Worst Part of Van Life

Many people are living out of vans and campervans these days. Van life is on the rise, with a substantial increase in people interested in this lifestyle. But what’s it like to live out of a van? What’s the worst part about living out of your vehicle for extended periods? You might expect that living … Read more

Best Van Life Recipes

Ah, the van life! The carefree way of roaming the wide-open highways and dusty roads has taken over Instagram. But, with a lifestyle that often requires cooking on the road, what are some of the best van life recipes? Well, there are a few staple recipes that you’ll want to know if you want to … Read more

Best Laptop For Van Life

Some people might not already know this, but vans, or RVs for short, are becoming increasingly popular in recent decades. Van life can be very sustainable, it meant that many people are considering trying it out themselves. It prompted advancements in the technology available to us and the level of tech that we can use … Read more

How Much Do Hunting Arrows Cost

Hunting arrows can be a daunting purchase. Nowadays, hunting arrows come in a wide range of prices, so finding the best deal can be difficult. Here we will discuss what types of arrows there are, how to choose hunting arrows that are right for your needs, and what you can expect to pay. The Different … Read more

Do Graphite Fishing Rods Break Easily

There is no doubt that a fishing rod is one of the most important pieces of fishing equipment that an angler will have. The quality and design make an enormous difference in terms of both fishing production and portability. So if you’re looking for something new to use for your next fishing session, the graphite … Read more

How to Sustain Van Life

Van life is a trendy lifestyle choice that’s sweeping the nation. But living on the road can be difficult, and you might find yourself wondering how to live van life sustainably. The good news is, if you follow these five tips, then van life will be accessible and sustainable for you! Get a large vehicle– … Read more

What Fishing Rods Are Made In The USA

Are you tired of the cheap model Chinese fishing rods out there? Here is a list of American fishing rods that go way beyond the Walmart ones. So whether you are looking for bait for your next fishing trip or a new set now, you can find decent conventional fishing gear. Some Of The Top … Read more

Best Van Life Generator

If you’ve ever wanted to hit the open road and live on your terms, van life is a great option. No mortgage, no rent – seriously, what more could you want? The only thing that brings many people back to reality is the daunting task of figuring out how you’re going to power those shiny … Read more

Why Is Fishing Called Angling

Angling can be a very interesting hobby that many people enjoy. That is because there is always something new to learn or try, but it also helps them to connect with nature and the animals that inhabit the rivers, lakes, and ponds where they are found. Many anglers would say that they are better at … Read more

Two-Stage VS Single Stage Trigger For Hunting

One of the many decisions hunters face when selecting their gear is whether to get a two-stage or single-stage trigger. Two-stage triggers are best for animals like pheasant, dove, and chukar because they need a little extra oomph to break them from their hiding places. However, single stages work just fine for hunting deer and … Read more

Can You Rock Climb With Long Nails

Can you rock climb with long nails? Sure you can. Though it might take a little more time and effort, there is no reason to put off this activity. Many climbers are strong enough to worry about their grip strength later on in life instead of earlier, but it’s still a good idea to ask … Read more

Best Electric Kettle For Van Life

Although it might be a little challenging to make yourself a cup of hot water as you’re settling into your van on the side of the road, electric kettles made for camping are easy to find. They often come fully equipped with cords and plugs that you can use for AC and DC power sources. … Read more

How Long Do You Soak Dog Biscuits For Fishing

Dog biscuits are a great way to treat your dog, but they can also make for excellent fishing bait. However, if you want to use them as bait, you’ll need to soak them in water for at least 20 minutes before throwing them out on the lake. Unfortunately, most pet owners don’t give their pets … Read more

Best Van Life Sink

Van Life is a growing trend of people living in vehicles to travel and see the world. Van conversions need a sink, and thanks to its versatility, there are a variety of options. However, it can be challenging to choose between the vast number of deep sinks available at your local hardware store. It would … Read more

Van Life Diesel VS Gas

If you live in a van or think about it, one of the first things that come to mind is fuel consumption. Van life is cheaper than most other lifestyles, but this does not mean that you can’t save some money on fuel. This article will focus on how to reduce fuel consumption, save money … Read more

Hunting In Idaho VS Montana

If you’re wondering which state has the better deer hunting, Idaho or Montana, then you’ve come to the right place! Deer hunting in Montana is cited as being one of America’s best because of the abundance of quality whitetails found across the other kinds of deer also lively. In addition, Montana is home to many … Read more

How Long Do Rock Climbing Shoes Last

Rock climbers have a love affair with their shoes. Those colorful, over-the-foot contraptions provide grip and support when the climber is scaling steep mountainsides or traversing dangerous ledges. In addition, some climber flat shoes are made with rubber soles that will last decades. Different brands offer various life spans for their shoes, but generally speaking, … Read more

How Long Do You Soak Maize For Fishing

Maize is a popular bait for fishing. It’s also an “all you can eat” buffet for bluegill and other fish that like to nibble on it. It’s inexpensive, available in most supermarkets, and easy to use. It’s a quick and effective way to catch your dinner. The problem is that some corn may be moldy, … Read more

Do You Need 4X4 For Van Life?

If you’ve seen some of the beautiful photos of people living out their van life to their fullest, you can understand why many people are excited about this new movement. We should clarify that while living in a van is becoming more and more popular, it’s not for everyone. Consider these factors before you hit … Read more

How To Keep Water From Freezing Van Life

Many people choose “van life” to live on the road, and that’s not going away anytime soon. The apparent reason is less interference from a tyrannical government or unruly neighbors. It’s also safer, practical, and eco-friendly to remove yourself from a highly populated city as long as you do so responsibly. The most practical solution … Read more

Should I Wear Gloves While Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that can be dangerous – especially if you’re not wearing gloves. When you climb, many of the holds on a rock are irregularly shaped, and your hands and fingers can quickly become worn down from rubbing against rough surfaces. Although, however, many people choose not to wear gloves while … Read more

Why Fishing Rods Break

There are many ways to find out how fishing rods break. This topic might be one of the most important for most anglers, but it is also very difficult to pin down. There are different opinions on exactly why fishing rods crack and what causes them all together. Because different anglers use different rods and … Read more

Best State To Move To For Hunting

Suppose you’re considering a move; the best state to move to for hunting in Utah. This list ranks the top 10 states based on the number of birds in the area, and on this website, Utah topped out at just over 6 million birds. Utah also has 1st place for most ducks per person in … Read more

How Many Amp Hours Do I Need Van Life

Van life is a beautiful, adventurous lifestyle that many people partake. Unless you have unlimited resources to purchase gasoline or electricity to fuel your van, you should know how much energy you employ daily to determine what size solar system you’ll need. What is an amp hour? An amp-hour (or amp-hour) is the basic unit … Read more

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Kayak

Snakes are one of the spookiest creatures in the wild, always keeping an eye out for unsuspecting prey. While we can’t say for sure that any snakes are lurking in your kayak, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! This post is all about how to keep these sly creatures at bay and make sure they … Read more

Why Do My Fishing Knots Keep Breaking

A strong knot does more than make any task more manageable; it strengthens your terminal tackle, increases fishing reliability, and greatly increases its lifespan. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, knots will still come undone: some knots have more problems than others. The Basics Of Fishing Knot Tying: Potential Knot Strength The art of knot … Read more

