Glass Bottom Kayaking Eco Tour

Glass Bottom Kayaking Eco Tour

Sailing the Charles River and seeing its remarkable views is a must-do for anyone visiting Boston. But, it’s not the only way to experience New England’s natural beauty by the water. Glass Bottom Kayaking Eco-Tour offers an opportunity to paddle through some of the most beautiful bodies of water in Massachusetts without ever leaving land.

Participants embark on two-hour tours through the tallest waterfalls, the deepest pools, and the most picturesque rock formations in Massachusetts. Each tour includes a guide and all necessary equipment so that participants can paddle back to their finished location. It’s affordable, fun, and eco-friendly.

2-hour Glass Bottom Guided Tour

Tours occur on the weekends and during the week during winter months when larger crowds are not expected. The indoor store has enough kayaking gear for a group of three or more people to kayak together. It’s also possible to rent gear and participate in multi-person sessions, which is a great way to get a group with different skill levels together.

1. Respect the Waters

Each tour guide has completed special training to learn about the ecology of different local bodies of water. Before each tour departs, guides go over the dos and don’ts for navigating the calm waters. Being respectful of nature is a must on any eco-guided kayak tour.

2. Dress for the Duty

It can get pretty hot in a kayak in the summer, especially on tours that stay out for an extended period of time. Guides will often return to shore early if conditions are too harsh. Dress all-weather clothing to stay cool during your trip.

3. Don’t Forget Your Camera and Phone!

Kayaking through some of the most beautiful parts of Massachusetts is an experience that will leave lasting memories. Taking photographs is a great way to look back on fun times and share experiences with friends and family. Always bring your camera or phone with you to catch the beautiful scenery or even record videos.

4. Refrain from Eating and Drinking on Board

Staying hydrated is super important while kayaking. What’s not so great is the realization that all your snacks and drinks have tipped out of your bag. Pack light, keep an eye on what’s inside and avoid making a mess by eating or drinking while in your kayak.

5. Don’t Forget Your Sun Protection

Being surrounded by water doesn’t mean that you’re safe from the sun’s rays. Your skin can still get burnt, and it’s really important to wear protection from the sun. If you forget, you’ll need to call for a tour, and someone will bring some sun protection out to you.

Guided Kayak Tours in Florida

Even though Florida is the Sunshine State, it has quite a few waterfalls of its own. With the right planning and determination to see them, you can enjoy some great kayaking experiences on these beautiful cascades.

  • Blackwater River State Park

Take a trip to Blackwater River State Park for an opportunity to see some great wildlife and gorgeous views from your kayak. The park has plenty of camping and hiking opportunities, a great beach, trails for biking, and kayaking experience.

Participants are encouraged to bring their boats or to rent them from outfitters in the area. Campers might also want to consider bringing a boat if they plan on staying overnight. This is a great opportunity for families with kids or groups of friends looking to get out for an adventure together.

  • Big Talbot Island State Park

This park is great for camping and kayaking. The island sits just off the coast, so you might even see some dolphins or sea turtles swimming by! Florida State Parks have a lot of different areas to explore. They’re also open seven days a week for those looking to explore independently.

  • Wakulla Springs State Park

It’s not a far drive from Tampa Bay to Wakulla Springs State Park. The park offers kayak tours of the springs, and if you want to go out on your own, it’s possible to rent a boat. The tour goes through a series of underground caverns that used to escape routes for slaves fleeing from the southern states.

During the tour, visitors enjoy beautiful views of stalagmites and stalactites and wildlife in their natural habitats. The Lighthouse Restaurant serves up some fantastic food, and you can enjoy this trip even more by making it a night out. Remember to call ahead to make sure they have the kayaks available.

  • St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

A few hours southeast of Tampa, St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park offers some great kayaking opportunities for people just going out on their own. Bring along a picnic lunch and take the kayak experience into the Gulf of Mexico for a relaxing afternoon.

You might need to rent a boat or two if you’re taking your children with you, but otherwise, this is a great trip to plan out on your own. Be sure to watch out for the dolphins in the area and call ahead to see what’s available at the park itself.

  • Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge

If you’re an experienced kayaker, you can take a trip down to Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge for an up-close and personal look at nature in its purest form. The national wildlife refuge consists of seven jetties perfect for fishing, shelling, kayaking, and bird watching.

You can see a variety of differentvarious types of birds and wildlife from the water on the jetties. It’s definitely a unique experience to have in Florida. Don’t forget to pack your binoculars.

  • Lake Woodruff National Refuge

This national wildlife refuge located on the south side of Gainesville is a great spot for nature lovers to explore. It consists of over 10,000 acres of wetlands, woodlands, and lakes. Kayakers can spend some time sitting and admiring the wildlife in this area.

Lake Woodruff National Refuge is a great place to bring along your entire family if you want to spend some quality time together outdoors. There’s plenty of wildlife to see, so bring your kids along for a fun afternoon.

  • Fort DeSoto Park

This park in Florida is a great one for bringing the whole family along on a kayaking trip. Fort DeSoto is located in the southern part of Tampa Bay and has plenty of camping spots available so that you can stay overnight with your family. It also has a lighthouse that you can visit and nice picnic areas on the water where you can stop for some lunch or dinner.

Myrtle Beach Kayak Tour

Take a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on a kayak tour of the Intracoastal Waterway. Paddling from marina to marina along the scenic waterway, you’ll see majestic homes lining the shore and enjoy brilliant views of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Fly to Myrtle Beach

If you would prefer to fly, head south from airports in the northeastern part of the United States to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This is a quick and easy trip, but you might want to make arrangements with a hotel here before travelling. We recommend staying at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort & Spa.

  • Go Camping

Spend the first night of your trip camping on one of the many islands surrounding Myrtle Beach. You can camp at Wilderness Trail State Park for a campsite right on the water’s edge. Enjoy amazing views of the sun setting on the Atlantic Ocean, and wake up to a beautiful sunrise view over this waterway.

  • Tour the Intracoastal Waterway

After spending one night on the water’s edge, you can start exploring the Intracoastal Waterway on a kayak. Rent the equipment in Myrtle Beach at Marina Village Kayaks. You can rent kayaks for one person or a whole family to paddle together. They also provide Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) and paddles.

  • Ride the Ferry Boat

Take a break from paddling and take a fun boat ride on the Washington Baum Bridge Ferry. This is the only way to cross over into Georgetown County, so you have to spend time here! The ferry takes you back and forth between McClellanville and Georgetown.

  • Stay in a Historic Home

After your ferry ride is done for the day, explore the small town on McClellanville known as Georgetown. There are several reasonably priced hotels here. You can rent a house. Look for bed and breakfast just to feel what life was like in the days of yesteryear.

  • Explore Georgetown County

Spend the morning exploring Georgetown County at your own pace or with a guided tour on one of the historic trolley tours. Shuttle service is provided between McClellanville, Pawleys Island, and Georgetown by Coastal Trolleys. They provide a shuttle service to do sightseeing on your own or even use it as transportation between restaurants and bars.

Key West Kayak Tour

Paddle your way around Key West on this kayak tour designed for beginners. You’ll see breathtaking views of tropical isles, coral reefs, tidal flats, historic sites, and more as you paddle your way around the city.

  • Fly to Key West

Key West has a small airport, so it’s easy to fly there directly from most parts of the mainland United States. Use a flight tracker to watch your plane’s progress as you travel over land and water.

  • Stay at the Historic Pier House Resort

The Pier House Resort is a great place to stay when kayaking in Key West, Florida. Most of the rooms face the ocean, and some feature fantastic views of the surrounding green waters as well.

  • Kayak Around Key West

Enjoy a guided kayak tour around Key West with Captain’s Water Sports. The packages include everything you need to enjoy a day of kayaking and snorkelling. You’ll also get to see some fishing lures, seashells, and coral reefs along the way!

  • Kayak Down to the Beach

Head down to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park for a fun day on the beach. There’s so much to do here, like swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Enjoy a picnic at one of the park’s picnic tables.

