Camping Lantern Gas VS Battery

Camping Lantern Gas VS Battery

Camping lanterns are often powered by either gas or batteries. Campers need to understand the pros and cons of each type of lantern before they make a purchase. The most popular type of camping lantern is the battery-operated one, but it does have disadvantages. For example, the battery might run out or the bulb might burn out at any time. Also, batteries are heavy to carry and need recharging, which is an extra hassle. So, if you want to get a reliable lantern that is not as likely to give you problems, gas-powered lanterns are probably a better choice.

What Type Of Lantern Is Used For The Camping Trip?

Even though there is a myriad of ways to light up your campsite or tent when you head out for an adventure, you should always consider what type of light source you want. It will make life easier if you plan and research different options to get exactly what you need for your trip.

Electronic Lanterns:

Using a solar-powered lantern does have its drawbacks though, and they include: you need to expose it to direct sunlight at some point during the day because it does not provide light at night, and you need to keep it where the sun can reach it throughout the day or else it might stop working.


  • Electric lanterns are cheaper than the gas-powered lanterns
  • They do not depend on batteries, which means you can use them anywhere.
  • They never have to be replaced since they do not have a bulb or a wick that can burn out.
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry around with you.


  • There is a danger in an electric lantern getting wet in the rain since it does not have an outer cover.
  • It might be challenging to place it somewhere to get plenty of sunlight throughout the day. 

Fuel-burning Lanterns:

One advantage of the gas lanterns is that they do not need to be replaced, but contrary to what a lot of people think, they can also be dangerous if mishandled. Fuel Type Lantern:

A) Liquid-fuel: If you’re looking for a lantern that can last as long as your camping trip,liquid-fuel lanterns are the way to go. They emit light for up to eight hours and they do not need refueling. 

B) Propane: Mantle Propane lanterns emit light for four hours and they also do not need to be refueled. Propane lanterns have a clear glass cover to provide you with better visibility when you are using them as well as safety from accidental burns. 

C) Kerosene: You can use kerosene lanterns outdoors and they do not require any preparation. However, the disadvantage of this type of lamp is that the flame will go out once there is no more fuel in the cylinder. 

D) Butane: Butane lanterns are very dangerous and should never be used outside as a portable lighting source because they burn too fast for your oxygen to burn off before it reaches your body.

E) Gas Mantle Lantern: The gas mantle used to make these lanterns does not emit light as well as other gas lantern types. 


  • Filled with a fuel that produces a bright flame without the need to be refueled.
  • Propane and propane lanterns do not require any kind of fuel or complex setup.
  • Since they come with a glass cover to keep them safe from accidental burns, these lanterns are perfect for children who can use them safely.
  • The butane lanterns do not take up much space, which means they can be easily tucked in between or beneath other objects. 


  • The butane or propane fuels in these lamps are highly flammable and should never be used outdoors as portable lighting sources since they burn too quickly for your body’s air to burn off before it reaches you.
  • While the liquid-fuel and kerosene lanterns are relatively safe, you need to take care of them more carefully since they produce fire. 
  • They are bulkier, making it more difficult to carry them around with you.

Candle Lanterns:

Candle lanterns are the least expensive of all the lighting options for camping. Candle lanterns produce light by burning wax, which is a traditional and old-school method that also makes an enjoyable light. You can buy candle lanterns that you can use in the home as well as ones that you can use outdoors. 


  • They are inexpensive and easy to find at almost any store you visit.
  • Candle lanterns produce the perfect amount of flickering light to make whatever is happening in your tarp camping or tent campsite look more believable.
  • The candle lanterns can be easily powered by hand. 


  • Once they burn out, you cannot use them again since you need to melt them down and reuse the wax.
  • Candle lanterns produce light for a short amount of time, which means that they are not as useful as other types of lighting sources. 
  • Candles emit heat, so it is important to ensure that they are kept away from children or pets who might burn themselves when touched by the flame.

Battery Operated Lanterns:

Battery-powered lamp lanterns are a good option for the outdoors because they can run on either rechargeable batteries or regular AA or D batteries. You can find them in the shape of traditional lanterns, flashlights, and even those that resemble candles. 


