What To Do With Car Keys When Kayaking

What To Do With Car Keys When Kayaking

Many people have kayaks and enjoy this form of water recreation. There is also an increasing number of people interested in kayaking but may not yet have a kayak of their own. One of the questions that people often ask is, “What do I do with my car keys when I am kayaking?” This article will answer that question.

You kayaking outfit are ready with good pair of shoes and you’re about to take off on a long kayaking trip, and you’re nervous about what will happen with your car keys. You can’t just leave them in the car. You could give them to someone, but that person will have access to your car while you’re away, and in case they forget they have them, they may decide it’s safe enough to go for a joyride or start drinking and driving again.

You can not also put the car keys in your shirt pocket. That’s because if you tumble off the kayak and fall onto them while trying to get back on, they will immediately float away toward the water.

On top of that, they might forget to bring your car keys with them to the camping spot, and you’ll be stuck without transportation. The last thing you want to do while kayaking is walked back to your car.

Possible Solutions To Storing Car Keys While Kayaking

There are a few possible solutions here. These are the following

Please put them in a small plastic bag. 

That is the most obvious option. You could put the keys inside your backpack, or in a plastic ziplock bag, or anything else that won’t take up too much space.

Put your keys in a waterproof container.

It might be a better option if you have an emergency kit with the proper kayak gear. You should include a waterproof container for your car keys, as well as your wallet with some cash and credit cards. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without anywhere to take your car for repairs.

Get a waterproof soft-sided container that you can store in your kayak.

A kayak key holder could be used by someone who doesn’t want to carry everything with them but doesn’t want to be stranded without a place to store their keys. The waterproof container should be large enough to hold the car keys but small enough not to take up too much space. You might have to sacrifice some storage space in your kayak, though.

Get a waterproof car key holder.

That is the best option if you have the extra room in your kayak. You could get a waterproof key bag that will protect the keys and spare you from having to dry out the cover every time you’re done with your trip.

Do not wrap your car keys in plastic or any other material as they may rust or become damaged while kayaking.

Get a shockproof and waterproof smartphone or digital camera case.

You can also get a waterproof and shockproof smartphone or digital camera case that will protect your keys. Ensure the one you choose has a water-tight seal and a way to open it in case of emergency. You never know when you may end up in a kayaking situation that requires swimming.

Tie them to your PFD (lifejacket) or kayak.

You could tie your keys to your kayak, but keep in mind that you might lose them or have trouble retrieving them when you’re in danger and need to get them quickly. It probably wouldn’t be the best option, and it’s not recommended. It may be better to put them in a bag inside your storage compartment, which is mounted on your kayak’s deck.

Hide them in your kayak.

You could hide your car keys or anything else you want to hide under the deck of your kayak or in a storage compartment that you can use for storage purposes. It would help if you didn’t go overboard with this option. Any valuables should be kept somewhere safe, like a waterproof bag or container. This method is better used to hide things like cell phones, sunglasses, and other items that are likely to get stolen if they’re not nearby.

Get a waterproof car kit for your trunk.

Some people who kayak a lot may consider getting a waterproof car kit for their trunks. You could keep some emergency supplies in there, like rope, flares, and anything else you may need while kayaking. If you do go this route, it would be best to install the kit yourself instead of buying one pre-installed in your car. It’s pretty easy to do with the right tools if you know what you’re doing and have the time to do it right. 

Leave your keys at home and get a spare key.

It is probably the best option for anyone who doesn’t want to give their car keys to anyone else but still doesn’t want to carry them all the time. You can leave your car keys at home while you’re kayaking and then have someone pick them up from there at night or whenever is most convenient. If you don’t have someone who can do that for you, you could always get a spare key made for yourself.

A car key is a valuable item that you should store in a safe place. It could be stolen, damaged, or lost while in your car. It’s also very important for you to get into your car if you have no access to other transportation because of sudden problems.

What are the Best Dry Bags And Waterproof Cases For Your Car Keys?

Key fobs are designed for a purpose. If the key fob is just a novelty meant to break up the monotony of driving, then it’s quite pointless. But if your key fob is intended to be used as a reward for faithful service, then it serves a purpose.

It is also wise to look beyond the obvious, which is why it pays to check out various companies that have special equipment to protect your keys. These are

1. DryCASE Waterproof Pouch

It’s been designed with two layers of protection so that your dry bag or waterproof case won’t come into contact with water or air. It means you can store your keys in this pouch without worrying about any possible damage caused by wetness and humidity.

2. Water-Resistant Dry Bag

If you’re a kayaker or an avid sailor, then this waterproof dry bag is worth checking out. It will protect your key fob from water and provide you with the assurance that your keys will always work no matter how wet they get.

3. Aquapac Universal Waterproof Case

This case is designed to handle anything from mobile phones to money and other small objects like memory cards and keys for sports equipment and other valuables. It is waterproof, airproof, and UV resistant.

4. Car Key Storage Pouch

This pouch will save your dry bag or waterproof case from water damage. It prevents moisture from getting inside the compartment with an internal seal that keeps it dry. And it also has a drain hole, so the water gets out a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers alike.

5. Waterproof PVC-Free Dry Bag

Protect your keys from water even when you’re not using them. This waterproof dry bag is made of TPU material that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals harmful to you or the environment.

6. Floating Waterproof Key Holder 

With a removable float key ring, this waterproof case will keep your car keys safe and floating on the water’s surface no matter how rough the waves get. It is fully waterproof, so your keys will always work.

7. Silicone Dry Bag

This dry bag is made of silicone, ensuring that it’s waterproof and flexible enough to wrap around your key fob. You can store items like cell phones, money, and other valuables in this pouch to prevent damage.

8. Waterproof Key Chain Holder

It is a universal key chain holder that can safely carry large and small keys. Don’t worry about the weather because this waterproof case is airtight, so your key fob will be completely dry and safe from any moisture damage.

9. Underwater Car Key Holder

This waterproof storage pouch will protect anything you want to store underwater or in the snow. It floats, so your items are always easy to locate, no matter how rough the waves get.

10. Car Key Fob Case

It is a personal key case designed to keep your keys safe and dry. You can use it for diving, boating, rowing, sculling or kayaking. It will protect your keys from water damage and allow you to store them without any hassleā€”it’s waterproof, airtight, and floats, so all you have to do is drop it off the boat to stay dry.

With this list of waterproof key cases, you can make sure that your car keys are always safe and dry no matter where you go. You can also add them to your key ring where it is less likely to get wet or damaged.

Conclusion: Storing Car Keys While Kayaking

The most important thing to remember is that you should never leave anything important behind while kayaking. You can’t rely on anyone else to have your best interests in mind. You should carry everything you need with you and know how to get it back when you’re done kayaking.

Leave your car keys at home or somewhere else safe, and always be prepared for the worst. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re stuck with no one to help you and nowhere to get your car fixed.

If you choose to leave your keys at home, make sure that you have everything else you’d need and you’re not likely to forget them. Your phone should be close by, and if you choose to use a waterproof container, it should be in there. For the most part, kayakers should be okay with storing their car keys and other valuables in their boats while they’re out on the water. It’s not the best option by any means, but it’s probably better than having nothing at all. Be sure to buy a key car lock if you decide to store your keys in your boat. You don’t want to leave them accessible to anyone who may try to steal them or someone else who could use them against your will.