Are Push-Ups Good For Rock Climbing

As a rock climbing gym, one of the most common questions we get is, “are push-ups good for rock climbing?” Push-ups are an excellent exercise, and no doubt they work your muscles in different ways than many other traditional exercises like running or swimming. So, this answer is a resounding YES! Push-ups are among the … Read more

Best Ammo For Hunting Elk With A 308

Elk hunting can be a little tricky because the animals are so unpredictable. You never know where they’re going to be standing or when they’re going to move. So one minute, you could feel like you’ve got them in your sights, and the next minute there’s nothing but trees in that direction. You probably want … Read more

Is Van Life Cheaper Than Renting

Van life is becoming a more popular choice for individuals who want to find a middle ground between living out of hotels and paying the high cost of renting an apartment. Living in a van has the potential to save you a lot of money–if it’s cheap to park where you want to go, if … Read more

Which Oakley Lenses Are Best For Fishing

People who enjoy fishing always seem to have a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a few extra pairs sitting around the house. They are well-known for their quality lenses and that people can use them for any outdoor activity. Which Oakley Lenses Are Best For Fishing? It is a question you may ask yourself if … Read more

What To Do With Car Keys When Kayaking

Many people have kayaks and enjoy this form of water recreation. There is also an increasing number of people interested in kayaking but may not yet have a kayak of their own. One of the questions that people often ask is, “What do I do with my car keys when I am kayaking?” This article … Read more

How To Make Scent Killer For Hunting

Did you ever get caught in the woods with no scent killer or mask? It’s almost enough to take the fun out of hunting! But, having it happen again is not a concern anymore. This post will talk about what it is, how it works, and how to make your own. Scent Killer: What Is … Read more

Van Life VS Boat Life

Many people dream of counterculture lifestyles. Whether it be living in their van, traveling the world, or live on their boat. But which do you think is better? Van Life There are van life cool ideas that appeal to a lot of people for many reasons. they are able to travel around and see the … Read more

Can You Use Earthworms For Sea Fishing

Many people don’t realize there is a way to use earthworms for sea fishing. That is great news for anglers, as they are an easy way to capture a good-sized fish! Learn how to maximize their effectiveness in this article. This technique of using earthworms in fishing has been around since the 1930s. It’s because … Read more

How To Keep Rock Climbing Shoes From Smelling

Rock climbing shoes are a tricky thing. They are designed for use during rock climbing, and they’re going to smell pretty awful even if you try to air them out. Especially if you sweat a lot while rock climbing, this happens because there is very little ventilation in the shoes, and the various materials that … Read more

Glass Bottom Kayaking Eco Tour

Sailing the Charles River and seeing its remarkable views is a must-do for anyone visiting Boston. But, it’s not the only way to experience New England’s natural beauty by the water. Glass Bottom Kayaking Eco-Tour offers an opportunity to paddle through some of the most beautiful bodies of water in Massachusetts without ever leaving land. … Read more

Van Life Bed Ideas

Moving into your van is an exciting prospect, but what should you use for a bed? If you’re giving up all the comforts of a traditional home, you’ll need to make some sacrifices. There are many ways to find comfort and rest while living the van life. Here are some van hack ideas on how … Read more

Can You Use WD-40 On Fishing Reels

Even though WD-40 is mainly used as a lubricant, it’s also capable of penetrating small spaces inside the fishing reel and getting rid of any grime or dirt that could be causing a problem. Wd40 can be found in different forms: spray or oil-based. Both come in handy when cleaning fishing reels. After the fishing … Read more

Hunting Rifle VS Sniper Rifle

Both hunting rifles and sniper rifles are kind of long guns used for shooting. A hunting rifle is designed for shooting at game animals on the ground or in the air. But the sniper rifles are usually ideal for taking out targets from a distance and providing stealthy kills. The term “sniper” comes from the … Read more

The Best Age To Start Rock Climbing

Climbing is best for people over the age of 8. Unlike other sports like gymnastics or soccer, it isn’t easy to start rock climbing too early in life. Younger children tend to lack the upper body strength to give them a fighting chance when faced with more experienced peers. And since climbing for kids involves … Read more

What Shoes To Wear Kayaking

There are a lot of considerations to think about when kayaking. The shape of the boat, the type of material for your paddle, what helmet to use, the all-weather clothing outfits and how you carry your kayaking gear—all these things make a difference in how you get kayaking. But one thing that is often overlooked … Read more

Best Pets For Van Life

Van life is a new trend that’s only just starting to get more popular, so it’s still unclear whether or not it works well for pets. While some pets can find the lifestyle to be quite tolerable, others may not fare as well — and “van pet” problems are likely to be more severe when … Read more

Why Does Fishing Make You Tired

The sport of fishing is very popular among many people. Spending time on the water is often relaxing, and most people associate the activity with peace. However, there are some drawbacks to fishing that are sometimes overlooked. Fishing can make you tired because of all the effort required to catch a fish, but other factors … Read more

Van Life Kitchen Ideas

If you’re living the van life, you’ll know that cooking can be a challenge. You don’t have much space to work with, not to mention the lack of an oven or stove. But despite these constraints, it’s still possible to whip up yummy meals! In this article, we’ll show you some of the best ideas … Read more

Is Bouldering Harder Than Rock Climbing

Many people think that bouldering is more challenging than rock climbing, but many of the same techniques are involved. Bouldering involves standing on tiny cushions and rocks while moving up, which is much more complex than rock climbing (which often involves moving through more air than rock). However, the boulders make it possible for you … Read more

Duck Hunting VS Deer Hunting

Duck hunting is easy, and no one has to worry about not pulling the trigger because they don’t have enough space in their bag. Duck hunters are free to shoot ducks from a punt or boat anywhere, anytime, with no time limit and without worrying about bags getting full. It’s more relaxed, but it doesn’t … Read more

How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn

In general, if you go kayaking for an hour, you will burn off about 300 to 600 calories. This is an estimation of how many calories are burned during the time you spend on a kayak. It all depends on how much effort and duration it takes to get that hour’s worth of paddling done. … Read more

How Much Does Fishing Bait Cost

Fishing bait, also known as “fishing tackle” or “fishing lures,” is standard fishing equipment used by fishermen. It can be anything from chunks of bread dough mimicking the shape of a baitfish to fist-sized chunks of cheese on a small hook. Whatever it is, it’s meant to lure fish so that they’ll get near enough … Read more

Van Life Storage Ideas

One crucial aspect that these vans lack is storage space for all their gear. Luckily, some simple solutions will make it easy to get more storage without adding too much bulk or taking up much room. We’ve compiled six great ideas for Van Life Storage that should work regardless if you’re sleeping in your vehicle’s … Read more

How Do Rock Climbing Pulleys Work

Rock climbing pulleys affect how a climber moves up the rock. This article shows how pulley systems work and helps to understand the physics of their motion. Pulleys are used in many different ways as they have a wide variety of applications, including those related to climbing. The teeth on these devices can turn smoothly … Read more

How To Lock Bike While Camping

The best way to enjoy nature without being out of your bed is to go camping or backpacking. You can’t beat the feeling of roughing it in the great outdoors, but when it’s time to sleep, you need your space. This post will go over how you make sure that your bike stays safe while … Read more

Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs

Many of us have admired the German Shepherd’s keen sense of hearing and ability to follow orders. In many cases, this is why many people get a German Shepherd. But would they make a good hunting dog? While German Shepherds are often used as guard dogs, it’s not as common to see one on a … Read more

Can You Go Fishing With Gummy Worms

Gummy worms are often used as a fishing lure or fished themselves, but they also make great bait. You can use gummy worms in lakes, rivers, or oceans. It’s important to remember that fishing regulations may vary depending on what type of fishing you’re doing and where you’re fishing. For example, some states require a … Read more

Kayaking Paddle Technique

In this article, we will describe the Kayaking paddle technique. The kayak sports result from the need to use a boat without paddling and hence, the paddle techniques used in kayaking have evolved. Kayaking is the most popular paddling sport this time. The sport is played worldwide, where people are enjoying the clean water of lakes … Read more

Van Life Shower Ideas

Van life is becoming a trendy way to live these days. Many people leave their homes and traditional jobs behind to pursue the “life on the road.” One of the parts of van life that can be worst is finding ways to shower. No matter where you get your hot water, it will eventually run … Read more

Are Vibrams Good For Rock Climbing

There are many types of gloves and advanced shoes globally, but none can replace Vibram Fivefingers. Rock climbing is an intense sport that requires true dedication to excel at it. Vibram Fivefingers enhances grip, dexterity, and breathability while simultaneously protecting the foot from sharp rocks and pointed edges. Due to their fantastic features, they are … Read more

Duck Hunting VS Turkey Hunting

It always used to be that turkey hunting was the more popular sport. That’s because people preferred hunting in a more controlled environment where they could sit comfortably and wait for their prey to walk right up to them. However, the number and popularity of hunting waterfowl have increased in the southern areas of North … Read more

Solar Panel Vs Generator For Camping

The great outdoors is a feast for the eyes and a playground for the imagination. But it also presents challenges that can be overcome with savvy, preparation, and know-how. Whether you’re setting up camp in the desert or out in an isolated cabin, there are some essential tools you need to make things easier on … Read more

How Do Rock Climbing Ropes Work

A climbing rope is designed to protect climbers from injury and provide a means of ascending the mountain. However, You should note that these ropes have an aesthetic function and a practical one. While climbing, we climb upside down almost 90 percent of the time. Therefore, to protect our necks from injury, we use a … Read more

Can You Go Deep Sea Fishing While Pregnant

Do you have a passion for fishing but find that it isn’t always possible? Then you might find joy in the latest deep sea fishing craze. The experiences of pregnant women fishing with their husbands or partners during their pregnancies are among their best memories of the entire pregnancy. Deep-sea fishing isn’t recommended for everyone, … Read more

How To Wash Dishes Van Life

There are many things you never have to do when living in a van, like cooking or laundry. However, there are a few chores that can’t be avoided while living out of your vehicle. Van-lifers have a few different options on how best to wash their cups and silverware, and there are also some tricks … Read more

Kayaking Gear

Imagine paddling leisurely through lapping waves, watching seagulls glide overhead and enjoying the cool breeze in your face. You might be thinking that this is a dream experience; however, with the proper kayak gear, this can be a reality. This post is going to discuss what you will need for your trip downriver, and we … Read more

Elk Hunting In Oregon VS Washington

Hunters who live in Washington will be happy to hear that elk hunting on public land is much cheaper than in Oregon. This article takes an in-depth look at hunting for elk in Oregon vs. Washington and provides a detailed breakdown of the cost differences between the two states. Hunting for elk can be expensive, … Read more

How To Wear A Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

Some climbers feel that wearing a chalk bag over their shoulder is the best way to keep their hands dry and prevent wear and tear on the rocks during rock climbing. However, other experienced climbers feel that this would be less effective because gloves will only stay in place if they go over the same … Read more

Can You Use Gun Oil On Fishing Reels

Every angler knows the importance of keeping your fishing reel well-oiled to prevent rust from creeping in and ruining the experience. You can find various types of reel oil available for purchase, and some are much better suited to certain reels than others. So to ensure that your fishing reel stays in pristine condition for … Read more

Cost Of Camping Vs Hotel

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. You can try fishing, hiking, and biking in the great outdoors without worrying about driving for hours to get away from it all. Not to mention, the cost is far less than a hotel. If you’re anything like us, when you hear the words … Read more

What To Wear Kayaking: All-weather Clothing

There are many things to consider when choosing the right clothing for kayaking. First off, think about how often you will be going on the water because your choice of clothing will be different depending on how often you go out kayaking. If you go out kayaking frequently, choose a set of dry and warm … Read more

Maui Vs Oahu For Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature, and that is why many people are choosing to take up the activity on Hawaii’s two most populated islands: Maui and Oahu. Both islands offer spectacular views of the natural wonders that each one has, but which island is better? In this post, we … Read more

How Long Do Hunting Arrows Last

Its composition, its manufacture greatly determine a bow’s lifespan and how the traditional archer uses it. The general rule is that a hunting bow-and-arrow combination will last for at least five shots before needing to be replaced. Hunters might use special arrows that are more durable or simply ones that are individual tools rather than … Read more

How Long Do Fishing Maggots Last In The Fridge

Anglers should store active maggots in bait fridges, ideally, at temperatures between 34 and 38° F. This is because they are an invertebrate that needs to stay cold to keep alive. However, there is no set amount of time that the active maggots will remain fresh, as many factors can affect this. Some people say … Read more

How To Clean Rock Climbing Holds

A rock climbing is a fun, often exciting sport to participate in and can be a great way to spend time with friends. While enjoying the adrenaline, outdoors, and camaraderie of this activity, it’s essential that your equipment stays clean and functional. Unfortunately, far too many rock climbing holds become contaminated with bacteria, mold, and … Read more

Best Hydration Pack for Kayaking

Buying a good hydration pack is one of the important aspects of a kayaking trip. It’s no secret that water is essential for life, so choosing the right water source can often be lifesaving. The best way to ensure you have fresh, clean water on your trip is to carry it with you in a … Read more

Hiking Test Post

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Biking Test Post

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Boats Test Post

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Extreme Sports Test Post

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Fishing Test Post

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Hunting Test Post

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Kayaking Test Post

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Rock Climbing Test Post

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Van Life Test Post

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Camping Hammock Vs Tent

Tents and hammocks look very similar, but they are two different types of shelters. Tents offer a strong, wind-resistant shelter and can be set up quickly. Hammocks are lightweight and easy to pack away in a small space. It all comes down to personal preference: some campers prefer the convenience of a tent while others prefer … Read more

Crickets VS Worms For Fishing

The next time you go fishing, you may want to consider what bait to use. There is a lot of debate on whether or not anglers should fish with crickets or worms. In this article, you’ll find tips for choosing one over the other. Crickets Insects can be used as an alternative bait for fishing … Read more

Can You Go Hunting With An AK-47

Did you ever marvel at what it would be like to hunt with an AK-47? This article is going to introduce you to this type of weapon. It has been used by the military for decades and is one of the most popular rifles in the world. Not only can you shoot a deer with … Read more

Van Life Expectation VS Reality

Van life is a dream for many people. You get to travel, meet new people, and live out of your car or van. Most people like the idea of living on the road and only have to worry about gas money rather than rent, utilities, or food costs. However, many others would say they love … Read more

