Are Vans Good For Rock Climbing

Are Vans Good For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing shoes should be made out of durable, sticky rubber. Traditionally, rock climbing shoes are made out of leather with rubber soles. Rock climbing shoes also have a tight heel section to prevent the foot from sliding off when it is lifted. Rock climbers should wear socks and heavy over-the-calf cotton or synthetic sock inside the rock climbing shoe for warmth and comfort, as well as an extra pair of dry socks in their backpack in case they get wet or sweaty on the climb.

The traditional rock climbing shoe has a low-profile toe and is made to be thin. It helps the climber to feel a better connection with the rock. Many modern-day rock climbing shoes have a high profile toe which helps the climber get more hold when climbing on sloping granite. However, not all of them are made for different grades of rock, so you should pick the best one for your needs. Always rinse your shoes as soon as you can after a climb.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes: What Makes for a Good Pair?

Rock climbing shoes are often an overlooked piece of climbing gear, but they’re essential in achieving efficient movement and good performance. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you’ll have problems focusing on the upcoming route. Selecting a good pair of climbing shoes might be a difficult task for first-timers. People who’re experienced in rock climbing and those who are not are faced with the same problem when buying climbing shoes. Consider a few factors before purchasing your next pair of rock climbing shoes that will result in an experience that is less than desirable. Even though you have best quality pair of shoes, cleaning is still necessary. You have to know how to keep rock climbing shoes from smelling, so on the next climbing trip you can have fresh and nice climbing shoes ready.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Climbing Shoes

Start by reading reviews about the different shoes. You can check out online stores, blogs, and other web pages containing information on the shoes. Always make sure to read reviews that give an overall or general assessment of the shoe.

  • Take a look at the shoe’s specifications and features. Figure out what you need, such as if it is a beginner or advanced shoe, if it has a sticky rubber sole or not, and any additional features you might want, such as water absorption, quick-drying material, and so on.
  • Try on the shoes that you are considering before buying them. Some climbing shoes will be too small for you, so make sure to try them on the first time. Look at the shoe fitting as well, and make sure it wraps around your foot appropriately without pinching or squeezing your toes.
  • It would help if you considered a shoe’s type. There are several different kinds of climbing shoes, such as Single-Toe and Double-Toe shoes.
  • As with any street shoes, always look after them. Take good care of your climbing shoes, which will help them last longer and help you climb better.

How to Get Your Shoes to Fit Right 

Make your shoes fit right. There are many tricks, and much of it depends on the feet, but here are a few tips.

  1. First, the shoes should be wide enough. 
  2. The shoes must fit at the sides.
  3. They must fit at the arches and the ankles; the shoe has to allow your foot to flex correctly and perform actions in it without causing discomfort or sore spots (flesh, tendons, etc.).
  4. Rule of thumb: it should be tight enough to make your toes and heel touch comfortable enough for you to walk.
  5. It also must not “tip” (drop-down) or “sprout” out from your feet (too much space around them).
  6. They must not be too big where the heels come up and then flare out at the sides.  It can cause bunions and other foot pains, especially if you’re using heavy bags or dragging your heels around like a pogo stick.
  7. Make sure that the shoe bottoms are the right shape and fit.
  8. Ensure that the shoelaces do not come undone, and they allow you to tighten them up when your foot swells or your feet get bigger over time (feet will grow, sometimes even half a size, in 10-15 years).
  9. Lastly, make sure that they are sitting on your mid-foot like an anchor so that they will give you more power to push down when you need it. 

Climbing Shoes Buying Guide 

Climbing shoes are one of the essential pieces of equipment you will purchase for your rock-climbing trip. By wearing the right shoes, you can avoid and alleviate many of the pains that can occur while climbing. It will probably save your life if your shoes don’t fit right or get the wrong pair. In addition, they are a considerable investment, so it is vital to get quality choices at reasonable prices. If you are in the best places to live for rock climbing and you plan for your first rock climbing trip, let’s look at various options you have for climbing shoes.

Climbing Shoe Reviews

Shoes should work perfectly right out of the box, but sometimes issues with fit and comfort can occur even with a quality pair, so read the reviews before purchasing. One of the best ways to get more information about shoes is to go on forums and other sites where people discuss their gear.

Types of Climbing Shoes

There are two main types of climbing shoes which are sticky rubber and plastic. Plastic shoes, also known as “climbing street” shoes, are the most common type of climbing shoe used because they are lightweight, affordable, and comfortable. Rubber climbing shoes give more support and cushion than plastic shoes, but they can be more expensive. For beginners then this is the recommended type of shoe to start.