  • You do not have to worry about finding candles to use with your lantern since they are powered by electricity and batteries.
  • Battery-powered lamp lanterns can easily be recharged so you do not need to worry about finding new batteries when recharging the light.
  • While they weigh more than other types of portable lighting, the light that these lanterns produce is much brighter than those found on traditional flashlights or candles.
  • The rechargeable camping lantern can keep running for a few days at a time before the batteries run out.


  • They are more expensive than other lighting options, which means that you will have to save up more money to purchase one.
  • These lanterns are heavier than traditional candles or flashlights, so they take longer to set up and also become harder to carry as the days go on.
  • Rechargeable batteries have a limited life span. Since you will be using these lights in the middle of nowhere and far away from shops and stores, you will not be able to replace them when they wear out.


Light output is measured in lumens. The higher the output, the brightest lantern. Approximately a 10-watt bulb produces about 100 lumens of light.


  • You can use these lights to light up a room much closer to a ceiling height than those found on flashlights and candles do.
  • These lanterns produce a brightness level enough light source to be used as room lighting if you want to set up a campfire or spend the night outside in your tent.
  • You do not have to worry about replacing batteries since they are power source by electricity and come with batteries already inside them. 
  • These light sources are relatively cheap. Therefore, if you only need to light up a small area or just need to do some minor tasks, these lanterns will work great.


  • The higher price tag means that these lanterns will not be as affordable and affordable as other lighting options like flashlights or candles. 
  • Since they are powered by electricity and batteries, you have to place the lantern where electricity is available before it can be used.
  • The light source is smaller than those found on traditional candle and lighting options like flashlights, which means that they are harder to see at night if you are using them in a dark area.

Other Considerations

Location: This is one of those things that is easier to consider in your tent than in your room because your space is already limited. However, if you want to plan on using a lantern or candle outdoors, you should consider where the light will need to be placed and how it will be used. For example, if you light up a campsite or tent, you will need to ensure that the light source is placed at least 3 feet above the ground as well as outside of another object like trees so that it does not disturb any wildlife or other humans.

Safety: You also need to think about safety when using a lantern or candle. You should consider the weather you will be outdoors and if you want to use the light source indoors. If you need to use the light inside, consider unplugging anything electrical before you turn it on. You should also check that your lantern or candle does not come loose or fall off of something. They can pose a threat if they fall on someone or something, so check what is securing it in place.

Size: Depending on how large your space is, you will need to choose between smaller lanterns and candles and bigger ones that take up more space compared to your room. While smaller lanterns and candles are more portable, they will be harder to move around, especially if you need to put the box or other packaging in a tight space.

While camping is fun, you should never settle for just any type of lantern or candle if you want to have a good time. If possible, it is best to take some time and think about what function you want your light source to serve before purchasing one. When it comes to purchases like these, it is better safe than sorry.

The Right Lantern For Your Adventure

Short Backpacking Trip:

If you are camping or backpacking in a place with electricity and want to use a lantern, either with batteries, or plugged into an outlet, you need to decide what type of lantern you want. If you are only going out for one night, it is easier to choose a smaller and more portable design since the entire family can enjoy it.

Long Backpacking Trip:

If your trip will be over a week, then consider getting gas-fueled lanterns. They emit more light than battery-powered lanterns or electric ones do and they do not need to be replaced or charged. However, if there is no electricity available, you will need a kerosene-fueled lantern.

Car Camping:

Car camping is the most common way to camp for people across the country. However, you should choose a lantern or candle that does not burn oil, since they are not safe to be used in cars. You will need to check any manufacturer’s specifications on the product before purchasing it.

RV Camping:

Camping in an RV has some advantages since you can move from one place to another. However, the disadvantages are that these RVs do not have electricity, so you will have to use a lantern or candle that is powered by an Alkaline battery or electricity.

Today, with the help of technology, everything can be made easier to use and carry around, including portable lighting sources. Lanterns have been around for hundreds of years but today’s lanterns are more efficient and have more design features than their classic lanterns. The best thing about today’s lanterns is that they are lighter than ever before, making them much easier to carry around for long periods of time when you are camping or hiking.

