Should I Wear Gloves While Rock Climbing

Should I Wear Gloves While Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that can be dangerous – especially if you’re not wearing gloves. When you climb, many of the holds on a rock are irregularly shaped, and your hands and fingers can quickly become worn down from rubbing against rough surfaces. Although, however, many people choose not to wear gloves while rock climbing. It will act as a protective layer for your skin all-around your fingers and hand from abrasions. It also makes it easier to grip the rock as your hands get slippery.

The Best Way To Protect Your Hands While Rock Climbing

For enhanced safety, while climbing, we recommend using tape to wrap your fingers and knuckles. It will help protect your skin from abrasion while still allowing you to have a good grip on the rock. Despite being slightly more expensive than regular tape, we recommend you buy the “Smart Tape,” as it is designed to be softer and less bulky. In addition, it is available in various colors and even has reflective strips on the back for added visibility.

Should You Invest In Belay Gloves?

Since rock climbing involves so many variables, it doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. But, if you happen to be in a situation where you need belay gloves and can’t afford your own set of climbing gloves, investing in belay gloves is a good idea. Belay gloves are designed to protect your hands and your partner’s hands from rope burns. The thicker the glove, the more protection you will have against ropes burns. The problem with belay gloves is that they often hinder your dexterity and overall grip of the rock.

Types Of Gloves For Climbing

Every climber needs gloves in their gear, but they can vary significantly in what they offer you on the climb. The main types of gloves are approach, fleece lining, chalk bag, and climbing gloves. An approach glove is made out of a thicker material that helps protect your hands from becoming torn up while hiking to your climbing spot.

  • Bouldering Gloves: These gloves are thicker than climbing gloves and offer additional protection. They are usually made up of leather or nylon materials. They offer you extra grip so you can make some complex moves on the rock without having to worry about losing your grip.
  • Ice Climbing Gloves: This type of climbing glove is used while climbing on ice or frozen water. They are made out of a material such as nylon, rubber, or neoprene with synthetic materials.
  • Alpine Gloves: Alpine gloves are typically used while on a glacier or outdoors in cold weather. They are made out of wool or fleece lining and can be worn under a pair of thicker mittens.
  • Mountaineering Gloves: These gloves function the same way as alpine gloves do, but they are made of more rigid materials like leather or nylon. They will stand up to a variety of challenging outdoor tasks like hiking over rough terrain.
  • Crack Climbing Gloves: These gloves are used when you are climbing cracks in the rock. Your glove should permit your fingers to fit into cracks so that you can grasp on securely.
  • Belay Gloves: Good quality belay gloves are suitable for both belaying climbers on the mountain and helping you control the rope while ascending the face of a cliff. Pulling a climber up is very strenuous, ensuring that they protect from falling debris and sharp stone.
  • Aid Climbing Gloves: These gloves are made out of nylon, and they are designed to help you hold onto hard-to-reach places in the rock while you place a piece of protection. They are made for both male and female climbers.
  • Climbing Grappling Gloves: These gloves are the most common climbing glove design. They are designed to help you stick your hands into the crack, grab on the rock, and move around.
  • Rock Climbing Gloves: Rock climbing gloves are made out of leather or nylon materials. They offer you the most protection from rope burns and harsh weather conditions. They are usually thicker than other types of climbing gloves.
  • Approach Gloves: Approach gloves are thin, lightweight gloves made out of leather, wool, or synthetic materials. They are usually used for hiking or climbing, and they offer you protection from the elements.
  • Fleece Lined Gloves: This type of glove is made out of fleece material and can be worn over another pair of gloves. The typical material for making them is nylon or synthetic materials.

Tips On Buying Rock Climbing Gloves

Rock Climbing Gloves are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics nowadays. Selecting suitable climbing gloves is essential to avoid painful experiences. Here are some tips and suggestions on choosing the right pair of rock climbing gloves.

  • 1. Fit

Rock Climbing Gloves come in different sizes. They are made according to the measure of the hand and fingers. Always try one on before buying it. Comfortable gloves will mean that you can do multiple things while climbing without getting tired or suffer pain in your hands.

  • 2. Material

Your Rock Climbing Gloves will also be made of different materials used to provide comfort to the hands that are being used. The fabric used should be flexible as it is a part of your climbing equipment and will be outdoor usage in most cases. Cotton, leather, and synthetic are widely used.