  • Go Snorkeling in Key West

Take some time to explore some beautiful coral reefs when you kayak in Key West, Florida. Key West is known for its snorkelling, and there are plenty of places to get certified for it while you’re in town.

Key West is a fun place to take a kayaking trip and experience the beauty of Florida from the water. The area has so much to offer, from history to culture, and it’s easy to enjoy it all by kayak.

Kayak Sunset Tour

At sunset, take a relaxing kayak night tour around the coast of Key West as you enjoy panoramic views of the city. Listen to the gentle lapping of waves against your boat and take in cool sea breezes as you enjoy this peaceful paddle.

  • Rent Gear

Kayaking is available for rent at several spots in Key West. You can find kayaks, kayak paddles, and life jackets at Hammock Beach State Park. If you’re interested in renting gear for a whole group, the best place to start is at Mallory Square Marina.

  • Choose Rental Location

We recommend starting your kayaking adventure from Mallory Square Marina and following the coastline around Key West’s southern tip. This is a great way to experience the city from an entirely new perspective.

  • Explore the Land and Water

Along the way, enjoy views of many of Key West’s most famous landmarks. These include the Southernmost Point in the Continental United States, Ernest Hemingway’s House, and even some lovely homes along the coast.

  • Stop Over at Sunset Key Beach

Spend some time relaxing on Sunset Key Beach before kayaking back to your original starting point from Mallory Square Marina at sunset. Take in views of the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico as it begins to get dark.

  • Take a Break at Southernmost Point

After your kayaking adventure, stop by Southernmost Point in the Continental United States at Mallory Square, Key West. There’s a small park here with some great views over the water. Be sure to visit Ernest Hemingway’s House too!

Oregon Coast Kayak Tour

Stretching from Tillamook Bay to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the Oregon Coast makes an excellent spot for kayak tours. The water here is stunning, and you can experience it from a kayak as you paddle along the coast.

  • Fly to Astoria

The city of Astoria on the Oregon coast has a small airport with reasonable prices and direct flights into town. You can fly into Astoria and rent a car, or you can find a hotel here that’s reasonably priced.

  • Stay at Hotel Columbia

The Hotel Columbia will provide you with the perfect place to stay when kayaking on the Oregon coast. This is an affordable hotel that’s located right in downtown Astoria. You’re only a few blocks from the water and some of the best restaurants and shops that this area has to offer.

  • Explore Columbia River Maritime Museum

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is the go-to place for kayaking in Astoria. Here you can rent kayaks, choose from several guided tours, or even learn how to kayak yourself. All of these options are available to you at this great venue.

  • Explore the Pier

Take a break from paddling and head over to the area’s most famous landmark: the Astoria-Megler Bridge. Here you can walk out onto a pier that extends over the Columbia River, giving you great views of this beautiful area. Walk over to the other side, and enjoy views of the ocean.

  • Go Fishing

Head out on a fishing charter if you’re interested in catching your dinner while you’re in Astoria. This is a great way to spend time together with others or even by yourself as well.

California Glass Bottom Kayak Tours

In this kayak tour, you’ll see iconic giant sequoia trees on your way to San Francisco Bay. You’ll see a variety of waterfalls, cascades, and small mountains as you paddle around Lake Merritt.

  • Fly to Oakland

The easiest way to get to Oakland, California, is to fly in. The airport is very close to downtown, and there are plenty of affordable hotels nearby as well. There are many great deals for flights into Oakland, so you can save yourself some money.

  • Stay a Night in Hotel Durant

You’ll find plenty of great reasonably priced hotels when kayaking in California. The Hotel Durant is well-located in downtown Oakland, and it provides a great place to stay right along the water.

  • Take a Kayak Tour at Lake Merritt

Take a kayaking tour of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, if you want to see some local wildlife up close. This lake is known for having seagulls, loon birds, herons, and even deer.

  • Bunch of Kayak Hikes in Oakland

After you’ve done some kayaking in the city, you can take some time to explore the local area on foot. You’ll start by heading over to Lake Merritt and seeing the lake from a different perspective. Then, you can head out on some hikes through the greenery of surrounding neighbourhoods as well.

