Fishing In Deep Water VS Shallow Water

Fishing In Deep Water VS Shallow Water

If you are looking for an excellent activity for the whole family to enjoy, fishing is a great choice. It can be a very easy and enjoyable pastime to get the kids out of the house and do something that will keep them occupied and happy. However, if you are going fishing, you need to consider where to fish; fishing in deep water or shallow water?

Fishing In Deep Water VS Shallow Water – The Difference 

Natural Light

The main difference between fishing in deep water versus shallow water is natural light. When fishing in shallow water, you will be able to see your line, hooks, and lures. The water is usually less than 5ft. deep since you want to know what you are doing while fishing in shallow water; making sure that you have artificial light at night and places like the dock lights are significant.

When fishing in deep water, you will not see your fishing line or other equipment on the boat. With all of your artificial lights removed, what you need for proper visibility is a light source such as a spotlight or flashlight. You need to be able to see what is happening out there. In deep water, you also won’t be able to see the fish swimming around because they can’t see the light, and they won’t come close enough for you to interact with them.


The depth is probably the most significant difference between deep and shallow water fishing. As mentioned before, fishing in shallow water is less than 5 feet, but fishing in deepwater can be any more profound than that. Many people are starting to fish in deep water. That is because of the increased amount of fish that are in those areas. Fishing deep water means you’ll be limited to specific types of lures and techniques. It means that you will need to learn particular ways of keeping the lure or bait (specially when you plan to use crickets or worms) on the bottom of the boat.

Deepwater fishing is also known as bottom fishing, and since the boat is moving so fast, you need to have a means of keeping your equipment on the bottom. Either use a heavy-duty weight or use weights with a wireline. Again, make sure that you get the right system for your specific situation.


Safety is also a big concern when it comes to fishing in deep water. While fishing in a current, you will need to have a proper anchor or anchor line. You will also want to have some life vest on board for everyone that is on the boat. One never knows when someone might end up falling overboard, and you don’t want anyone getting swept away by the current.


There are some differences in fishing equipment when comparing deep water fishing to shallow water. You will need more lines, lures, and hooks to fish from a greater distance. If you are fishing in deep water, such as near the ocean shore, there is a good chance of rocks and deepwater coral reefs. That means that you will need the proper shoes or boots along with an extra line for snagging.

You will only need to worry about the boat’s bottom and fish jumping out at you in shallow waters. However, there is a possibility that a line could get snagged on something in deep water, so having an additional line available just in case is a good idea.

When fishing in deep water, you also need to have an excellent anchor system. That way, if you hit coral or rocks, then the boat won’t move, and you can still move around to reel up the fish without trouble. As said above you can prepare for drift fishing or anchor fishing in a deep water.

Fish Tendencies

When fishing in deep water, you have to be much more aware of what could happen to your line. There is a bigger chance of getting tangled on something, and it will undoubtedly drag in the direction of any current. If you don’t pay attention and rig appropriately, you could lose a lot of equipment before you even have a chance to catch anything. In shallow water, the fish are typically much closer, and therefore the risk of losing them is greatly diminished.


Deepwater fishing tends to be more about catching fish with lures and baits. That is because it is much harder to catch fish when they jump out of the water or swim right up to the boat. However, in shallow water, you can use maize as bait for fishing, the fish tend to stay in one place, so they can quickly grab one and reel up a nice catch.

The Bottom Line 

Fishing in deep water has its advantages, but it isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle the fact that you won’t see what is happening, fishing in deep water might not be for you. There are some advantages of fishing in deep water, such as the fact that it is enjoyable and many people swear by it, but most people probably wouldn’t make it their primary form of fishing. Shallow water fishing is always a better option.