  • 3. Style

The style of the climbing gloves can also be a deciding factor in choosing the right pair for you. There are different styles available out there as suggested by climbing gear manufacturers such as Miura and Outdoor Innovations.

  • 4. Price

Rock Climbing Gloves vary in price depending on the material used, size and style. Depending on the budget you have set aside for your climbing equipment, you can choose between a good and an expensive pair of gloves or a very cheap pair.

  • 5. Brands

If you want to be sure about the quality and standards of your climbing gloves, it is better to buy from a brand that has a good history in the climbing community. Miura has been in the business of making rock climbing gear since 1936 as a quality brand. They have a range of gloves that you can choose from based on your style and budget.

Tips On Picking The Best Pair Of Climbing Gloves. 

The days of stiff leather climbing gloves are long gone. Now, you can find elastic climbing gloves online that are great for protecting your hands from blisters and scrapes. Climbing gloves are made for high-performance and competitive climbing. Most climbing gloves are explicitly designed for gripping into slick rock, and plastic holds, and they also come with padding to protect your hands from calluses. The most popular materials are leather, spandex, and synthetic.

Choosing The Right Indoor Rock Climbing Gloves

Fingerless gloves are often a better choice than mittens for indoor climbing. I’ve got a pair of fingerless climbing gloves I’ve been using for the past few weeks, and as far as fingerless gloves go, they’re pretty decent. They feature a stretchy nylon fabric that seals well around my wrists, and they’re pretty comfortable. The fit is roomy, but I’m not a tiny person, and these gloves seem to have enough extra fabric that I can wear long sleeves with them. The only drawback of the fingerless design is that they don’t adjust well to a woman’s smaller hands.

Best Gloves For Cold Weather

It is unclear which glove is best for winter climbing, and I have seen some people buy entirely inappropriate gloves.

  1. Metolius Insulated Belay Gloves: These gloves are geared more towards winter climbing than belaying. Their synthetic insulation is warm, but they are not great for cold weather. They have a DWR coating and a long cuff that can be clinched to keep your hands warm.
  2. Black Diamond Neoprene Glove: It is an excellent versatile glove for winter climbing. It has a nice DWR coating on it and neoprene construction that makes them water-resistant and flexible. You can wear a liner glove with these or fold the fingers over and wear them alone.
  3. Outdoor Research Neoprene Gloves: These gloves are a lightweight option for cold weather climbing. They are neoprene, which is not very warm by itself, but if you want to wear them with other gloves or mittens, these would be a good option.
  4. Outdoor Research Alti Mittens: These are insulated mittens and not ideal for cold weather climbing. They are designed to repel moisture and keep your hands dry, but they will not keep your hands warm if they get wet.
  5. Outdoor Research Hi-Loft Glove Liners: These liners are an excellent choice for climbing in cold weather. You can wear them under gloves to help warm your hands, or you can wear them alone if it’s not too cold. They have a DWR coating, and the fleece lining is warm.

Best For Warm Weather

For warm weather climbing, these gloves are ideal.

  1. Outdoor Research Balaclava: This balaclava protects your head and face from the sun and other heat sources like bright light. It prevents sunburn and frostbite, especially while belaying. It’s handy when climbing in the desert, but there is no insulation.
  2. Outdoor Research Sun Gloves: These are insulated winter gloves, but they protect your hands from the sun, which is helpful for sunny days in the mountains when you want to wear thinner gloves.
  3. Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves: These are insulated gloves that provide great warmth and grip for all climbing conditions. They are a good choice for warm weather climbing because they are not waterproof, so they breathe well, and you won’t get too hot.

Other Reasons Why Climber Might Wear Gloves

Other reasons why climbers might wear gloves, including how to avoid the hazards of hiking with your bare hands.

Prevent Your Hands from Getting Slashed:

When climbing with gloves on, you will be less likely to cut your hands. It is an important safety consideration if you’re climbing on a sharp rock like limestone or sandstone.

Warming Your Hands on Cold Days:

Gloves will keep your hands warmer on cold days. Combined with a pair of mittens, you can stay warmer and climb longer into the winter.

Keeping Your Hands Dry:

Gloves will keep your hands dry when it’s raining, or your hands get wet while climbing. Also, when it’s cold out, and you have no mittens or a pair of mittens that don’t have good breathability, gloves will provide some insulation from the cold.