Which To Hike: Hiking Kilimanjaro Vs. Inca Trail

Whether seeking a challenge or an escape from every day, hiking is one of the most widely practiced outdoor activities in the world. For many, Mount Kilimanjaro and Inca Trail are long-time bucket list items. So which one is right for your next big adventure? Let’s take a look at the facts and find out. … Read more

Tarp Camping Vs Tent

Camping is the ultimate in ‘roughing’ it’ luxury. Campers love to live off the grid and enjoy remote locations that are only accessible by foot, boat or horseback. Choosing between a tarp and a tent for your next camping trip can be challenging as there are pros and cons to each option. Tents offer a … Read more

Indoor VS Outdoor Rock Climbing Grades

Rock climbing is both a fantastic pastime and physical activity. Recently, indoor rock climbing has grown in popularity. That is because it enables people who cannot climb outdoors due to bad weather, limited access, or other reasons to participate in the sport. But which type of climbing grade should you pursue? There are pros and … Read more

Best Tide Times for Kayaking

Tides are a huge factor in kayaking. There’s no point in paddling if the tide is going to make it impossible for you to get back to shore again! Generally, two key things need to be considered when planning an outing: the height of the tides and the tides themselves. There’s a whole science behind … Read more

Tip Down VS Tip-Up Fishing

Tip-up fishing is when you reel in line with an artificial lure at the end. When the fish bites, you use your rod to lift the bar and reel in the fish. Tip-down fishing is when you need to hold your rod out over the water and wait for a bite to take place. Once … Read more

How To Waterproof Hunting Clothes

Suppose you’re an avid hunter who spends a large part of the year in your hunting experience. You’ll be out in nature on some rugged terrains, so it pays to have quality hunting clothes and hunting gear and scent killer for hunting. Waterproof boots are typical among those seeking high-quality outdoor apparel, but waterproofing the … Read more

A Sleeping Bag VS Blanket For Camping

A sleeping bag is the perfect camping item for those who want to keep themselves warm at night. It will not only provide warmth but also help you stay dry and comfortable. A blanket may trap moisture, making you feel clammy while you are trying to sleep. Sleeping bags are often much lighter in weight … Read more

Combat Boots Or Hiking Boots

Regardless of where you are in life, one of the most important things to invest in is a good pair of boots. For some people that means combat boots for others, it may mean hiking boots but either way they’re going to be a big investment. We’ve put together this article so you can get … Read more

Best Knee Brace For Rock Climbing

The sport of rock climbing requires athletes to take their physical and mental health seriously. It’s the perfect hobby for those gifted in this discipline, but it can be an incredibly physically challenging sport for those of us who aren’t. Chances are, you might get ripped from rock climbing. Rock climbing makes people bulky, what … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker For Kayaking Adventures

A kayaking trip is an exhilarating outdoor activity that can provide a host of benefits. It relieves stress, builds stamina, and helps you get in better shape. You can burn up to 1,200-1,500 calories an hour, and you don’t even have to break a sweat— enjoy the gorgeous views. When you are kayaking, you need to track … Read more

Coachella Car Camping Vs Tent Camping

Before you head on your next camping trip, it’s important to make sure you have the right gear for the type of camping you want to do. For those looking for a comfortable, easy way to camp without carrying heavy supplies, car camping is the best option. If you prefer a back-to-nature style with no … Read more

Fishing In Deep Water VS Shallow Water

If you are looking for an excellent activity for the whole family to enjoy, fishing is a great choice. It can be a very easy and enjoyable pastime to get the kids out of the house and do something that will keep them occupied and happy. However, if you are going fishing, you need to … Read more

Male VS Female Hunting Dog

Have you wondered which are better, male or female hunting dogs? A few factors come into play when deciding the best type of hunting dog to use. Here, we’ll dig into what these factors are and how many people typically choose each type to find out which is the best. The Type of Hunting The … Read more

Hiking Water Bottle Vs Bladder

For any avid hiker, the decision between water bottle and bladder can be a tough one to make! It seems as if there are many considerations to be taken into account, especially the fact that some hikers only have one backpack space to work with. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the type … Read more

Why Is Rock Climbing So Addictive

Rock climbing is a great hobby, but it can also be a year-long obsession. Rock climbing frequently affects people who enjoy the physical challenge and form close friendships with others passionate about the sport. There are even online communities where climbers trade tips and share secrets to getting better scores on cliffs worldwide. When people … Read more

How Fast Can A Kayak Go

Typically, the top speed of kayaks is five to six mph. Higher speeds will be difficult to maintain for long periods of time. Kayak paddles are designed to be used at a higher stroke frequency than those used for rowing or canoeing, which means that more power is required for each stroke. In addition, the … Read more

The Camping Stretcher Vs Air Mattress

Camping stretchers and inflatable air mattresses are two sleeping options that can be used when camping outdoors. Camping stretchers are typically a single piece of canvas or nylon material folded out to make a “bed”, while air mattresses have an inflatable mats bed that is covered with a piece of fabric. In this article, we’ll look … Read more

Spinning VS Casting Reel For Surf Fishing

The best reel for surf fishing is something you might be interested in if you are an avid angler. This article will discuss what types of reels you can use to catch fish, which type might be better for your needs. Casting Reels The first type of reel is the casting reel. This type is … Read more

How To Wash Hunting Clothes With Baking Soda

The weather is cold, and the hunters are coming. You’re excited, but you don’t want to get sick from all the dirt and grime that gets touch during a hunting season specially the blood of deers wiped on clothes during deer hunting. So, here’s a quick guide on how to wash your hunting garments with … Read more

Hiking Waist Pack Vs Backpack

The decision of what to bring on a hike is never easy, but which is better, hiking with a waist pack or hiking with a backpack? This article will compare the two and hopefully give you some insight into which one you should choose. Waist pack vs backpack A great advantage of a waist pack is … Read more

How Tall Is The Average Rock Climbing Wall

Rock climbing walls are vertical structures that mimic the natural landscape of mountainous terrain. They can be found in some private and public locations and range in height from as low as 10 feet to over 50 feet tall. The average height for these structures is around 25 feet tall, although they could be taller … Read more

Subaru Forester vs Outback for Camping

You may be thinking, “why should I care? I don’t own either of those” or “I don’t even camp”. But in reality, there are a few reasons why this article is relevant. Foremost, we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two cars in terms of camping. Secondly, we’ll talk about how to make … Read more

Best Plants For Van Life

Van life is a bit of a tricky lifestyle but sustainable to live. You can’t just stop and buy plants on your way to Nevada. It might seem strange to consider when you’re packing up the old van for the road trips. Still, plants are essential in this living situation since they offer many health … Read more

How To Carry Ammo While Hunting

Today, with the increase in gun violence and our more liberal views on hunting, it is becoming more difficult to carry your firearm while in the field. Luckily, there are many different methods for carrying your ammunition without compromising your safety or the effectiveness of your firearm. Even if you are not a new hunter, … Read more

How Much Wind Is Too Much For Kayaking?

