five Fingers have an excellent selection for different sports. The Five-Finger shoe is a great climbing shoe, but it has been used for hiking and biking.

La Sportiva is one of the most advanced sports footwear companies in the world. They have over 100 years of experience designing Rock Climbing Shoes and are considered the top brand for climbing shoes. They make climbing shoes that are high-quality and made to last longer than other brands of shoes. La Sportiva climbing shoes are not only in style, but they are comfortable and supportive.

La Sportiva offers various climbing shoes for men and women, such as the Miura, Katana Lace-Up, Apache Lace-Up, Otaki Lace-Up, Chimera lace-up shoes. Their styles run from beginner to advanced climbers. Their designs allow for excellent sensitivity and durability in rock climbing.

Best Advice for Finding the Perfect Rock Climbing Shoe

When you are trying to find a rock climbing shoe, you want to make sure it fits properly. You shouldn’t wear too tight or loose shoes and should not move around or slip on your foot. To ensure that it feels right, shop in person rather than online. You may need to try on several pairs of shoes before finding the one that is right for you. Some believe that Chacos are perfect for rock climbing because they provide excellent traction on all kinds of trails.


In conclusion, the best rock climbing shoes are made from durable materials, with various designs and features. Rock Climbing Shoes should be comfortable and provide excellent grip when you are climbing. Although some brands are more expensive than others, it is worth investing in a quality rock climbing shoe to get the most out of your climbing experience. Forget about Converse All-Stars, they are not made for rock climbing, and you don’t want to hurt yourself. If you find a good climbing shoe, stick with it!