Van Life Bed Ideas

Van Life Bed Ideas

Moving into your van is an exciting prospect, but what should you use for a bed? If you’re giving up all the comforts of a traditional home, you’ll need to make some sacrifices. There are many ways to find comfort and rest while living the van life.

Here are some van hack ideas on how to make your sleeping arrangements as comfortable as possible!

Sleeping Mats

The easiest and most economical way to sleep on the road is with a sleeping mat. They are lightweight, compact, and comfortable. Best of all, they fold up neatly into their carrying case. The price is determined by how big and how good your choice is.

Van Life Hack: The DIY Sleeping Mat Method

You don’t need a professional-looking mat to get a quality night’s sleep. For less than $10, you can build your own in just an hour or two using items like a sleeping pad, old t-shirts or blankets, duct tape, and whatever else you might already have to lie around the van.

Campervan Bed Ideas: The Best Designs

The best campervan bed ideas that will help you find the perfect fit for your desired use. You can find a large enough couch for the whole family or a compact, easy-to-store one.

The Platform Bed

If you are looking for the most inexpensive option that is also an easy solution, you should look into a platform bed. These beds will fold up right into the floor of your van, and then you can cover it with any mat or topper. If you don’t like a platform bed, you can permanently remove the top of the box spring and put plywood on top for extra support.

Drop Down Bed Systems

People who love to climb in and out of bed quickly will find this an excellent option. You can install a drop-down bed that will fold up right into the ceiling of your van. When it is time for sleeping, you pull the bed down and zip it in place.

Custom Beds

The options are truly endless here because you can install whatever kind of bed you want when it comes to van life. If you want to install a hydraulic bed under your mattress, make sure that you buy the appropriate size van and mattress. You can even install a sleeper sofa below your bed.

The Mattress Method

The mattress method is another excellent way to enjoy your sleep in your van. When you don’t need the extra floor space of a mat but still don’t like sleeping on the hard ground, try out this simple setup.

Convertible Beds

If you are looking for the most luxury, convertible beds are a great option. Pulling down the mattress in your car allows you to sleep. These beds will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a five-star hotel!

Floor Mattress

If you aren’t looking for an actual bed but still need something over the hard floor, try out a floor mattress. While these mattresses are usually made of foam, they can be as comfortable or thin as you like.

The Flip Bench Cushions Bed

Sleeping on one of these beds may seem like a luxury, but when you’re on the road and need to sleep anyway, it may be an excellent way to save additional living space. The flip bed is an easy option to install that will allow you to extend your mattress when needed.

The Roof Rack Beds

For a cheap and accessible way to store things, try out the rooftop rack bed. These beds are highly lightweight and easy to move between locations with ease. You can store extra bedding and utensils underneath your bed and attach these to the rooftop of your campervan to make a snug place to sleep.

Slide Platform Bed

If you like sleeping on something that slides into the van bed, try out the slide platform bed. A good option is this since it minimizes the sleeping space taken up by your van when you’re traveling.

Sleepsack Mattress

There are many options for the type and size of mattress that will work for you and your van. If you live in warmer ae, plenty of lightweight fleece or cotton sleep can be utilized as a mattress for your bed.

Bunk Bed

Another popular option is the two-person bunk bed. These will saves space from stowing away your belongings while still allowing two people to sleep comfortably. Be sure to choose a sturdy and durable design that can handle the weight of sleeping bodies!

Mammoth Bunk Bed

If you like to sleep with several other people, the mammoth bunk bed is a great option. This design will let you sleep comfortably with some other people. You can also customize the bed to fit your needs, whether you want something small or big and sturdy.

Bed Platform Storage

If you genuinely need the maximum amount of storage space efficient for your van, then this is the option for you. With a storage bed, you can keep your gear underneath your mattress and still have room to sleep comfortably at night.

Murphy Bed Campervan

The Murphy bed campervan is an excellent option for those who want a lightweight and portable bedroom. Beds like these can be stowed away for easy access when needed. You can find out more about these beds here.

Drawbridge-style Bed

The drawbridge-style bed is an attractive option because it provides a lot of extra space underneath. In other words, you’ll have enough air space to sleep while having enough room to store everything you own.

