Cool Ideas For Van Life

Cool Ideas For Van Life

Van Life is the “new cool” these days. You are going out and exploring the world in a vehicle that’s much more about soul than practicality might be your idea of bliss. If you’re ready to get out of town, don’t mind a few bumps in the road, and want to have some fun while doing it, VanLife might be for you too!

What Is Van Life?

Van Life is a growing trend of people living in vehicles to travel and see the world. It’s a lifestyle choice that offers freedom, flexibility, and budget-friendliness. It’s especially popular with families, but not entirely. It’s your chance to get ahead of the trend by having an existing home vehicle available for the adventure.

The van is the vehicle, and you can do what you want to it. It can be modified to fit your needs so you can continue living a VanLife lifestyle even after you’ve left town.

Setting Up Your Van

When choosing a van, make sure to choose something that will be suitable for your needs. Be careful of the size of the truck van, as it will determine whether or not you can fit everything inside.

When setting up your van, consider adding amenities to make it feel more like home. Maybe you want floors instead of carpet and a wood stove so you’ll stay warm in the winter. You might wish to solar panels, propane tanks, and a water tank. You would also need to create storage within the vehicle to keep your items from sliding around.

Warm climates won’t require as much insulation in the van itself. It is essential to insulate for any other environment, so you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and protect against any moisture inside the walls or ceiling of your van.

Why Would I Want a Van Life?

Reduce Your Budget: 

A good used vehicle can be cheaper than rent or mortgage in the city.

Work Remotely: 

Living on the go can give you access to remote work opportunities or even running your own business.

Explore New Areas: 

You can explore areas you never thought of them. You can move to a new town, state, or even country entirely for the experience.

Create What You Want: 

A van allows you to create your own space as you see fit. It includes building a comfortable living space and even your kitchenette within the truck van.

Backpack Your Way: 

Backpacking is an effective way to travel and experience new things. But what if you could drive your way to adventure? Having a van opens up a lot of new doors for you. You can explore without having to put everything on your back.

Get Off The Grid: 

When you are living in a van, you are getting off the grid. It may or may not be your goal, but it opens up the possibility for you to become an off-the-grid individual.

It is a growing trend and something that hasn’t been a thing for very long. Many people are just starting now, so you have the chance to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t before everyone else discovers this great way to live.

Van Life is not for everyone; it is also not the right choice for every situation or scenario. Just because you have a vehicle doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be living in it. It’s essential to think things through before you choose to live in a car.

The 15 Best Van Life Ideas Ever

Van Camping

Forget tents! The more straightforward approach to van life is to sleep on the road in a van. It means you won’t need much space, and every trip will be a blast for both you and your hubby. When camping in a truck, sleep out in the open-air camp. 

Van Swimming

You can swim in your backyard like a regular old family, or you can enjoy the spirit of freedom by getting out on the road! There’s nothing quite like jumping off a big cliff into a deep, clear blue lake. When camping out, always look for free-form, natural rock pools open to the sky and feel good after swimming.

Van Writing

There’s a lot of writing involved in the van life, and it’s better to go backpacking in a van or camper rather than settling down by camping out. Settling down can be pretty stressful and very demanding. Sometimes, you need to concentrate on the work itself rather than your environment. In this way, you can finish your essential writing tasks more effectively than ever before.

Van Cooking

Settle down and make some great food with the help of your favorite cooking utensils. A lot of yummy recipes that suit your needs are waiting to be prepared by you. Don’t forget to organize your cooking utensils in an organized way so that you don’t have to waste much time in the kitchen. Remember, every minute counts!

Van Diving

If you love diving, then you can bring it along with your van. You can also find some great diving spots on the road to explore and enjoy the wonders of nature. When in the truck, enjoy a day off from work and let yourself relax at a beach.

Van Hiking

Avoid spending money on good hiking boots as they can break your budget (they’re too expensive). Instead, wear old shoes that are comfortable enough. Hiking is an excellent way of getting to know the land and the different fruits and plant you can harvest in your area.