  • Stop at Alcatraz

Alcatraz is the most famous landmark that Oakland has to offer. To be able to tour this famous prison, you’ll have to reserve a tour in advance. You can make these reservations online.

Health Guidelines to Follow Before Travel

Due to Covid 19 health protocol, there are some special guidelines to follow before making a trip. Please make sure you read them carefully.

  • Before Travel

It’s always best to work out and eat healthy before you go on vacation. Otherwise, it’s difficult to get much done once you get there!

  • Get Vaccinated

Make sure you pay attention to the vaccines that you need according to your age and destination. If you’re planning a trip to a tropical destination, you’ll want to make sure you get the Hepatitis A Vaccine. This is especially important if you plan on eating any fruits or vegetables while you’re there.

  • Get Adequate Sleep

Make sure you go on any vacation well-rested and ready to go! You can use these days for exploring as well as relaxing, so get ready for a great time!

  • Drink Water

Drinking water often is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy while travelling. You’ll be able to acclimate to the heat and humidity much more quickly as you spend time poolside or on the beach.

Best Places to Go for Group Travel

One of the biggest reasons people love group travel is that it allows them to visit places they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford or simply wouldn’t have been able to go. Not only will you have the ability to enjoy a much greater variety of activities, but you’ll likely be able to travel in a way that fits your group as well.

Group travel is a great way to experience a new culture and really get to know other travellers. It can also allow for some of the most memorable trips in life, as the shared experiences create friendships that can last past this trip. Just remember these important tips before you book, and you should be fine!

Make Sure to Communicate

It’s important to communicate with your trip organizer and other group members early in the process. This will help you get a feel for what they’re like as well as their expectations for the trip.

Set Clear Expectations

Finding out about everyone’s expectations is also a good idea. From there, you can set clear expectations for what you can do and what you want to do. There shouldn’t be any surprises that way!

Set Clear Boundaries

It’s also important to set clear boundaries early on for your group. What time do you want to stay up? How late are you willing to party? How much is your travel budget, and how much do you expect other people to contribute? It’s better to set these boundaries now than to let them develop later in the trip!

Do Your Research

Before booking a trip with a large group, make sure that you do some research and learn about what it will be like. Talk to other travellers, and listen to their experiences. There are plenty of things that you can learn from them that will be helpful for you!

Be Flexible

Finally, just be flexible when it comes to the trip. Even the most organized group is bound to make some mistakes along the way. Don’t let yourself get too upset about these things!

Be Ready for Anything

Last but not least, just be ready for anything. With a big group of people, there are more possibilities of things going wrong! If you’re prepared for the worst, you’ll at least have something to fall back on.

Travelling with Kids

Travelling with a toothbrush and change of clothes is for amateurs. If you plan on taking your family on vacation together, you’re going to have to do some more preparation than that. The good news is that it’s not all that difficult!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through various key points for travelling with a family. These tips will have you ready to go in no time!

1. Inventory Your Items

Before you leave, make sure that you have all of the items that your family needs for their trip. This is a good idea anyway, but it’s especially important when travelling with kids. They’re bound to lose some of their things, so it’s good to have extras on hand. You can also use this inventory to help you remember what you need to pack for your trip.

2. Pack Extra Snacks

Kids are a lot like wild animals when it comes to how much they love food. Pack a couple of extra snacks in case they get hungry along the way. Just like wild animals, these snacks will be more likely to make a run for it than use the bathroom in your car.

3. Pack a First Aid Kit

Kids can get sick at any time. Make sure that you have a first aid kit handy before your trip. Include some of the most common ailments and minor injuries that they’re likely to encounter, and make sure to include some common over-the-counter medicines as well.

4. Include Activities

If you have a long trip coming up, make sure that you pack some activities for your family. These can be anything from games to books to electronics like iPods and Kindles.

5. Include Entertainment

Whether you’re travelling with kids or not, there are going to be times when everyone just wants to turn on some mindless entertainment.


Now that you have some basic information about travelling and travelling with your family, you are ready to book that trip! It’s time to start planning your vacation. You might be worried about how it will go, but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure it goes well.

So what are you waiting for? Just pick your destination and get ready to have a great time!