The wind can be a major part of your kayaking experience and, if it’s too strong, it can be tough to go anywhere or get any enjoyment out of the trip. In general, winds should be below 10 mph. If you’re in a sheltered bay or on a protected coastline, wind speeds can be higher. … Read more

River Fishing VS Lake Fishing

River Fishing and Lake Fishing are two different methods of fishing. River fishing trip is more challenging than lake fishing and often requires more skill and patience. On the other hand, lake fishing is more accessible because of the lack of current. Both of these types of fishing have many differences, so let’s take a closer … Read more

Why Is Rock Climbing So Expensive

Rock climbing is a popular thrill-seekers’ sport. The equipment needed is costly, and the result worth the cost. However, having to devote so much to climb a rock wall can be challenging for many people. You can also do rock climbing outdoors but with little equipment needed (it also allows for some outdoor experience). Climbing … Read more

Hiking One Pole Vs Two

Hiking poles are one of the most important pieces of hiking gear. They help keep you balanced and energized, as well as provide additional stability and safety. In this article, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of hiking with one pole vs two poles – which style is better? One Pole Hiking There are a … Read more

Van Life Where To Dump Grey Water

“Van life” is a new way of life for people who want to live cheaply and have a sustainable lifestyle. Van life means living in an RV, camper, or tiny home in the city or countryside. On a budget, you can care for your van with grey water recycling so that you can power it … Read more

Camping Lantern Gas VS Battery

Camping lanterns are often powered by either gas or batteries. Campers need to understand the pros and cons of each type of lantern before they make a purchase. The most popular type of camping lantern is the battery-operated one, but it does have disadvantages. For example, the battery might run out or the bulb might burn … Read more

How To Lighten A Hunting Rifle

Hunting rifles are often heavier than other guns, making them difficult to carry around for long periods. The weight can also be uncomfortable when carrying the Rifle for extended periods. Some people have figured out how heavy their hunting rifle through a process called “lightening” or “de-weighting” the custom stock. In this case, they removed … Read more

Can You Get Ripped From Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport requiring a person to ascend rock formations of varying difficulty using ropes, harnesses, and other protective gear. The term rock climbing probably derives from the verb form of the word “to climb,” which is “to crank.” Rock climbing may be suitable for weight training because it requires all-body strength and … Read more

Trout VS Bass Fishing

Some people enjoy fishing for trout and bass, but others find it to be a challenging task. You must know the difference between these two species when deciding which type of fishing trip you are going on. There’s a difference between fishing for trout and fishing for bass. This article will teach you how these … Read more

Kayaking Outfit Ideas

Summer clothes for kayaking can be tricky. The weather is usually unpredictable, and you might have to change your plans in a hurry. But you don’t want to have too many clothes because it will be more difficult to paddle your boat. The best idea is layering thin clothes over each other so that you … Read more

Camping Fridge Vs Bar Fridge

We are often asked the difference between a “camping fridge” and a “bar fridge”. To help clear things up, we thought we would take this opportunity to answer this question in depth. Camping fridges are typically larger than bar fridges and meant for use in a vehicle or outdoors. They usually have wheels on the bottom, making … Read more

Hiking Pants VS Shorts

If your backcountry hiking adventure is coming up soon, the question of what bottom to wear may cross your mind. Both options come with their own benefits and drawbacks, so we will take a look at them side by side to help you decide which one will work best for your needs. Hiking Pants Hiking pants … Read more

Cast VS Jacketed Bullets For Hunting

Whether you’re a hunter looking to expand your skills or just interested in learning more about hunting, you’ve likely come across the distinction of “jacketed” vs. “cast” bullets. But what do these terms mean, and how does that impact hunting? People often differentiate bullets into two camps. There are the jacketed bullets, and then there … Read more

Van Life Interior Ideas

One of the coolest, most popular, and creative lifestyles around is Van Life. The concept is simple: a person decides to stop paying their mortgage, leaves their job, and lives in a van! Nowadays, this lifestyle isn’t just for hippies; it’s simply an ingenious way to save thousands of dollars on rent, as well as … Read more

Carbon Fiber VS Graphite Fishing Rod

Fishing is a relaxing hobby that can improve both your mood and your mental health. But without the proper equipment, it can be a frustrating experience. In addition, you may be unsure of what type of rod to use or whether you should go for carbon fiber or graphite. This article will help you decide … Read more

Best Fitbit For Rock Climbing

The best places for rock climbing are located across the country. If you’re an avid rock climber, chances are you’ve considered purchasing a Fitbit to monitor your progress. And we get it, and there are so many different models on the market that it’s hard to choose. In the meantime, the Fitbit is indeed pricey … Read more

Which Is The Best Camping Vs Airbnb/Hostel

Which is the better choice: camping or Airbnb? When you’re looking for an adventure, it can be tough to decide which option to choose. Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but not everyone loves setting up a tent or carrying a heavy backpack. Airbnb is … Read more

Why Do I Feel Dizzy After Kayaking?

It’s a question that many paddlers ask themselves after doing the sport for the first time. The sensation of dizziness can be caused by many things, including dehydration or low blood sugar due to fatigue. But if you feel dizzy after only a few minutes in the water, it may be due to sensory overload … Read more

Snow Boots Vs Hiking Boots

What’s more important for winter wear? Warm and cozy boots, or the ability to trek through snow and ice? If you’re looking for boots that will stand up to some rough outdoor weather, it’s probably worth investing in good hiking boots. That way, you won’t have to worry about traction or getting cold feet or … Read more

Rubber VS Nylon Fishing Net

Fishing is a fun activity that most of us forget about in the summertime. For those who enjoy this recreational sport, fishing has become a family tradition, and everyone has their preference for fishing equipment. Whether it is modern or traditional, what matters the most when you are on a fishing trip is to have … Read more

Best Barrel Length For 308 Hunting Rifle

For many American hunters, the 308-caliber rifle is a favorite. This semi-automatic rifle can fit into most hunting setups, ranging from varmint hunting to big game hunting. However, there are a few things you need to know about barrel lengths before you purchase this weapon. Before deciding which barrels are suitable for your needs, it’s … Read more

Best Places To Live For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has become one of the biggest and most popular hobbies in the US, and it is now almost as popular as downhill skiing and camping. The best places for rock climbing are located across the country. However, some parts of the country provide better conditions for rock climbers than others. For example, areas … Read more

Michelin Agilis Camping vs Continental Vancocamper Tyres

Who says you need to buy expensive, heavy RV tyres when all you want to do is explore and camp? If this sounds like you, Michelin Agilis Camping and Continental Vancocamper are worth considering. These two tyre lines from major manufacturers offer lightweight, low-cost tires that you can use for the same applications as RV … Read more

What Muscles Should Be Sore After Kayaking?