Van Exercising

We often neglect the importance of daily fitness as new lifestyle choices and because we think it’s something someone else has to do for us. We don’t have to go to the gym every day, but we can get our bodies into shape at home. You’ll save money and get an excellent cardio workout with some calisthenics exercises.

Van Touring

Do you ever get bored of staying in the same old routine? Get out and see some exciting scenes with your van. Hire a local guide and discover the real Paris, London, or New York! In this way, you can stay excited about living in a van.

Van Moving

Arrange for reliable movers to take your furniture to the new home if you’re about to move. It will save you lots of money as well as time and trouble.

Van Hiring

Do you have a hard time finding good employees? You can hire people from the road whenever you require them. Ensure that you don’t take any worker who is just looking for a handout and recruit those genuinely interested in your work. You can find people offering to work for free by using online forums or chat rooms on the Internet.

Van Farming

Farming on the road is an excellent way of making money when living in a van. You don’t need a vast space, as you can grow some vegetables on the roof of your van. The more space you have, the more food you can produce. Aquaponics is another excellent way of growing food on the road.

Van Repairing

You don’t need a vast workshop to repair and maintain your van. Your van can prove to be an excellent place for handling all major repairs, even when traveling around the world over long distances!

Van Gardening

Plant some flowers, herbs, or vegetables in your backyard for fresh herbs, zucchinis, or tomatoes. You can also grow some corn and beets with various colors and shapes in a pot on the floor of the van! Make sure you have enough banks that are just big enough to grow these plants, as well as more space for roots to grow out.

Van Studying

If you’re a student, then you can use your van as a place for studying. It will help you to concentrate on your studies better than ever before! Get some essential study materials and work on your assignments while traveling from one place to another.

Van Collecting

When you’re out in the woods, look for some old bottles that are ready to be recycled. Then make some beautiful jewelry or art from them. You can also collect some valuable stones or fossils to sell when you return to your home!

How To Cool Down Your Van Life

There are two things you’ll need in your van life to keep cool when the temps rise. The first is to get cold water, and the second is something to keep it out. You can store water for later use in a tank or cooler, but if you want it cold right now, you’re going to have to do something about that quickly. You can use an ice chest or set up a cheap and easy cooler. You can hardly go wrong with an excellent old Styrofoam cooler. They don’t keep as cool as your refrigerator, but they work well enough for short trips. If you’re going out for more than a few days, you’ll want to look into getting one with an electric refrigeration unit.

Must Haves For Living In a Campervan

  • Campervan

Okay, so this is perhaps the most important thing you need to live in a campervan. The first thing you can do is check if your family members are willing to buy a used one or opt for renting. It will reduce the cost of your daily bills.

  • Sleeping Bags

While living in a van, it’s essential to have sleeping bags warm enough and comfortable enough for everyone to sleep in them comfortably throughout winters and summers alike.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber is not just a piece of fabric; it is a material that’s used in many things. It’s made up of polyester and polyamide fibers. It can make it into fabrics that are light and soft or thicker and hard. Microfibers are highly durable too, and they can absorb sweat more than cotton or wool fabrics do.

  • Ear Plugs

The van will have a loud engine, and it can be tough to sleep in the middle of the night when it gets quiet, especially if you’re traveling with people you don’t know. Earplugs are perfect for closing out all that noise and making sure you can get some shut-eye.

  • A Fan

A portable fan can make or break your van life experience. Some studies prove that the temperature and air around you can significantly impact your overall health. In hot weather, you’ll need some cooling devices. It wouldn’t hurt to have a heater in case it gets too cold out, either.

  • A Table

Everyone needs a place to do work, eat meals, play games, and hang out with friends or kids. A small table will help everyone in the van have somewhere to go and spread out a little bit. It doesn’t even have to be too big or overly sturdy. Something around three feet in length will do the trick.

  • A Barbeque

A barbeque is an essential piece of equipment for living in a campervan. You can cook anything you want with this. In the summertime, it’s not exactly a necessity to fire up that grill outside the van, but if you’re traveling through the country in wintertime and it gets cold out, a barbeque is going to come in handy.