Overhead Bed

Having a comfortable place to sleep is with an overhead bed. A space-saver underneath will give you plenty of room to store additional belongings, yet the overhead bed gives you the option to sleep on something comfortable as well.

Couch Bed

If you’re looking for something that is both comfortable and easy to use, then the couch bed is a great option. You can get a comfortable sleeping environment wherever you are with a bed like this.

Slider Bed

Another excellent option for those who need extra space to sleep is the slider bed. These beds feature a sliding mechanism that allows you to convert a couch into a bed at night. It is easy to find a nice place to sleep anywhere!

Custom Shaped Bed

If you’re willing to go all-out for your van, then you can design any shape of bed that you like. This type of bed allows you to have the exact comfort that blend to your prepared interior design and storage saves space that you need. You have full reign over the entire design to create the perfect bed for you.

Fixed Beds Vs. Convertible Beds

They are also known, fixed beds or “hard furniture,” which are the most popular form of bed. They are designed to be very sturdy and often come with features such as safety rails and headboards. They are generally more affordable than convertible beds, but you have to sacrifice seating space because these beds are immobile.

Convertible or “sliding furniture” beds come with a sliding mechanism that allows you to convert the furniture into a bed at night. This versatility allows for a lot of extra storage space underneath the bed. These beds are more expensive than fixed beds, but they are much more flexible from an aesthetic standpoint.

If you’re going to choose between fixed and convertible furniture, here are some of the things you should consider: -If you’re looking for a bed that can be easily stored away when it isn’t in use, then fixed furniture is probably the best option for you. -If you’re looking for a bed that can be easily converted into a bench seat area, then convertible furniture is probably the best option for you. -Regardless of the type of furniture you choose, make sure that you get one with safety rails or posts, especially if you have small children.

Color Selection

Many people don’t think much about this area, but it’s pretty essential. It is possible to choose finishes like wood or metal. You also have to consider that many beds come with decorative elements like headboards and footboards. These often influence the color and design of your bed.


The size of your bed is pretty important too. You know that the size of your bed will influence the space it takes up and that your mattress has to fit into it. When you start looking for beds, get one that fits your bedroom, and you can still move around comfortably. Ensure that your bed has enough sheets and blankets, too – a king-size bed might as well be king-sized!


The right mattress can be challenging to choose from, and there are many different things to consider. It would be best if you had movement-friendly paddings like memory foam or viscoelastic foam. Moreover, it would be helpful to know whether you want a spring bed, a coil bed, or something else. Some people even enjoy camping cots for additional support.

Cons Of A Fixed Bed

  • When you have a fixed bed, you will often lose the flexibility that comes with convertible beds. In other words, when your bed is out of use, and you want to stow it away, that means you will have to get out of it first.
  • Fixed furniture is heavier than convertible furniture. When choosing your size, make sure that it fits into your van without too much trouble. Also, make sure that it is the right shape and size for your van.
  • Fixed furniture can be pretty expensive. You have to pay a lot more for these kinds of beds because they are fixed instead of convertible beds.
  • It’s not easy to find a bed that you can convert from one size to another. For example, it’s hard to find a bed that changes from a full-sized bed to a queen-sized bed.

Pros Of A Convertible Bed

  • Convertible furniture is a lot lighter than fixed furniture. You will benefit from the extra weight in your van when you’re on the road. Also, if your bed is out of use, you will have a lot more room to maneuver around with it.
  • In general, there are quite a few kinds of convertible beds that come at different prices and sizes. You can find something which fits into your budget and space perfectly!
  • Convertible beds are easy to store away as they collapse right into the floor of your van. Many of them even have a mechanism that allows you to stow away the bed while still inside it!
  • It’s easy to find a bed that changes in size. For example, if you need a queen-sized bed and then change your mind to get a king-sized bed, then you can do it quickly and easily.

Campervan Bed Orientation

It would be best if you also considered your bed option when searching for yours. Most people choose the orientation (or “ending”) that will allow them to get the most out of their bed. However, it is good to think about where you want to move around quickly while you sleep.