If you’ve just finished a long kayaking session and your body is sore in ways you didn’t know you had, this article is for you. This blog post will explore the critical question of why the muscles around your core are feeling so sore after kayaking. First, let’s walk through what happens when we sit … Read more

Hiking Boots Vs Hunting Boots

Hiking boots & hunting boots are not the same and their purposes are different. For those not in the know, a hunting boot is designed for rugged terrain with lots of mud or water. A insulated and non-insulated hiking boots is designed for paths more likely to have dry ground but also needs to be … Read more

Fishing Tackle Bag VS Box

When it comes to fishing tackle boxes, there are a lot of different options available. Some people like having the storage compartments in their fishing tackle box because they can store their hooks and fishing line straight up in the compartments like they were being stored. Others prefer to have everything stored outside the box, … Read more

Rock Climbing Chalk Alternatives

Rock climbing is among the most popular outdoor activities in the world. Climbers need chalk to help keep their hands dry and aid in preventing slips and falls when they reach for holds on climbs. However, if a climber wants to minimize their environmental impact while still climbing, they may want to explore alternative methods … Read more

How Heavy Should A Hunting Rifle Be

Hunting rifles have a weight limit within which they can be regulated. Hunting rifles should be light enough to be easily carried by their owners without undue strain and heavy enough to allow for accurate shooting and modulate the weight of the cartridge with which they are chambered. Besides swinging smoothly and balancing correctly, it … Read more

Camping Axe Vs Saw

Is it better to bring a camping axe or a saw on your next adventure out in the woods? Well, this is a difficult decision that only you can make. Ultimately, it’s all about personal preference. So take some of these factors into consideration before heading out for your next camping trip and packing one … Read more

Do You Have to Wear a Helmet While Kayaking

Kayaking is a popular way to enjoy the outdoors, but it also can be dangerous if you don’t wear a helmet. If you add speed and maneuvering difficult obstacles (rivers, rapids), even the most basic kayak skills may become dangerous for your health. That can especially happen if you’re not wearing your helmet at the … Read more

Hiking Austria Vs Switzerland: The Best Alpine Destination

One of the most important distinctions to make when deciding where to go hiking in the Alps is Austria and Switzerland. As two of the very popular destinations for alpine hikers, it’s important to know the differences between these two countries. Austria and Switzerland are both beautiful, rich in culture, and have a great history … Read more

Telescopic Fishing Rod VS 2 Piece

Fishing is among the most beloved outdoor sports in the United States and abroad. Almost every state in the country has fishing areas stocked with fish such as trout, bass, catfish, or salmon. There are also numerous lakes and ponds throughout the country that individuals can fish at any time. If you’re a beginner angler … Read more

How Many Rounds Can You Have For Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for many people in America. Nothing compares to the thrill of finding and taking down this mighty animal that has been roaming the forest landscape for so many years. And, while we all love to hunt deer with friends and family, it is vital to have a … Read more

The Differences Between Camping Trailer Vs Travel Trailer

Camping trailers are a lot like large, enclosed tents, with many of the same features of travel trailer. The major difference between the two is that they’re built on a frame for stability and can be towed by an automobile. They have many of the amenities that people enjoy when camping. A travel trailer is … Read more

How To Fix Holes In Rock Climbing Shoes

This article will explain how to fix holes in your rock climbing shoes. It’s a common problem among climbers, and it’s frustrating when you’re about to start your climb, and you see that there are holes in your shoes. So first, there will be a brief explanation of preventing holes in your shoes and then … Read more

Kayaking Vs Rowing: A Comparative Analysis

Kayaks and boats are both vessels that people use to explore water bodies. They each have their own advantages and drawbacks, but for the most part, they’re not drastically different from one another. Still, they’re used for different purposes, and it’s important to know which boat is the best one for you. In this article, we’ll discuss … Read more

Hiking Poles Vs Ski Poles

Ski poles and hiking poles are both used for outdoor sports, but they have different purposes for the two. Many people who ski or hike use both types of poles, but one type is more suited to that activity than the other. Poles can be made from a variety of materials or combinations thereof. Aluminum … Read more

Drift Fishing VS Anchor Fishing

The debate over whether reef fishers should drift or anchor never ends. Simply put, drift fishing is the preferred style for many anglers. However, those that abide by anchor fishing believe that it’s better to maintain a firm grip on the bottom of a specific spot. Therefore, it is vital to choose between these two … Read more

The Difference Between Camping VS Glamping

Not everyone can enjoy the rugged outdoors. Some of us are claustrophobic and some of us are scared of getting eaten by bears. If you’re one of these people or just not feeling particularly adventurous, then glamping may be for you! Glamping is a thriving industry that caters to people who would rather pay for a … Read more

How To Remove Blood From Hunting Clothes

Being a hunter is great, how many rounds do you take hunting? There’s nothing like getting a little blood on your clothes. Solving this problem is not going to require using any particular products or doing anything complicated. Usually, the best solution for this is to get your clothes professionally cleaned. However, it’s sometimes inconvenient … Read more

Oregon Vs Washington Hiking

This post will talk about the differences between Oregon and Washington hiking. It will give a short description of the parks, talk about what you can see in each park, and how to decide which park is best for your needs. Oregon Hiking Oregon has a variety of parks. It is home to both rain … Read more

Best GoPro For Rock Climbing

It seems that anyone who even knows the name of a mountain always has a dream to climb it. Likewise, it is common for people to look for peaks in their lives, challenges they face, and an exhilarating experience. After all, it’s well known that including elements such as fitness and adventure can improve your … Read more

Sculling vs. Kayaking

This article will provide you with all the information you need to decide between sculling and kayaking. It will go into detail about the significant differences between them, as well as whether or not they are both worth your time. What is Sculling? Sculling is a sport that one can do in either standing or … Read more

Fishing Monkfish VS Sharks

Many fishing enthusiasts like to describe their hobby to test their skills, earn money, and enjoy the outdoors with friends. But when you are faced with hungry sharks or a big catch, it isn’t easy to enjoy yourself. Let’s take a look at how to catch monkfish and what makes these fish so desirable. We … Read more

Camping Stove Butane VS Propane

The choice of fuel for portable camping stoves has always been a matter of personal preference. Propane is often considered superior to butane because it is less volatile and easier to install on the stove. Propane is stored as a liquid and has greater energy content than butane. The boiling point of propane is 30 degrees less than … Read more

Hornady Interlock VS SST For Hunting

So you’re thinking about hunting this year, and you’re wondering what would be the best bang for your buck? Depending on what you plan to hunt, Hunting in Idaho or Montana, we recommend one or the other in our article linked below for various purposes. What do these two bullets have in common? They both … Read more

Van Life Table Ideas

Everyone in a van has their own opinion about what will work or what might not work for them. In general, most people can fit the same number of unique meal recipes onto a tabletop, and they are similar to each other. It doesn’t matter how you set up your van life table; everyone is … Read more

Vest Vs Jacket for Hiking

We get a lot of questions about hiking clothing and what you should wear, so we wanted to share our take on vests vs jackets for hiking. We break down the pros and cons of each and their differences in design and function. Vests are typically sleeveless tops that help protect your upper body from … Read more

Does Rock Climbing Make Your Hands Bigger?

Outdoor rock climbing gives you a fresh perspective on the world as well as good exercise. And as for the tiny, measly hands? Not so much. Rock climbing is an experience that is both physically and mentally challenging. Climbing a steep, sheer rock face requires all of your muscles to work together to grip the … Read more

Should You Go Kayaking If You Can’t Swim?