Beginner Climbing Shoes

A Beginner should know that there are different types of climbing shoes. The price of each shoe determines what types of climbs you will use them. The shoe that is most used for beginners is the Tenayas. These shoes have a firm rubber sole that will make them easier to fit on small holds on the rocks. The non-slip rubber sole will also keep you from slipping as much as some of the other Lace-up shoes do. Since these shoes are made from synthetic material, they are cheaper than leather shoes which can be expensive and unnecessary for beginners.

Advanced Climbing Shoes 

These shoes are designed for use by the professional climber. The sole might be made of more complex material, such as aluminum, and can offer a lower profile than other types of climbing shoes. These features help advanced climbers because they allow for more precision when climbing routes at more complex grades. These aggressive shoes are sometimes also called pair-of-lobes because of the shape of their design.

Choosing the Right Climbing Shoes:

Rock climbing shoes are an essential item for any rock climber and one that a person should choose with careful consideration. Rock climbing shoes are not only used to protect the feet from extreme temperatures and rough surfaces, but they also help grip the rock wall. To climb safely, one must use proper footwear and have the right fit; otherwise, one can fall and possibly seriously injure themselves. 

  • Traditional – these velcro shoes are shaped like a traditional loafer and can be used by anyone. They have a snug, narrow fit for experienced climbers who specialize in routes requiring extreme friction.
  • Tech-climbing shoes are made for beginners with a more aggressive fit. For experienced black climbers who do not like to fall, these shoes are more comfortable and easier to use than traditional shoes.
  • Sport – shoes made for intermediate climbers. These shoes blend the traditional and tech shoes, offering a snug fit that is not as stiff as trad climbing shoes but not as soft as tech shoes.

How to Choose Different Styles of Climbing Shoes

While deciding which shoe is best for you, you must first assess how you climb and where you climb. Beginners should consider going to a climbing shop to get fitted adequately with beginner climbing shoes. Experienced climbers may choose to buy their indoor climbing shoes based on their preferences.

Flatter Shoes Are Most Effective

Flatter shoes provide for better climbing since they are more aerodynamic. This kind of approach shoes has a smaller surface area, which leads to less wind drag. Flatter shoes can also be made with softer uppers which improve fit and comfort. Very flat climbing shoes are generally less adequate for crack climbing and ice climbing. Some believe that Chacos are perfect for rock climbing because they provide excellent traction on all kinds of trails.

Vans Can Be Used For Rock Climbing 

Long before skateboarding, there was rock climbing. Vans are an effective tool with the correct gear for rock climbing. Before using your Vans for this purpose, you will need to figure out which ones work best for your needs. Depending on what you’re doing, your standard pair of Vans won’t be as effective as others available on the market like converse.

Van Shoes for Intermediate Climbers

An individual’s ability specifies rock climbing shoes. A perfect rock climbing shoe can be expensive. Vans are a great first rock climbing shoe, and they have become trendy among climbers who choose to spend their money on more expensive shoes.

Van’s technology is what makes them so great for beginners and intermediate climbers. The upper is made with the same material as their other hiking shoes, providing good protection without being too stiff or heavy.

Top Pick Vans Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing shoes are available in many different styles and brands. But one of the top picks for most climbers is Vans climbing shoes. Van’s classics or stealth lace-ups are just a few examples of the many styles available. Beginners will find these climbing routes to be the best because of the more straightforward approach.

Stealth Rubber on Slabs and Cracks 

The Stealth rubber will keep your feet planted to your desired hold on Slabs or cracks and will not slip out. Along with this, the Stealth Rubber keeps you very close to the rock. You’ll have a better footwork position when climbing.

Holds on Vertical or Overhanging Rock 

On vertical or overhanging rock, you should be looking for maximum friction. It means avoiding Stealth Rubber on these types of rock. Stealth Rubber does not stick out very far because it is thin. It is similar to a flat climbing shoe.

Climbing Gear Storage 

Climbing gear sets or a full rack can be costly and can take up space in your vehicle. So, if you have limited space, then there are different ways to store your climbing equipment.

Climbing Gear Storage Boxes

The most common way to keep all of your climbing gear inside your vehicle is by using a climbing gear storage box. This method is excellent if you live in an apartment complex with many other climbers looking for the same thing as you.


Rock climbing is a great hobby, but it can also so addictive. Vans are a simple and common form of footwear, often favored by rock climbers. Although they are commonly associated with skateboarders and surfer boys, Vans are a great piece of equipment for climbing – particularly for beginning climbers who might lack the resources to purchase specialized climbing shoes.