Campers with a roof rack or hitch need to make sure that they consider how their beds will interact with their roof rack. Consider the following factors when choosing your campers’ bed orientation: -If your camper has a hitch, then you can either be side-by-side with your practical bed design or have it on the end of the trailer.

How To Choose A Campervan Mattress

It’s not just about what type of bed you should get. It is also essential to consider how comfortable it will be. You’ll have to consider these things when it comes to comfort. If you’re looking for a good sleep, then there’s no point in getting a mattress that hurts your back or pushes down on your hips too much.

  • Static Bed: If you are looking for the ultimate comfortability, you’ll want to go with a static bed. Static beds do not have springs or coil capsules and instead rely on a casing made from foam or rubber. When you lie down on them, they will mold your body and provide a highly comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: You can also find memory foam mattresses in different densities, such as high-density, medium-density, or low-density foams. Memory foam provides support that’s similar to an inflatable mattress of the same material. As one of its main advantages, it can mold your body. Mattresses can be made firmer or softer by adding or removing foam. Memory foam mattresses are suitable for those who want a relaxing sleep environment.
  • Spring Mattress: Another type of bed that’s very popular is a spring bed. These mattresses are famous for their campervan because it provides comfort without any pain associated with memory foam or latex mattresses. It also provides support, which many people look for when they’re sleeping regularly at home. The most common type of spring bed is an airbed, which uses coils to provide comfort and support while you’re sleeping.
  • Futon Mattress: A futon mattress is a futon that you can use in your van. Futons have become popular in recent years because they are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to store. When you choose a futon mattress, it is generally made from either cotton or foam. As a result, these mattresses may provide better sitting support than sleeping support.
  • Latex Mattress: If you’re looking for a flexible and bendable bed, then look into buying a latex bed. Latex beds can be bent and molded into any desired shape. They are highly durable yet also very flexible at the same time. Many latex beds are made out of synthetic materials that are designed to be flame-retardant. These types of beds are great for anyone who wants ease of movement with a bed.
  • Air Mattress: An air mattress is probably the most popular sleeping bed in the United States. They have a thin rubber bladder that holds air within them. Air mattresses can also be inflated and deflated to be stored away when they aren’t in use. Many different types of air mattresses will suit everyone’s needs.

Van Life Ideas Practical Considerations

There are a few things that you’ll need to consider when making your dream van a reality. It isn’t as simple as getting a van, buying a mattress, and calling it good. These practical considerations will help you make the most out of your campervan conversion.

  • Check Your Insurance

You may need a van insurance policy if you plan to sleep inside one, so consult with your insurer before buying one. You’ll want to make sure that your policy will cover other people coming and going from your van as well. Purchasing a campervan and having it customized for maximum comfort is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

  • Safety First

When sleeping in a campervan, the most important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable. Your next priority should be safety. You’ll want to put up bars and windows wherever needed to make sure that you feel safe when sleeping in your campervan.

  • Parking Considerations

If possible, you should not leave your van overnight wherever it is convenient for you. If you’re looking for a place to pull over and sleep, then choose public areas such as rest stops or truck stops. It is best if you don’t park overnight on private land without permission from the owner of the land or local authorities, even if other campers are doing it as well.

  • Blackout Blinds

One of the trickiest parts of sleeping in a van is making sure that you get enough sleep. After all, it’s hard to wake up and enjoy your time if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Installing blackout blinds or curtains is an excellent way to ensure that you have darkness and privacy for when you are sleeping. It will also increase the temperature in your van, which will make it easier to sleep.

  • Additional Storage Space

Sometimes, there isn’t enough room for everything in your van. If this is an issue that plagues you, you should look into getting some extra storage space to keep everything organized and accessible at all times.

Final Thoughts

Before spending your hard-earned money on anything, it is essential to take a step back, think about all the factors in the decision, and make an informed decision. By following this tip, you can avoid spending money on items you don’t need. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try something else. Additionally, there are plenty more! For example, instead of purchasing a campervan bed design or convertible furniture for a campervan, you could look into folding futons as low-cost alternatives. Van life can be very sustainable, but only if you are careful about what you do and how you live.