A lot of people go kayaking without any swimming ability. Should you? We’ll examine the risks of not knowing how to swim and the concerns about water safety. There are ways to overcome these problems by taking swimming lessons and/or using a kayak with floaties. We’ll also examine the risks of swimming, which are considerably more … Read more

Difference Between Hunting Knife Vs Camping Knife Vs Survival Knife

Cutting tools are an essential part of any hunting, camping, and survival gear. A good knife can save your life in a pinch, so it’s crucial to understand the differences between these three hunting knives. Hunting Knives vs Camping Knives vs Survival knives: what is the difference? A camping knife is lightweight, compact, and meant … Read more

Star Drag VS Lever Drag For Bottom Fishing

Bass fishing gear is something experienced anglers should have in their arsenal. However, if you are starting, then choosing the right baitcasting reel for your needs is easier than you think. Here’s a quick look at star drag vs. lever drag and what to look for when selecting the right gear. Star Drag VS Lever … Read more

Utah VS Colorado Hiking Trip

Tour the Rockies on your next vacation. One of the best ways to do so is by hiking in Utah or Colorado. From the desert landscapes of southern Utah to the glacial peaks and valleys in Colorado, you will be surprised at the beauty of both states. A quick overview of their differences and similarities … Read more

Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting VS Accubond

It is a common belief that the most accurate and deadly ammunition would lead to the most humane round for hunting. The rounds are designed specifically for deer hunting, but they also have positive impacts on other mammals. Hunting with these types of rounds has been shown to decrease hunter kill rates by up to … Read more

Are Chacos Good For Rock Climbing?

Chacos were initially designed as a footwear option for backpacking. They are made out of sturdy rubber and have a thick sole that provides excellent protection from sharp rocks and bumpy trails. However, with the rise of rock climbing, some people claim that Chacos are just too flat for the sport. Chacos are essentially thick … Read more

Can You Go Kayaking While On Your Period

Yes, you can kayak while on your period. The key is to be mindful of where the blood might seep out and use a pad or tampon with wings if necessary. You can also consider wearing an outer layer that is not easily stained. If you are using tampons, then as a precaution, you can … Read more

Camping Vs Backpacking

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to go camping or backpacking. From the right tent to the right clothes, what you’ll need for either one depends on your adventure goals and your budget (not to mention your itinerary). This blog post will look at everything from the basics of each … Read more

Bank Fishing VS Boat Fishing

A boat fishing pole is an excellent instrument for catching live fish that aren’t far below the surface. Boat anglers can also go deeper into the water and effectively get closer to fish hiding in weeds or holes. Additionally, since a motor pushes the boat, you can chase down fish in deeper waters. How To … Read more

Cool Ideas For Van Life

Van Life is the “new cool” these days. You are going out and exploring the world in a vehicle that’s much more about soul than practicality might be your idea of bliss. If you’re ready to get out of town, don’t mind a few bumps in the road, and want to have some fun while … Read more

Insulated VS Non-Insulated Hiking Boots

Insulated Boots Insulated boots are just what they sound like, they are insulated to keep you warmer. The insulation in the foot area will help you stay warm and then there is a waterproof membrane that prevents water from getting inside the boot. Insulated boots do have some disadvantages, one of which is that they … Read more

Nightforce VS Swarovski For Hunting

Many hunters and rifle shooters now consider the advantages of a Nightforce or Swarovski scope for their hunting needs. The price range of this scope is typically over $1000, but they offer exceptional performance levels. In addition, both Nightforce and Swarovski have scopes that feature incredibly tight tolerances concerning every aspect of the optical clarity.  … Read more

Can Kayaking Cause Tennis Elbow

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity that can keep you and your partner in shape and give you a wonderful, peaceful time together. It stimulates the brain, helps with weight management as it burns calories and tones your arms, legs, abs, back and shoulders. A fitness tracker can easily monitor health activities during kayaking adventures. … Read more

How Many Pull-Ups Can A Rock Climber Do

Pull-ups are a classic exercise for the lats, abs, biceps, and forearms. While there are many variations of this movement, a pull-up is best characterized by bringing one’s body weight up to touch the bar with the chin or chest. Not only is it an excellent way to build upper body strength and muscle mass, … Read more

RV Vs Tent Camping

There are pros and cons to each type of camping, but the best option for you will depend on your preferences and the time of year. To help you make the right decision, here’s a brief rundown of each option. Tent Camping This is the most economical option. You get to experience the great outdoors … Read more

Cheap VS Expensive Fishing Reels

Some might argue that fishing reels are one of those things that you shouldn’t skimp out on, but in some cases, the cost of a reel can be so high as to make it impossible to justify buying them. For someone who is a beginner or is working with a budget, you may want to … Read more

What Do You Do With Coyote After Hunting

Coyotes are what are considered pest animals. In other words, they are abundant and prey on game animals such as deer and turkeys. When it comes to coyote hunting, the best course of action is not to release them back into the environment to prey on wildlife. There are several laws against the non-release of … Read more

V6 VS V8 Van Life

So you’re considering making the leap into van life for a season. You might be wondering what V-type engine size will work best in your vehicle. Which one will best suit your lifestyle? Keep reading to find out the answer! The meaning of the ‘V’ in engines The ‘V’ in the V6 and V8 engine … Read more

How To Keep Water From Freezing While Hiking

If you intend hiking in the cold, it is important to avoid freezing your water. If your water freezes and becomes solid, it can no longer be consumed or used for cooking. To keep this from happening, there are several methods available that will help maintain the quality of your drinking and cooking water in … Read more

Kayaking VS Rowing Speed – Efficiency Comparison

Speed is a priority for many people who paddle and row. A common question that arises is, “what type of vessel is faster: a kayak or a rowing boat?” A kayak indeed has just one paddler, while a rowing boat has two. However, there are other things to consider before considering speed. The vessel’s length, … Read more

Am I Too Heavy To Rock Climb?

Rock climbing can be dangerous, as you probably already know. The risk of injury, death, and falling off a cliff is always present. You might not realize, however, that you’re at an increased risk if you’re carrying an extra 20 or 30 lbs. Weighing more than 10% of your body weight increases the risk of … Read more

Can You Drink Beer While Hunting

Many people enjoy a cold one on hot days and after spending time in the field. But can you drink as much cold beer while hunting as you can at home? Provided that your hunt is legal, there are no US laws that prevent hunters from consuming alcohol while in the field. Although certain states … Read more

Lifestyle: Tent Camping VS Pop Up Camper

Tent camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and experience nature at its best. However, there are some significant differences between tent camping and traveling with a pop-up camper. A pop-up camper will give you a couple of extra options that tent camping might not. If you consider taking your tent camping experience … Read more

Cheap VS Expensive Fishing Rods

Cheap fishing rods are often more popular because of their lower price tags, but they typically lack features that higher-end models offer. If you’re looking for a rod that fits into the trunk of your car without worry or an affordable gift idea without skimping on quality, then cheap fishing rods would be a good … Read more

Can I Use A Climbing Helmet For Kayaking Adventure?

