Nightforce VS Swarovski For Hunting

Nightforce VS Swarovski For Hunting

Many hunters and rifle shooters now consider the advantages of a Nightforce or Swarovski scope for their hunting needs. The price range of this scope is typically over $1000, but they offer exceptional performance levels. In addition, both Nightforce and Swarovski have scopes that feature incredibly tight tolerances concerning every aspect of the optical clarity. 

The other significant advantage to a Nightforce or Swarovski scope is the night vision capabilities. Both scopes have I.R. illumination included in the package and shallow light transmission lenses, which will provide superior color balance even in complete darkness. 

The Comparison Of Swarovski And Nightforce For Long-range Hunting

1. The Nightforce N.X.S. 5.5-22x56mm Riflescope offers extreme precision with a magnification range of 5.5x to 22x and a 56mm objective lens. The scope is 15½ inches long with a tube diameter of 30mm and weighs 30 ounces without the caps or sunshade on it. 

2. The Swarovski A.T.X. H.D. 5-25x56mm Riflescope offers the same magnification range and objective lens as the N.X.S., but this scope also features a mil-dot reticle. The scope is made of hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, which is then coated with an extra-rigid polymer. The scope is 10 inches long with a tube diameter of 30mm and weighs 30 ounces without the caps or sunshade on it.

3. The Nightforce more expensive than the Swarovski scope, but you will get significant power adjustments out to each end of the range. You also get a tactical-style turret (the turrets on the Swarovski scope are in a European style), making it easier to dial in your shots at longer ranges quickly. 

4. The reticle on the N.X.S. is an MOA-based reticle, which many long-range shooters prefer. However, the BDC reticle on the Swarovski scope can be challenging to use when ranging targets using your mil-dot estimates. 

5. The Swarovski scope offers a mil-dot reticle that will allow for more precise ranging with mil-dot estimations and ballistics programs in your scope. The N.X.S. reticle offers more of a holdover reticle. 

6. The N.X.S. scope has an instant zero adjustment, while the Swarovski scope does not. It means that if you have the windage zeroed, you must adjust the elevation to compensate for changes in elevation due to the wind. 

7. The Swarovski scope has a floating reticle, which will leave no gaps between your reticle and the target. On the other hand, the N.X.S. scope’s BDC holds the reticle on the target, even if there is a slightly wide target lane. 

8. The N.X.S. scope’s target turret has a locking function, while the Swarovski scope has a non-locking mechanism. Therefore, if you like the exposed target-style turrets on the Swarovski scope, you will like the N.X.S.’s. 

9. The Swarovski scope offers a lot more power adjustment than the N.X.S. scope, especially if you are shooting at very long ranges. 

10. The Swarovski scope will also include a sunshade, while the N.X.S. scope does not. Therefore, you will need to purchase a sunshade separately if you plan on using a sunshade with this scope. This rifles are perfect when you are inside an enclosed hunting trailer. Just be in a good position window and wait for the target.

Different Types Of Riflescopes

There are different types of telescopic rifle sights: 

1) N.X.S. 8 Riflescope: This is a daylight rifle scope that provides you with detailed and clear images with a 5.5-22x magnification range. It is designed for the AR-15, AR platform, and most other M16/M4 rifle models.

2) NXS 5.5 Riflescope: This is an excellent riflescope for hunting in low light conditions due to its 65mm objective lens. The scope has an 8x magnification range with a 56mm objective lens.

3) Nightforce N.X.S. Riflescope: This is a research-grade riflescope for professional long-distance shooting, tactical, and law enforcement use. The scope has an 8x-32x magnification range with an adjustable objective lens that ranges from 50mm to 75mm in size. In addition, it features the ZeroLock elevation system, side focus parallax adjustment, and oversized power ring, among many other features.

4) Atacr Zerostop Riflescopes: 25×56 Atacr Zerostop Riflescopes are guaranteed to provide zero windage loss and elevation. The scope has a 56mm objective lens, it is waterproof and fog proof, shockproof, and nitrogen purged for long-term reliability. It has a 4x-16x magnification range with an adjustable objective lens that ranges from 40mm to 56mm in size.

5) A.T.A.C.R. F1 Riflescopes: The A.T.A.C.R. F1 has an 8×32 magnification range with an adjustable objective lens that ranges from 38mm to 60mm in size. The scope comes with a 20mm dovetail rail, and parallax adjustment is provided at 40 yards. It is waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, and nitrogen purged to provide long-term reliability.

6) A.T.A.C.R. F1 II Riflescopes: This model has an 8×40 magnification range with an adjustable objective lens that ranges from 41mm to 60mm in size. It is waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, and nitrogen purged for long-term reliability.

7) B.E.A.S.T. Riflescopes: The B.E.A.S.T. Riflescopes are available in 11 different models. They cover a wide range of magnifications and objective sizes from 2 to 32 power variables up to the 1-inch tube 34 power BN-34 reticle scope, including an illuminated reticle. They are all built around tube diameters of 30, 32, 34, 40, and 50mm.

8) Benchrest Riflescopes: These riflescopes are designed for benchrest competition; they have a precise internal adjustment such as a zero shift feature, zero stop feature, and micro-click ballistics turret for precise adjustments. Some models are offered in 6×24mm and 28mm sizes.