  • A Propane Tank

A propane tank provides heat and electricity for your entire van. It features a pilot light that will heat your stove and light your water boiler. If you want to stay warm at night, use this to set up a heater in the van along with one of the small electric heaters for added warmth.

  • Solar Panels or Portable Generator

When you’re traveling around, it’s impossible to be secure that there will be an electrical outlet for you to plug into to power all your gadgets and gizmos in the campervan. That’s where solar panels come in. They convert sunlight into energy for you to use and make your life better. Just check how many amp hours you need in a daily basis. When you’re living out of your van, having a portable generator is essential. It’s what keeps the lights on, and the AC is running during hot summer days.

  • A Power Adapter

A power adapter is a lot like a USB that allows you to charge your phone, tablet, or any other device in the van. It is essential for safety reasons and because when traveling through many different countries, you may not have access to electricity everywhere you go.

Why Live In A Camper Van?

You get to see the world and live life to the fullest. The camper van lets you experience life without worrying about your belongings. You have ever noticed how we live in a material world these days. It’s just stuff. The van lets you downsize your property and get back to the basics of life.

The van offers you the freedom of getting around without having to deal with traffic-related problems. These vans are built for practicality and ease of use. They don’t require much maintenance, which makes them great for extended stays in the same place. And if you decide to move on, you can easily pack your stuff into a smaller car or truck.

How to Decorate Your Van: Custom Van Design Ideas

Vanlife is one of the most popular ways to experience the road. The freedom of movement, the simplicity of living, and the small spaces. All these contribute to activate your imagination and find creative solutions.

Below Are Some Of The Best Ideas For Cool Van Decor.

Make Your Van a Home Instead of a Camper. 

A van is not just an “alternative” way to go camping; it’s also an alternative way to live in your hometown or city. You can make good interior design in a way to make it work as a comfortable place for you. You can convert the space and leave empty areas free for bed, couch, or desk.

Install a kitchenette.

You don’t have to live off just snacks and chips. If you feel like cooking or eating, all you need is a stove, sink, fridge, and icebox.

Make a storage box.

Organize Your Van for Better Living. Considering the van can be used as housing or an organizing tool, why not make it your own? One might use it as a home office, but it could also serve as an art gallery.

Decorate the walls.

A little planning will keep your van looking nice and tidy. It’s essential to keep things organized when living out of a vehicle or converting a van into a home, especially if you are traveling and living in one space for long periods.

Personalize your space

With only a few hours, you can also make your van really feel like home. Personalizing the van takes some creativity and time. You can make things personal by getting comfortable furniture, adding a little color, or hanging things on walls. On a budget, you can care for your van with grey water recycling so that you can power it without being plugged in.

Create a home office.

There are simple steps to convert the van into your workspace. You don’t even need to paint or hang pictures on the walls. With some balloons, posters, and three shelves, you can create an attractive office space.

Use the van as a kitchen.

Besides serving as a transportation tool, the van serves other purposes as well. It can be used as a kitchen in many ways. You can make it a fully functional cooking hut, providing all cooking accessories and accessories. Just add an oven, sink, and refrigerator to the van, dish washing area and you are all set!

Keep things organized.

Organizing your van will give you more privacy inside if you want to keep your things private from prying eyes or make sure they are at their proper place. You can use the van as a home office and organize it accordingly.

Keep your keys in view.

Finding a place to keep your keys while driving around in a van. Hiding them away or arranging them in a way to keep them on a visible shelf will keep you constantly aware of where your keys are.

Use the van as a wardrobe.

You can use the van as a wardrobe if you have enough space for it. It’s also perfect if you are in the city and forced to park in an alleyway, leaving minimal room for additional furniture or clothes.


Van life is one option for people who want flexibility and freedom when choosing where they live. It offers many benefits over living in a house or apartment and can be a great alternative lifestyle choice for the adventurous and those looking to save money.

It’s also important to remember that this is not for everyone, and it might not be the right choice for your situation now or in the future. The Chevy Express and Ford Econoline vans are two popular models that people buy to make their Van Life dreams come true.