Kayaking has a slight chance of having you encounter a steep river or even the ocean. A popular way to prevent injuries is by wearing a climbing helmet. However, can using them for kayaking be dangerous? Kayakers across the globe have given their opinions on this, and many share their experiences. A climbing helmet is … Read more

Alternative To Backpack For Hiking

The best alternative to a backpack for hiking is the fanny pack. I know, I know, it sounds dorky and uncool. But if you’re looking for a way to lighten your load while hiking without giving up important things like food or water, this might be worth a try. A fanny pack is something you … Read more

Will Rock Climbing Make Me Bulky

People of all ages can enjoy climbing. It offers intense physical challenges and an adrenaline rush like no other. But climbing is also time-consuming and expensive, especially if you’re trying to learn the ropes from scratch! In this article, we will explore whether rock climbing makes people bulky. We will also discuss how to get … Read more

Fishing Reel Lubricant Alternatives

Fishing reels can be a considerable investment, and you want to make sure they last as long as possible. For the best results, make sure you are maintaining them properly. That means cleaning, oiling, and lubricating the bearings on your reel every time you use it. But how do you know when the bearings and … Read more

Best Time Of Year To Buy Hunting Gear

When it comes to hunting gear, you want to find the best deals throughout the year. But what is the best time to purchase hunting gear? By buying your equipment at the right time and season, you can save money and enjoy adequate gear for your hunt. It largely depends where you live. According to … Read more

Best Elbow Pads For Whitewater Kayaking

Elbow pads for kayakers come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Kayakers need protection for their elbows on the water and land when they are loading up the kayak and getting it ready to go back out into the water. So what is the best option you should purchase? This article will go through some … Read more

French Press VS Percolator For Camping: One Is Better

Coffee lovers know that their favorite beverage is something they need to have every day — if you’re a coffee drinker you can’t really go without it. While you might not be able to take your French press camping, thankfully you can take a single cup percolator with you. That said, it’s important to take … Read more

Can Hiking Cause Weight Gain?

Hiking is a way to stay in shape and enjoy the beautiful outdoors at the same time. But if you’re new to the sport, one of your first concerns might be whether or not hiking will make you gain weight. Hiking sure burns a lot of calories, but you don’t have to worry about weight … Read more

Rock Climbing Harness Vs. Tree Climbing Harness

To most, ropes and harnesses are nothing more than tools for securing oneself while climbing up a mountain. But there is more to the gear than meets the eye. While many outdoor enthusiasts may believe they can tackle any climb without a rope or harness because climbers use their hands as they scale the rock, … Read more

Enclosed Hunting Trailer Ideas

Many hunters want to get as close to nature and the outdoors as possible while hunting, but this can be difficult in public areas where hunting is prohibited. The best option for these people might be to purchase an enclosed hunting trailer and use it for their hunts. For many hunters, the trailer they hunt … Read more

Can You Get Seasick from Kayaking?

We all know that feeling, the one that kicks in when you step foot on a boat. Nausea, the confusion, and the light-headedness—it can be enough to make anyone feel like they need a little break. However, when you’re kayaking, it can feel like your body is completely off balance and out of sync with … Read more

Alternative Fishing Weights

Lead fishing weights have been used by anglers for hundreds of years and continue to staple in any angler’s tackle box. They are very versatile and can be shaped in so many ways to achieve various actions that will help you out in any fishing scenario. You can find them in nearly any tackle shop … Read more

Dry Ice Vs Regular Ice Camping

Dry ice is a form of solid carbon dioxide that has many uses. Dry ice typically comes in either pellets or blocks, and it turns into a gas when heated to room temperature. Campers may choose between the two forms when packing their coolers for trips specially when you are planning to use tent or … Read more

Van Life Windows Or No Windows

Some people are just not meant to travel by car. They prefer to adventure through the country in vans and trucks with no windows, letting nature get its due. On the other hand, some people enjoy living with all their windows open to watch the stars at night. It’s a personal preference with benefits and … Read more

Do I Need Hiking Boots For Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country with diverse terrain, from rainforests to volcanoes to white sandy beaches. This means you’ll need different kinds of footwear for different environments. In general, those who plan to explore the rainforest will want insulated or non-insulated hiking boots with ankle support and waterproofing. Those who plan to surf Costa Rica’s … Read more

Are Converse Good for Rock Climbing

Purchasing a new pair of shoes, finding the right ones for your specialized activity can be challenging. There are so many styles and brands, but what is the perfect shoe for rock climbing? This article will provide insight into what types of shoes are best for different climbs and which brands have the most success … Read more

How to Take Your Phone Kayaking

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Timney VS Jewell For Hunting

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Van Life Or Tiny House

Both Van Dwelling and Tiny House Living are relatively new lifestyle choices less commonly known to the “average” person. Most people associate these cool ideas with artistic types, hippies, or strangers on the Internet. These two lifestyles have in common is one idea: self-reliance; they both emphasize minimalism as a way of life. How do … Read more

Jetboil VS Camping Stove

A camping stove and a jetboil are two different types of portable camp cooking equipment. The most significant difference between the two is in the fuel type. Camping stoves use liquid gas, while Jetboils use small canisters that contain butane. A jetboil on average, is lightweight (under 1kg) and compact. This makes the jetboil a very … Read more

Why Does Hiking Suppress Your Appetite

If you’ve ever out backpacking, you may have dealt with some unwanted side effects like appetite suppression. There are three reasons why this may happen: changed eating schedule, different food, less free time. It’s worse on short trips. Here we will talk about these three reasons and help you understand what to do to combat … Read more

Best Hammer Drill for Rock Climbing

The best places for rock climbing are located across the country. A hammer drill is a vital tool for rock climbers looking to perform well during a climb. Not only does it allow for them to drill into the rocks, which increases their chances of getting to the cave they’re looking for, but it can … Read more

Alternative To Fishing Line

Fishing is a fun pastime that has been around for centuries. However, fishing lines are expensive, and there must be alternatives to them. Fishing line is one of the most tried and true methods for catching live fish, and the types of lines available are very diverse. They come in different diameters, lengths, materials, weights, … Read more

Van Life VS Truck Camper

The debate between what is better, the van life or a pop-up camper, is a tough one. Van life has been seen as an alternative to “traditional” home living for people who seek to travel and explore. Using vans has increased in popularity over the years despite its lack of safety and comfortability features such … Read more

Best 44 Mag Ammo for Deer Hunting with Rifle

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Alternative To Worms For Fishing

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Canopy Ideas for Camping

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Are Vans Good For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing shoes should be made out of durable, sticky rubber. Traditionally, rock climbing shoes are made out of leather with rubber soles. Rock climbing shoes also have a tight heel section to prevent the foot from sliding off when it is lifted. Rock climbers should wear socks and heavy over-the-calf cotton or synthetic sock … Read more

Can You Use Cycling Gloves for Kayaking?

You might be wondering if you can use the same pair of cycling gloves for both kayaking and biking. Generally speaking, no – there are key differences in the design and purpose of each type of sport that requires different types of gloves. Cycling gloves are designed to minimize loss of power from squeezing the … Read more

Can I Use A Climbing Helmet for Kayaking?

Climbing helmets are meant to protect your head from falling boulders, loose rocks, and other hazards. They also keep your head warm in cold climates and allow for greater ventilation when it’s hot outside. Climbing helmets are pretty versatile, and many avid climbers also love kayak. Can these same helmets, which protects you in the … Read more

Chevy Express VS Ford Econoline Van Life

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How Many Rounds Do You Take Hunting

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Hiking Stick Ideas

A hiking stick is a pole used to increase your stability and balance on difficult terrain when hiking. It can be especially useful when going downhill or on uneven ground. Hiking sticks are mandatory on the Inca Trail, one of the world’s most dangerous trails. It seems odd that many hikers choose to stick with … Read more

Powered VS Unpowered Camping Site

Camping is among the most popular activities with families and groups of friends. But to enjoy the camping experience, you need to understand how your campsite will affect your night. Will you have electricity at your campsite? Do you want a water source or septic hookups? Do you want to use camping stove butane or … Read more