Duck Hunting VS Turkey Hunting

Duck Hunting VS Turkey Hunting

It always used to be that turkey hunting was the more popular sport. That’s because people preferred hunting in a more controlled environment where they could sit comfortably and wait for their prey to walk right up to them. However, the number and popularity of hunting waterfowl have increased in the southern areas of North America, resulting in a whole new focus on duck hunting.

The Advantages of Duck Hunting Over Deer Hunting

There are several advantages to duck hunting over deer hunting. First, duck hunting is much easier on your wallet because it only costs a fraction of the cost it takes for a whitetail deer hunt. However, it takes a special kind of person to wrangle these birds out of the marine water, especially in the dead of winter.

It’s Noisy

Duck hunting is noisy, which means that you have to be near saltwater. Therefore, it would be best if you were close enough to scare the birds into thinking that they should take off because of the impending danger. That is why duck hunters have to be near the water, or else they will waste their shot, and worse yet, run the risk of losing their prey.

It Takes Skill

Duck hunting takes skill to do it right, especially in the winter months when it’s cold and nothing wants to stick around outside for very long. You have to choose the right areas, times of day, and weather conditions for hunting.

Duck Hunting Requires Very Strong Arms

For those who prefer a stealthier approach, a duck hunt requires a deep understanding of how to stalk your prey and then fire when they’re at their most vulnerable. All of this combines with strong arms to make duck hunting an advantageous experience for those who can pull it off well.

A Guide To Selecting The Right Turkey Load

Most hunters carry a shotgun or a hunting rifle when they go hunting. However, you need to know the basics of turkey hunting to increase your chances of killing one because it is challenging. And you’ll also have to choose the suitable turkey loads for your shotgun or rifle to kill it with just one shot.

  • The Remington 1100:  Remington 1100 model is already a smart gun in the market. It can fire three rounds in just one second, and it has also got very effective recoil that would undoubtedly put any animal down.
  • The 12-Gauge 3-Inch Magnum Shot Shells: 12-Gauge 3-Inch Magnum is a mighty shotgun, and it boasts 12 rounds in one shot. Other shells can be used, including types that can shoot even more than a three-inch shell.
  • 12-gauge 3 ½-inch magnum load: 12-gauge is the best shotshell for beginners. It can be used to engage a bird within range and can hold up to five shots.
  • 20-gauge 3 ½-inch magnum load: 20-gauge is a powerful shotgun that many hunters have used, but it can only hold four shots simultaneously, and reloading is impossible.
  • 20-Gauge 12-inch Magnum: It can fire six rounds in one shot. So It is a good shotgun, especially for shooters with heavy loads that will not fire more than four shots. 
  • Winchester 3 ½-Inch Shells: Winchester is one of the most solid shotguns and would undoubtedly put any animal down on the spot. 

Using A Turkey Choke For Duck Hunting Is It Possible?

The answer is YES. If you are using a shotgun for Turkey and Duck Hunting, you will want to select the correct shell for each hunt. The most common Turkey choke is the Full Choke. The Full Choke is also the standard choke for ducks that are hunted in thick marsh over decoys. A tight Choke restricts the shot, so it forms a tight pattern. As a result, turkeys are more prominent than ducks, and they are also more likely to be farther away.

Different Hunting License Type

You can need a hunter license from a licensed vendor in the United States. There are many kinds of hunting licenses you can get, and there are also different reasons you will need them. But before you get your hunting valid license, make sure that you know what the requirements are to obtain one.

  • Turkey License
  • Migratory Bird Hunting License
  • Big Game Hunting License
  • Buckskin license
  • Fishing License
  • Sportsman License
  • Apprentice Hunting License
  • Basic Hunting License
  • Annual Bear License
  • Archery License
  • Nonresident License
  • Trout License
  • Fur Dealer License

Whatever type of game hunting license you need, be sure that you have all the paperwork, e.g., proof of hunter education certificate and a lot of documentation regarding your hunting area. It is your responsibility to complete all license requirements according to the law and rules set in place by the state and federal wildlife management agencies.

License Validity

License validity is essential for your state, and that is why you have to make sure that the license is valid for an extended period. The validity of your hunting license is as important as the land owner’s permission to hunt on their lands. You are not allowed to hunt before you get the hunting license in the first place. So make sure that everything is done in order and that it is legal.

  • 1-year license
  • 2-year license
  • 3-year license
  • 4-year license
  • Short-term License
  • Lifetime License


Decide if you are a better shot with a shotgun or heavy rifle. If you think you can only hit the bird with a shotgun, go turkey hunting with that one gun. It does not matter how many rounds do you take hunting if you know that you get the chance to use both guns, it might be best to do both types of hunting. People who take the time to do both types of hunting have a greater appreciation for duck and turkey hunting.