Types of Camping Lighting

There are so many ways to light up your hammock or tent camping when you are camping. The following sections will review some of the different options so that you can find the right one for your next expedition.


It is important to know that lanterns have been around for thousands of years. In fact, your ancestors likely used lanterns in their tents during their journeys across the open wilderness. Lanterns have been made from a multitude of materials, but today, many different plastic lanterns are available for use in a variety of activities. 


Flashlights are one of the most common portable lighting sources used by people on camping trips. These small light sources can be found in a variety of stores, both online and off, and they can easily be carried in your backpack when it is time to leave for home. You should never leave your light source on for a long time before taking it in or out from the tent because it may cause a fire if left unattended.


Candles are one of the oldest types of lanterns still available. These lights have been around since the 17th century but it is still easy to find candles today, in various forms and sizes. The main advantages to using candles are that they are more portable than lanterns and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

LCD Electronic Camping Lantern:

This lantern is made from a durable heavy-duty LED material that allows you to use the light source in any environment without worries. The light source will last for years, and you will not have to replace it because of other lamp’s issues. Its body is also made from a waterproof LED material so you do not have to worry about its functionality when you use it in a wet location.

Lantern For Camping

1. SPT Powerex LED Camping Lantern

2. Coleman Quad LED Lights Lantern

3. Etekcity Portable Outdoor Solar Powered Lantern Flashlight

4. Coleman 8-Inch by 11-Inch Product With LED Camping Lantern

5. Floating LED Camping Lantern with Remote Control (8 Pack)

6. iGlow LED Camping Light with Timer and Remote

7. Coleman Northstar Propane lanterns

8. Coleman Pack-Away Replacement Bulb

9. Portable Camping Lantern by Etekcity® (4 Pack)

10. Coleman Northstar LED Dual Fuel Lantern

11. Etekcity® 8 Pack Portable Outdoor Solar Powered Lantern Flashlight

12. Coleman 15 Inch by 10 Inch Product With LED Camping Lantern

13. REI Base Camp Electric Fireplace Logs – Realistic Flame and Smoke – No Glass to Break

14. Hausbell 12V AA USB Port Led Rechargeable Lantern Waterproof Weather Resistant Portable 

15. Coleman Dual-fuel 2-Mantle Lantern

Design Features

1. Waterproof

This lantern is water-resistant as it is made from a waterproof design. The light source can illuminate your space without any issues and will not cause any damage to the surrounding area. The light source does not leak, so you will not have to worry about getting anything wet while it is left in a close to water place.

2. Portable

The best part about using this lantern during an expedition or camping trip is its portable design. You can easily use it inside or outside of your tent because of its small size and lightweight lantern. You can also carry it around with no issues since the handle makes transportation much easier than other designs on the market today.

3. Durable camping lantern

This Durable camping lantern is made from waterproof polycarbonate material, so you do not have to worry about it cracking or breaking when you use it for your outdoor needs. The light source is also made from a durable and strong design that will last for years. You will not have to replace this lantern with other designs since the quality of this one makes it ideal for any campout or expedition that you want to take part in.

4. Powerful Light Source

The best part of using this camping lantern is that it provides a powerful light source while using battery power or mechanical energy. You do not have to worry about this lamp breaking or falling apart when you use it for your outdoor activities. It is also easy to operate with a large button that changes the light settings and modes.

5. Easy To Use

The best part about using this lantern is that it is very easy to use for multiple activities. You can either use it for camping, fishing, hiking, or even walking around your house at night without issues and concerns. It is easy to charge and requires little energy so you will not have a hard time maintaining it in your arsenal of outdoor gear.


The lantern provides durable light with a powerful design that is both portable and makes it easier to use for multiple activities. It also has an easy-to-use design that makes it ideal for multiple outdoor activities and trips.

Camping is a fun activity that lets people enjoy nature and get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many people want to be able to enjoy their experience with camping without giving up modern comforts, including light. The following sections will examine some of the portable lights available for camping so that you can choose the best lighting source for your needs.