Other hunting scopes such as A.T.A.C.R. F1 II, Nightforce Optics, and Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II are also used for longer-range shooting.

9) First Focal Plane Riflescopes: First focal plane scopes offer holdover reticles more accurate than second focal plane designs. These excellent scopes also allow a shooter to use the entire field of view to estimate range.

10) Nightforce 3.5-15x50mm Riflescopes: This riflescope is a daylight scope that provides you with detailed and clear images with a magnification range of 3.5x to 15x. It is designed for the AR-15 and most other M16/M4 rifle models.

Best High-End Rifle Scopes Can Transform Your Shooting Experience

The premium rifle scope can work wonders in improving your hunting, target shooting, or professional shooting experience. Of course, this applies to professional shooters, but all hunters should be aware of the importance of high-end equipment.

1. Nightforce N.X.S. 5.5-22X 50mm Riflescope

2. Swarovski Z6i 6-24×56 Riflescope

3. Nightforce A.T.A.C.R. 5-25X 56mm Riflescope

4. Schmidt & Bender P.M.I.I. 5-25X 56mm Riflescope

5. Schmidt & Bender P.M.I.I. 3-15X 56mm Riflescope

6. Leupold Mark 5HD Riflescope

7. Zeiss ZF8 8-28×56 Riflescope

8. Swarovski Z6 6-24×56 Riflescope

9. Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10X 50mm Riflescope

10. Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-12X 56mm Riflescope

11. Swarovski Z5 3.5-10X 50mm Riflescope

12. Leupold Mark 4 Riflescope

13. Nightforce BEAST 5.5-22X 50mm Riflescope

14. Schmidt & Bender P.M.I.I. 2.5-8X 56mm Riflescope

15. Zeiss ZF8 3-15X 36mm Riflescope

The Difference Between Zeiss, Nightforce, And Swarovski

Do you have trouble deciding which one you should buy for your next hunting trip? Are you confused with regards to the differences between Zeiss and Nightforce vs. Swarovski? 

Visual Appeal

The Nightforce is the most noticeable among all others. It has got a clean, high-tech look and its unique color pattern draws people’s attention. Zeiss and Swarovski are more subtle.


Nightforce is known for its durability, and it has. None of its competitors can beat it in this aspect. But Zeiss and Swarovski can be more durable, especially Swarovski.


All three tactical scopes are top-notch. However, Nightforce is still the most famous when it comes to quality optics. Zeiss and Swarovski also have their reputations.

Optical Magnification (x-y)

Nightforce, Swarovski, and Zeiss can all magnify to 10x or more. But when it comes to the field of view, Nightforce has a fantastic field of view and perfect clarity. Swarovski also has a great field of view, and its clarity is at par with Nightforce. However, Zeiss’s field of view is not that impressive.

Sighting System

This most brutal scope has different sighting systems. Nightforce has a side focus, Zeiss’s is parallax adjustable, and Swarovski’s is more advanced.


Except for the price and durability, there are no significant differences between the reticles of these three scopes.

Illumination System

Each scope uses different illumination systems. For example, Nightforce and Zeiss use fiber optics, while Swarovski uses battery-powered illumination.

Choosing The Right Riflescope For Hunting And Precision Shooting

Now that you have the basics about the difference between Zeiss, Swarovski, and Nightforce riflescopes, it is time to go for your next hunting trip. The choice of the riflescope is challenging because of the many choices in the market.


First, you need to consider whether you want a scope for your rifle or prefer a handgun scope. There are many options out there that you should keep in mind. It would be best if you also had to consider the size of the scope and its weight.

Internal Leads

If you are buying a handgun scope, you need to check the internal leads. If the internal leads are too short, the scope will not be able to reach all of your target’s vital areas.

Glass Quality

The options available to you include many quality glass options. But you cannot afford to choose a scope that does not have excellent glass quality since it can cost you your life when you are in a precision shooting situation.

Light Transmission

When you choose your scope, many things can determine the level of light transmission. First, you have to check for lenses with multi-coating and extra-low dispersion glass.


The reticles are what helps you to aim at your target, and they come in a variety of choices. But the reticle of every scope works differently, so you have to choose carefully.

Field of View

Apart from all these essential factors, you also have to check the scope’s field of view. For example, if you are hunting cayote, you should choose a scope for rifles with a wide field of view to easily see your target.

Proper Adjustment For Eye Relief

You must check to make sure that your scope has the proper adjustment for eye relief. Choosing a scope with the wrong eye relief will render your scope useless.


The weight of the scope determines its portability and durability. If you have to go hunting duck or turkey, then you should choose a lightweight scope.


Some scopes can withstand extreme weather conditions, so you have to check the weatherproofing of the scope before making your final decision.


The price of scope also matters, and you should never go for an expensive scope if you want to save money. But, on the other hand, if you can afford to buy expensive scopes, then why not?


Choosing a scope is often tricky, especially when selecting great scopes like Nightforce and Swarovski. You must consider all the above factors before you choose between the two scopes. The cost of the scope is not a big issue for you. The visual appeal is also crucial for you and other people who will see your target.

Several factors will help you in making the right decision. First, you have to consider the scope’s magnification since it is one of the most critical factors. A reticle is essential, as is the size of the scope is also important. The above comparisons are just for your reference.