Wind Protection:

Another reason to wear gloves on a cold day is to protect your hands from the wind. It will protect your hands, and you will be able to move better, from footwork to climbing.

Protection from the hazards of catching your nails on a rock:

When climbing with gloves, your hands will be protected against such hazards as falling rocks and sharp edges. In addition, in the case of a fall, you will be able to stop your fall with your gloves, making it minimally uncomfortable.

Best Full Fingered Gloves For Rock Climbing

Climbing shoes will protect your feet from falling rocks, sharp edges of the cliff, and the pressure of climbing. But there are other things besides climbing that’ll damage your body. For example, you don’t want to risk getting blisters or your fingers crushed by the rocks, so you need gloves.

La Sportiva – Men’s Macha Lightweight Glove

La Sportiva is a well-known and respected name in the world of rock climbing. Their gloves are no different. You can’t go wrong with these because of the excellent fit, durability, and functionality.

CAMP – Men’s Climbing Glove

For us, CAMP has always been a go-to brand when it comes to rock climbing. Their high-quality equipment makes it possible to do several activities. Their gloves are no exception, and you can do certain rock climbing chores while staying safe and comfortable.

Petzl – Climbing Glove

Petzl is another well-known brand that creates high-quality climbing gear. These gloves are no different. They are suitable for various climbing chores. They also come with a great design and feature that make them not only durable but also functional.

La Sportiva – Men’s Golpe Gloves

The Golpe models of La Sportiva are probably the most popular ones in the company. Their functionality is excellent, and they are perfect for climbing. Their durability is also unmatched.

Black Diamond – HardWire Climbing Gloves

Black Diamond is well-known in the climbing world. Their gloves are no different. They are great for rock climbing and other related activities because of their functionality, comfort level, and durability.

What to Wear Climbing Indoors: Rock Climbing Gyms

Rock climbing gyms are designed especially for rock climbers. They are equipped with various features that can help you perform your climbing chores more smoothly and efficiently.

Rocna – Rock Climbing Sling

Rock climbing gyms usually have some sling that can help you when you are trying to pull things out from the wall. The Rocna is one of the most popular models because it’s lightweight and adjustable. It’ll fit most climbers.

Black Diamond – Rock Climbing Rack

Black Diamond’s rack is trendy for its durability, versatility, and easy installation. In addition, it comes with all the safety features that you need in a rock climbing gym. It’s also well constructed and can be used for a long.

Metolius – Rock Climbing Chalk Holder

This chalk holder is used to keep the climbing chalk in place while you’re climbing. It’s very functional and durable. It also comes with a high-quality design.

Gloves: Climbing Technical

Technical climbing gloves are used for specific purposes. However, because of the features, they come with, you can rely on them to do your jobs more efficiently and effectively.

  • 1. Outdoor Research – Men’s Fair Trade Pull-On Glove

These gloves are used for activities that require a high level of mastery. Their durability is good too. You can use them for various climbing tasks without any concerns over their lifespan.

  • 2. Black Diamond – Women’s Pulse Glove

These are some of the best climbing gloves for women because of their high-quality design and performance. In addition, they are meant for cold conditions and can be worn in various conditions without any problems.

  • 3. Black Diamond – Men’s Guide Gloves

The Guide gloves are designed for all-around use. Perhaps they aren’t the best option for climbing, but they’ll work great regardless. Their versatility can make them a solid pick.

  • 4. Scarpa – Women’s Tech Glove

These premium gloves from Scarpa are made of leather to give them superior durability and flexibility. They are perfect for use in cold weather, but they are also very comfortable to wear.

  • 5. Black Diamond – Men’s Neutrino Gloves

Gloves like these are made to be worn in the coldest weather, and they’ll do that job very well. Their adjustability can also make them useful for various activities. Their versatility makes them a popular option.


Gloves are used when hand protection is required while rock climbing. They offer a secure grip on the rock to reduce the risk of falls and injury. In addition to hand protection, you should wear gloves. It is vital to select a pair of gloves that fits well. A tight-fitting glove can result in a loss of sensitivity and ability, making it impossible to hold on to the rock. A glove that is too small can also cause injury. With patience and proper selection, finding great rock climbing gloves for cold weather will be easy.